Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No baseball for Hull?

Canon-McMillan senior Mike Hull, who is currently in San Antonio, Texas, for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, is leaning toward not playing varsity baseball this spring.

The first practice for spring sports is scheduled for March 8 – the PIAA baseball and softball championships are scheduled for Friday, June 18 – and Hull is expected to arrive at Penn State early this summer to join the football team.

"I don't think I'll play baseball because it's so close to when I leave for Penn State," Hull said Wednesday from San Antonio. "I might do track or something to do with running."

Hull batted leadoff for Canon-McMillan when it won the 2008 PIAA Class AAAA championship and also started in the outfield as a junior. He earned baseball all-district honors both years.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Mike Hull and his baseball.

mike_kovak said...

Hull was a key component of the state title run and, probably, the team's second best offensive player that year.

There are baseball people out there who believe if Hull were to concentrate on that sport, he'd be getting drafted this year.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

You owe it to your team mates and your community to compete.

Why wrestle when they have Klemplay and not play baseball? Makes no sense.

THSfan said...

Being a Trinity fan, I'm glad Mike is graduating. Being a Penn St. fan, I couldn't be happier! Best of luck to Mike and it was a thrill watching you in football....

Anonymous said...

I care! Thanks for the info Mike.

Anonymous said...

Whatever baseball people you are talking about they are definitely "out there" for sure. If he had any cahnce to get drafted he'd be playing baseball instead of killing himself playing football. If he gets injured playing football against boys how the heck is he going to stay healthy playing football at Penn State against men. Hey he got his ride so its all good.

mike_kovak said...

By drafted, could mean round 15, could mean round 43.

Would you choose to play baseball if you were drafted in the 39th round or take a football scholarship to a major Division I power?

Anonymous said...

Listen to yourselves. This young man is making a decision that has to do with his life. Wish him well. I'm not from C-M but still hope he does well in whatever endeavor he chooses. I bet if the tables were turned you would do what's best for you, too.

Anonymous said...

Division I power?
Are you serious?
When was the last time Joepoop was relevant? 1994?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51
Spoken like a true Pitt man.
Check the final season rankings.
I guess you are only relavant if you are one of the top two teams in your sport...playing for the championship?
Congrats, Pitt dominated the WPIAL recruiting again this year getting one more WPIAL athlete than Penn State...the Thomas Kid. That's a plus for the program?

Hey anon 10:38 if Hull competes on the track team will he be letting his community down? Last I checked they will be defending their section title and going for another county championship, WPIAL playoff, trip to states, etc. etc.

Sarcastic Sword said...

Does Hull prefer football over baseball? If its even, you would think he would play baseball if he truly had a chance to be drafted...At least see what round you go in before making a decision....My guess is he knows it would be a late round pick or he would be playing..Being that hes suffered injuries playing football, there might be something to be said regarding what the previous poster stated about why would he want to have his body beat up - if he had a chance to play pro ball....Unless getting a college degree is impotant to him...We'll never know.