Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WPIAL Football Playoff Clinchings

Check Wednesday's Observer-Reporter for as detailed a breakdown of the current Garnder Points/WPIAL playoff situation as one can find courtesy of WJPA's Bob Gregg, Western Pennsylvana's authority on Gardner Points.

For now, here's who is in the WPIAL football playoffs:

Class AAAA
Big East - Woodland Hills, Penn Hills, Pittsburgh Central Catholic
Foothills Conference - Gateway, McKeesport, Greater Latrobe
Great Southern - Bethel Park, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair
Northern Six - North Allegheny, Shaler, Seneca Valley, North Hills

Class AAA
Big Seven - Thomas Jefferson, Chartiers Valley
Greater Allegheny - Mars, Franklin Regional, Knoch, Hampton
Keystone - Greensburg-Salem, Uniontown, Laurel Highlands, Derry Area
Parkway - Hopewell, West Allegheny, Montour, New Castle

Class AA
Allegheny - Shady Side Academy, Freeport, Burrell
Century - South Fayette, Keystone Oaks, Sto-Rox
Interstate - Mt. Pleasant, McGuffey
Midwestern - Center, Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Beaver

Class A
Big Seven - Rochester, Laurel, Monaca (in its final season)
Black Hills - Clairton, Serra Catholic, Fort Cherry
Eastern - North Catholic, Avonworth, Brentwood
Tri-County South - Monessen, Beth-Center, Jefferson-Morgan


Anonymous said...

Where's PT? They're so big, they're so fast, they're so DONE!
As usual, there's always next year. Kinda like the Pirates.

Anonymous said...

Mike can you or anyone else tell me when the last time was that Serra beat Clairton? So far I have only been able to go back as far as 1999 and it was before then.

Anonymous said...

i got as far back as 96 and still no luck. the only one that i see is in 1981 when they beat them 12-0 for the class a title. they had to have beaten them at least once somewhere between 1981 and 1996 though...maybe...

Anonymous said...

Avella 28
Burgettstown 20

Anonymous said...

Yeah wheres the big bad Peters??

Anonymous said...

serra would have beat clairton the year serra went to states. And also people keep saying how the black hills is horible well reguardless of what team goes and or went the black hills have dominated the last two years and theres even a good chance this year with clairton.

Anonymous said...

If Avella beats Burgettstown does that bring the end of the Matt Taylor era?

Anonymous said...

I didnt ask "would serra have beaten clairton". the question was "when" was the last time serra beat clairton...physically beat them on the football field? I think, although I am not 100% sure, it was in 1992. So from 1982 to 2009 serra has beaten clairton 1 time. Thats a span of 27 years. I am trying to confirm this. If anyone can confirm this please do.

Everyone is making this out to be a big rivalry...not much of a rivalry if serra only has 1 win in 27 years.

Joey Niklas said...

Clairton-Serra is no rivalry. Our rival was Duquesne. The closest thing to a rivalry these days is Rochester and its purely a playoff thing or the occasional first game of the season game. The Monessen series has signs of mutual hatred but the level of play on the field doesn't indicate a rivalry brewing. Fort Cherry may have some hatred towards us but again the level of play doesn't indicate a rivalry. If Greesburg Central, Jeannette drop down those are the 2 schools that would give Clairton a nice rivalry. Clairton-GCC had some great games in the late 90's before GCC went to 2A.

Anonymous said...

That raises the question...
Why does Clairton play A ball?

Joey Niklas said...

Trust me I ask the same questions every day. South Allegheny, Steel Vally, South Park are the same distance from Clairton as Serra. Clairton-SA used to have a bridge game similar to Monessen-Charleroi, Rochy-Monaca. Even Jeannette and GCC would be shorter bus rides for Clairton than the Wash County schools. Plus Clairton would make more money in 2A playing aginst teams that are going to give us better games and South Park, Steel Valley are also going to bring larger crowds to Clairton than the Fort Cherry's and Char Houston's of the world. I agree I think Clairton should be playing 2A ball.

Anonymous said...

If the proposed teams that could move down to Class A do move down, there could potentially be a conference with Jeannette, GCC, Geibel, Frazier, Monessen, Clairton, and Serra. All those schools are in the general vicinity of one another and will be much shorter bus rides than when Clairton goes to Avella or Monessen goes to West Greene.

Anonymous said...

I have the answer...

Lack of character.

Anonymous said...

October 27, 2009 10:40 AM & October 28, 2009 1:49 AM

I really hope you are still in high school because if you are over the age of 18 that is a little sad. Can you blame people for thinking this year was going to be different at PT? I was on here saying that they would make the playoffs and I will be the first person to say that I was WAY off on that prediction. However, I will not apologize or make excuses. I also would never come on here degrading any person or team.

Anonymous said...

who is to blame for PT not making the playoffs? I have been to most of their games and they are the worst prepared team I have ever seen.
Tonite they will come out in a 4-4-3 defense, that has given up 500 + rushing yds. to Mt.L and 450+ rushing yds. to Bethel.
They need to put 8 in the box and make CM throw the ball.
They won't and CM will run it down their throat.
Against Mt.L they ran a kick off back and were down 21-7. There was an unsportsmans penalty on Mt.L and they kicked off from the Mt.l 45. How do u not onside kick that ball? They kicked it out of the endzone and put them on the 35.
That is poor coaching plain and simple.

mike_kovak said...

I covered the Mt. Lebo-Peters Twp. game and, while yes, the Indians' run defense was not the most stout, they certainly did not give up anywhere near 500 yards rushing.

In that game, the Indians came out with a six-man line and kept 8-9 players in the box.

And, when a kicker kicks the ball through the end zone, the other team gets the ball at the 20, not the 35.


PT is a better football team than its been in recent years. Still a ways to go but definitely better.

Sarcastic Sword said...

@ anon 10-30-09 10:55 AM

You say that Peters will play a 4-4-3 but then you suggest they should put 8 men in the box...That is 8 men in the box...4 DL and 4 LB. maybe youre confused...

Also, the best coaches in the world cant make a team play above its talent every week for a full season....Peters is losing in the conference because their opponents are bigger and faster and overall have more skill....Vince Lombardi could come back from the grave and Peters would have the same record. Some school districts - for whatever reason - grown them bigger and faster than others.....

Anonymous said...

I love the idiot that wants PT to put 8 in the box and then complains because they ran a 4-4-3.

Go back to watching figure skating!