Monday, October 12, 2009

TVL's WPIAL Football Rankings

Class AAAA
1. Gateway 6-0 (1)
2. McKeesport 5-1 (2)
3. Woodland Hills 5-1 (3)
4. Bethel Park 5-1 (5)
5. North Allegheny 5-1 (NR)

Class AAA
1. Thomas Jefferson 6-0 (1)
2. Hopewell 6-0 (2)
3. Chartiers Valley 6-0 (3)
4. West Allegheny 5-1 (4)
5. Greensburg-Salem 5-1 (NR)

Class AA
1. Beaver Falls 6-0 (1)
2. Mt. Pleasant 6-0 (2)
3. South Fayette 6-0 (3)
4. Aliquippa 5-1 (NR)
5. Charleroi 5-1 (NR)

Class A
1. Rochester 6-0 (1)
2. Clairton 5-1 (2)
3. Laurel 5-1 (3)
4. North Catholic 4-2 (NR)
5. Springdale 5-1 (NR)


Anonymous said...

Why is Gateway ranked #1? They've played an over-rated Penn Hills, Baldwin, Latrobe, Penn-Trafford, & Hempfield. The only good team they will play all year is McKeesport. Woody High has beaten Central Catholic, Bethel Park and humiliated Canon Mac. and deserves to be #1. Also Bethel has dominated Penn Hills, and has beaten North Hills & Upper St.Clair and lost a close game to Woody......they should be #2.

Every year Gateway is highly touted because of all their D-1 talent but they haven't won a WPIAL championship is years because they don't play decent teams until the playoffs....then they lose. Gateway & McKeesport are over-rated.

Joey Niklas said...

I'm not knocking North Catholic and Springdale at all. North Catholic lost to Serra and Laurel and Springdale lost to North Catholic. Then you got Avonworth who lost only one game to Springdale. The point is, is Springdale and North Catholic better than Fort Cherra, Serra and Monessen? Class A Ball is really down this year, really down! After the top 3 there is a host of teams that can lay claim to #4 and #5. And I fully expect to see a different #4 and #5 next week.

I hope Shady Side Ac., GCC, Seton, Aliquippa and Jeannette decide to play Class A ball because there really is a desparity this year. Maybe next year Fort Cherry, Springdale, and Monessen will be legit teams that will give Clairton, and and Rochy a true test.

Anonymous said...

Gateway, as the is the case with all team except in the WPIAL CLass AA, only controls who it plays in its opening game. Other than that, the schedule is made by the WPIAL.

Don't bash Gateway for scheduling bad teams. /this isn't Penn State we're talking about -- Temple, Eastern Illinois, Syracuse, Sisters of the Poor. . . and so on.

As for Class A, who cares who is 4th and 5th. It's a three-team race. Rochy, Clairton and Laurel. /everyone else is a pretender.

Anonymous said...

If Chartiers Valley is the #3 team in AAA after only beating Ringgold by 2 points, then AAA must be way down.

Sarcastic Sword said...

In fairness to Char Valley, their best player and QB, Capers, didnt play vs Ringgold and most likely is done for the yr.....The backup QB is a nice runner but is a poor passer and that will be exposed vs TJ on Thursday night....

Ringgold might be winless in the Big 7 but they have some players and can give most teams a competitive game - they arent Avella from from 1-2 yrs ago...

Anonymous said...

There is probably some truth to the idea that AAA is down this year - but remember; Ringgold really isn't all that bad either. They are better than what most people thought heading into the season - plus they are very young; most of their starters are sophomores. CV lost a huge talent in Capers two weeks ago so they were bound to struggle some. I also wonder if those CV kids were looking ahead to their prime time game against TJ this Thursday?

In AAA, TJ is pretty good again, Hopewell is very good, and some teams that you don't hear much about like Mars, Franklin Regional, or maybe even West Allegheny will likely surprise some people in the playoffs.

If nothing else, it's pretty competitive - and generally entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Clairton is in for a RUDE awakening this week. Burgettstown is going to upset them. They have a secret weapon they haven't used yet and rumor has it the Clairton Coaches have texted some Burgettstown coaches too. A wife of a coach told me so it must be true...

Anonymous said...

AAA has been down the last 5 years besides tj who has been any good?thats why there undefeated for so long same old coaches running the same boring O`S meybe coach SMITH of McKEESPORT can show you people how to run a good O use your talent forget about pleasing your old students by playing there kids or seniors because they been there 4 years put the right kids on the turf

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1222

give it a rest already. its really not funny anymore. not to mention, how many people do you have to hear tell you its true before you realize it?

Clairton isnt Fort Cherry, they arent going to lose.

Anonymous said...

With how young Ringgold is, yet still fielding a competitive team, does anyone think in 2 years that they will be able to win a playoff game?

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked Ringgold was able to control the trenches against TJ, as Bill Cherpak put it. That's been the Achilles heel of Ringgold recently. Good to see the lines are getting better.

Anonymous said...

The Rams are on the rise. The EF game was a field goal game with 5 minutes to go. Ringgold lost the CV game because of two offside penalties in the 4th. Ringgold has a lot of sophomores that are seeing significant playing time and they are getting the job done. If Ringgold can stay in AAA, they will be competitive in the next two years. Lloyd Price will have the boys in the weight room and he will do the little things that make differences during the off-season.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about...AAA has been down and that's why TJ has been undefeated for so long?

That's insane - do you remember when TJ went into Gateway and beat the Gators 10-7 in 2005?
Terry Smith himself said that he's positive that TJ could consistently compete in AAAA.
That may have been some friendly rhetoric at the time, but his point is well taken. There is no fluke in what they have accomplished - they have been doing it for too long. There are really good teams in AAA every year and yet TJ continues to win.
Cherpak; love him or hate him, has built one of the best programs in WPIAL history and the numbers bear that out.

Ringgold - to me anyway - has been pretty impressive this year, in spite of their record.
They have shown real flashes of what they might become, along with a bunch of inconsistency - that's the trademark of a very young team.

If you are a Rams fan - I feel like you really have something to look forward to next year - provided that nothing crazy happens on the administrative level between now and then.

Sarcastic Sword said...

While Ringgold has played well despite their record, there are a few things that Im not sure I agree with..

The EF game was a 3 pt deficit in the 4th qtr but for anyone that saw the game, the game wasnt that close. Ringgold scored on two big plays (one was a tipped pass for an 81 yr td) and had no sustained offense at all.

TJ - For anyone that follows Bill Cherpak, he'll find something to criticize in all blowout wins and his game vs Ringgold wasnt any different (he said Rams controlled the trenches)..You dont control the trenches when you lose 41-7. TJ's running game might not have put up numbers that Cherpak is used to but when your top two RB's leave the game,there will be a dropoff. If you have watched Ringgold at all, you would see the QB's scrambling for the most part (this is why Patch is the preferred QB because he makes things happen with his legs) and Peters and EF controlling the game in the 2nd half with their running game.

Ringgold is on the rise - playing mostly juniors and sophomores now and next yr, those kids are seniors and juniors, that experience will be huge for them. Beating Char valley last week would have been a great boost to Lloyd Price's rebuilding program but they are getting there - one step at a time...

I agree with anon 10:37 - hopefully the admin/school board doesnt decide they want to fulfill a personal agenda and remove the first yr coach - hes doing a good job but it takes time to put your stamp on a program....Give him the time...