Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Night Thoughts, Week 5

Lots of things to get to, so let's get started.

Going to touch on last night's Clairton victory at Fort Cherry a few times here in Thoughts. We're going to get started with what I saw during the pre-game.

As one poster already stated, the officials were instructed to bring Clairton down the side of the stadium, as is practice at Fort Cherry. In speaking with one FC school administrator after the game, he said Clairton was specifically told to come down the side and wasn't sure if the game officials opted to escort them down the path Fort Cherry takes instead.

Regardless, after Clairton did its pregame huddle in the end zone, the majority of players ran to the sideline. Three or four stragglers walked VERY SLOWLY and continued to look back for Fort Cherry. Once the Rangers arrived, those players turned and began talking.

Can't really blame Fort Cherry for trying to protect their home field before the game and refusing to be intimidated. Some blame can be placed on the refs for not recognizing a situation that people could see develop from a distance.

To me, the majority of the blame goes to Clairton's coaching staff for not commanding the authority to get their players to the sidelines.

* My eight-month-old daughter woke me up early this morning so I watched the On Demand broadcast of the Trinity at Chartiers Valley game, which the Colts won, 30-12.

Several things continued to creep into my head during the game.

1. As I've said before, Trinity is not a bad football team. As writers from other papers have told me this year, Trinity is not a bad football team. The Hillers are, however, plagued by penalties and turnovers at critical moments. In the first quarter, Trinity starts near its own goal-line and marches toward midfield. A holding penalty kills that drive. Miscues like those happened to Trinity too many times to beat Chartiers Valley.

2. Only saw Ken Wilkins play two defensive series in the game but he was in there for nearly every offensive snap.

3. CV sophomore quarterback Wayne Capers was injured during the game but Trinity did a nice job containing him, particularly as a runner.

4. If Trinity can limit those mistakes, the Hillers can win the remainder of their schedule and qualify for the postseason.

** Those who've never watched Charleroi play don't know much about sophomore running back Quentin Briggs, who came into last night's game against Jeannette with more than 1,500 career rushing yards.

It's time to take notice as Briggs gashed the Jayhawks defense for 193 yards and two touchdowns as Charleroi notched a 26-20 win, probably the Cougars' biggest win in 10 years.

At 4-1, Charleroi is tied with Jeannette and McGuffey for second place in the Interstate Conference. Mt. Pleasant (5-0) is first.

*** Charleroi hosts McGuffey on Oct. 16. The winner finds itself in great position to host a home playoff game and possibly win the conference. The Cougars close the regular season by hosting Mt. Pleasant.

**** Back to Clairton 45, Fort Cherry 6.

Clairton is so good, the Bears can commit a bunch of penalties/mistakes and still blow out a good team. Fort Cherry, despite the score, remains a good team. Clairton has the makings of a great team. Size, speed, strength and the Bears love to hit.

***** Monessen's one-point victory over Beth-Center gives the Greyhounds the inside track to the Tri-County South Conference championship. For the Bulldogs, both of their losses have been by one point.

California (3-0, 4-1) is tied with Monessen atop the conference standings. Thanks to multi-purpose quarterback D.J. Martinak, in the midst of a statistically ridiculous season, the Trojans have scored 40-plus points in three straight. They play at Beth-Center in two weeks and at Monessen in the regular season finale.

****** Have to agree with what Fort Cherry coach Tim Garry said after last night's game. Clairton is the team to beat in WPIAL Class A.

******* Little surprised that a newspaper referred to Baldwin's win over Peters Township as a "surprising upset."

Granted Baldwin was winless and Peters Township was unbeaten but the Highlanders had played Shaler, Gateway, Seneca Valley and North Hills. The Indians had played Ringgold, Kiski Area, Knoch and Indiana.

Competition matters.

******** Finally, the post-game scene at Jim Garry Stadium was unfortunate.

From my on-field perspective, the ceremonial handshake went to script. After that, things quickly eroded between Clairton and Fort Cherry.

For whatever reason(s) the Clairton players have, the Bears enjoy dropping down and doing push-ups following the hand shake as a way of showing up their opponent. Plus, at least one Clairton player made a point of hovering and taunting as Fort Cherry tried to huddle up.

Saw Clairton do those push-ups last year at Chartiers-Houston. Thought it was an incredibly juvenile display of poor sportsmanship then. Think it's even worse that they to do them now. Why can't a 45-6 victory stand for itself?

At Chartiers-Houston, the Bucs players refused to overreact but when the coaching staff asked Clairton's coaches to get their kids away from C-H's post-game talk, two Bears assistants came charging over and said, "Who's got the ring? How many you got?"

Nice. Great example.

Still, there's no excusing the over-reaction of several Fort Cherry players. Coming off a humbling loss, the Rangers weren't in the mood to be taunted and became enraged at the site of Clairton showing them up. Curse words flew. Threats were made. One FC assistant and one Clairton assistant had to separated.

Then, as Clairton head coach Tom Nola was speaking to me, a pair of Rangers got into an on-field skirmish. One of the players involved did not play in the game but took umbrage with Clairton's actions. The other FC player told him to quiet down. It escalated from there though I did not see any punches thrown.

Sad to see a high school sporting event turn into needless drama.

The question is, as Clairton continues to win games, pile up points and do post-game push-ups, what happens when one opponent has enough and pulls what Oregon's LaGarrette Blount did to Boise State's Byron Hout after Hout taunted Blount following a loss early in this college football season?

Could see it happening. Sure hope it doesn't. I'd rather remember Clairton as a possible WPIAL and PIAA champion than a bunch of guys would rather do push-ups.


Joey Niklas said...

I noticed the pushups myself last night(but not against Char Houston last year) and I stated to my GF(who is from FC) why are we doing pushups for? I didn't know about the post game theatrics after the pushups. I apologize to all FC fans for our theatrics last night. The only positive I take from this is we might actually have a true rival now but we truely found one the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why anyone would object to them doing pushups. This business about "showing people up"-----where'd that come from?? Let them do whatever they want. Why let them get in your head? The FC assistant should have gotten his players off the field instead of acting like a child.

HiSchoolFan said...

Did Clairton do push ups after the Laurel game? Is this something they do after every game? Gateway used to do some post game workouts, but they always assembled down in their own endzone. As good as Clairton is, this history of acting like thugs just causes a loss of any respect for them and their coaching staff.

Joey Niklas said...

I don't know how anyone can defend these actions. Lets say a team in the future beats Clairton 45-6 and decides to do pushups in front of our homecrowd. They're would be a riot and you know it. All Clairton had to do it go to its post game huddle and if the coach's wanted to discipline players for penelties, ect do the pushups after the post game huddle. Not infront of the hometeams crowd.

mike_kovak said...

There was one Clairton assistant who attempted to get the push-up players to get to their end of the field. He also help ease the situation between the assistant coaches at midfield. That man deserves credit for what he did.

mike_kovak said...

To briefly summarize, before the game, both teams nearly got into it on the field as Fort Cherry attempted to take the field.

During the game, there were a few personal foul penalties. Nothing too unusual. Clairton dominated play.

After the game, things got testy.

Anonymous said...

clairton, Great talent, no class. before the game the bears couldnt help but hovering around fort cherrys pregame huddle causing the first fight. coaches refs and players to blame. post game was worse. push ups after shaking hands? have some sportsmanship you know you dont do pushups after a loss. clairton then started jawing at fc during their post game talk(clairton coach decided to post his team up 10 feet from fc on the homeside, real nice coach) the fight that broke out on the fc side was egged on by clairton when one fc player stopped another from proceeding to the bears huddle. bears then clapped when fc tried to contain themselves. bears entire program is a disgrace

Clairton Alum said...

This is going to be long so I apologize in advance. I have to break this up into seperate posts:

Let me start by saying that I do not and have never condoned/defended the "antics" that Clairton pulls before and after football games. Personally, I would like to see the bears come on the field, beat the opponent, shake hands and leave. When they are playing Bentworth, Avella and Frazier that is what happens. When they get into bigger games (Fort Cherry, Serra, Monessen, Rochester, etc) that isnt the case. Listen, I have said this before and I will say it again, Clairton's game...home or all about intimidation and getting into the heads of their opponent. Thats why they talk during pre-game, its why they intentionally take personal foul penalties (first play of the game last night when desi green drove the RB into the ground and then proceeded to stay on him an extra second or two), etc. They do it to get into the heads of their opponents and throw them off their game. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt...last night it definitley worked. Do I agree with it? No. Do they need to do it? No. Do other teams do it? Yes.

I have never seen a team like Fort Cherry become unglued the way they did last night. I have seen Monessen do it and Duquesne do it, but never a disciplined team. Last night FC lost their cool. They lost their cool and got out of their game plan because Clairton got in their heads. I saw FC take personal foul penalties, I saw them take unsportsmanlike penalties, I saw them fighting amongst themselves after the game (we'll get back to that in a second) was bad. Did Clairton take unsportsman and personal foul penalties? Yes, but we are used to it and as Mike said we are good enough to come back from those types of calls (even though I dont like taking them).

Again, please dont take this as me defending and condoning their actions. I am not.

Here is something that most of you may not be aware of. Earlier in the week several Fort Cherry players text messaged and called our coaches and trainer and told them how they were going to dominate the bears on both sides of the ball, how they found weaknesses in Clairtons game and they were going to exploit them and trash talked them. When I heard this the first time I didnt believe that it actually happened. But then I talked with one of our coaches wives after the game. It most certainly happened. That was pretty foolish on Fort Cherry's part. Do you really want to give Clairton more of an incentive to beat you, dominate you and embarrass you then they already have? Part of last nights "events"...pre-game/post game were a direct result of those text messages and phone calls from earlier in the week. When I heard this I kind of chuckled. Again, I didnt condone what Clairton did...but last night was the closest I have come to understanding them doing it. Fort Cherry may have deserved it...just a little. Not a lot...just a little.

Clairton Alum said...

Also, the ref's (we'll get back to them in a minute) brought Clairton through Fort Cherry's entrance. I dont know why they did it but they did. Everyone there last night knew what was going to happen and they still did it. The Clairton coaches attempted to get their guys back but not all of them listened. Again, Clairton played the role of intimidator...just like they always do.

The officials in last nights game were AWFUL. Not the calls...because with the exception of one (in the 3rd or 4th quarter #21 of FC got into it with a Clairton player and then proceeded to argue with the ref and drew an additional unsporstmanlike call from him on top of the one that both he and the clairton player got and the officials called them off-setting...there should have been two on #21 and 1 on Clairton) the calls were pretty good but the pace of the game was SO SLOW. It was almost as if they intentionally tried to slow the pace of the game down to stop the momentum that Clairton had. They had a 3-5 minute stopage after every penalty, every change of possession, everything. The game didnt end until 10:30...a 3 hour game WITH a running clock in the 4th quarter. It was bad. They seemed very unorganized.In pre-game when the standoff was occurring between FC and Clairton one of the FC coaches came over and shoved Clairton's head coach. I dont know how many of you know Clairton's head coach but the man doesnt raise his voice at other people, he's not a fighter, he was trying to get his kids back and he was shoved by one of their coaches. The Clairton players saw that and, that too, led to some of what you saw.

After the game last night both teams shook hands and then the fun started. Clairton, as a team, decided to do push ups. I dont like it. They did it to signify to Fort Cherry that "you guys didnt even give us a work out tonight". Thats basically the meaning behind it. "We didnt even break a sweat". If I played for FC I would be upset too. But again, they did it to get into the heads of the rangers because they know that most likely they will see FC again in November. Is it unsportsman like? Yes. I would never have a team of mine do that and I would never teach my son to do it...unfortunately there is nothing in the rules about teams doing exercises after a football game so there is nothing that can be done about it.

Clairton likes to play the role of villan. They like the bad guy role. They like the fact that no one likes them. They play better that way. They dont want to be liked. Now, it works against them with officials because while officials dont necessarily make calls up when they are in charge of a bears game they do tend to call it awfully tight. Again, I dont like this about them but, coming from Clairton, I understand why they do it.

After the exercises an FC coach went over to a Clairton coach and they had to be seperated. I wasnt as close as Mike was so I dont know that whole story. What I DID witness though was a FC player throw a punch at one of his own teammates and knock him down and then proceeded to watch an FC coach grab one of his players by the neck/throat and that too had to be broken up. FC was tired, they were frazzled and they let Clairton get to them. To be honest, I thought Clairton got to Fort Cherry more last night than they did last year. FC made penalties, they were out of position at times in the game, they were fighting afterwards...that didnt happen last year.

Clairton Alum said...

I asked a question earlier in the week. I said "Fort Cherry will come out on fire, drive down the field and score on the opening drive. But what happens when Clairton scores in 35 seconds after that? How does FC respond"? Well, it was 18 seconds and FC didnt respond well. They were down 30-6 at the half and were getting beat up and down the field, including their O line which gave up at least 8 sacks. FC did have their moments and played tough but they couldnt hang with Clairton. If not for a TD called back when Fort Cherry made that goal line stand and Clairton actually showing mercy and taking a knee late in the game, the bears could have very well put 60 on the board last night.

R. Keith Taylor you asked what Clairton was going to look like in the years to come. Last night Clairton put their second and third team in. Remember this name...Deon Ellis. He is our third string RB and with a crisp white uniform in the 4th quarter be turned on the jets and beat the entire FC defense in a foot race 70+ yards. One thing Clairton always has is speed...and that is a tough element to deal with.

I was surprised that Rochester beat Laurel and I think it is going to come down to Clairton v Rochester for the title this year.

You may not agree with the way Clairton goes about doing it. You may think its juvenile, unsportsmanlike, classless, etc. To be honest, I do too at times. I dont like what they do...but you cant argue with success. They are a very good football team. Classless at times, poor sports, a willingness to show people up...but a really good football team none the less. As Mike said they are the team to beat in Class A...possibly in the entire state. Last night they put that Laurel game to bed and they proved that they are going to be a handfull to deal with come November/December.

Anonymous said...

The Clairton coaches could nip this immediately if they wanted to - but they seem to be just as immature as the kids are.
They should run their team every day after practice until those kids are ready to throw up - then run them some more. Maybe have them come in early on a Saturday morning to run some then too and I'd be willing to bet that those kids would get the message, - quit acting like a bunch of idiots.

The Clairton coaches should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of garbage to go on.

My nephew played for TJ over the last few years and any time he and his friends ran into kids who played for Clairton - it was always a steady stream of trash talk from those guys about how Clairton would destroy TJ, any time, any place, bla bla bla.

The TJ kids found it amusing and generally didn't say much back - (they also know Cherpak would kill them if they got into any trouble like that); but my point is that Clairton has little or no respect for their opponents; and even less discipline coming from their coaches.

mike_kovak said...

Clairton Alum,

You're the man. Thanks for breaking down what you saw.

In the pre-game scrap, I didn't see Nola get shoved mostly because I was focusing on the players. If that happened, there's absolutely no excuse. I agree with you, having spoken with Nola several times after games, he comes across as a very quiet, reserved man.

And, as I stated, I did not catch all of the fracas between the two FC players. I was interviewing Nola at the time and noticed him looking over at it. When I looked over, two FC players were rolling on the ground.

Appreciate the input.

Anonymous said...

"Here is something that most of you may not be aware of. Earlier in the week several Fort Cherry players text messaged and called our coaches and trainer and told them how they were going to dominate the bears on both sides of the ball, how they found weaknesses in Clairtons game and they were going to exploit them and trash talked them. When I heard this the first time I didnt believe that it actually happened. But then I talked with one of our coaches wives after the game. It most certainly happened. That was pretty foolish on Fort Cherry's part."

Now think about this for a second. A statment like this is made (and allowed) on this blog, yet no player is identified as to who did the 'texting'. Nor has any coach stated in public this happened.

Second, what is the ACTUAL reality that an FC player would get access to a Clairton coaches phone, call and text him BEFORE the game. Anything is possible, but that is highly unlikely.

How about leaving the name of the coach that made this claim? Then the owner of the blog that claims to create such high standards here can call to confirm.

Don't tell can't 'reveal your sources'. Right.

Clairton was the better team by far. It doesn't excuse their actions on the field, and certainly is a joke that one would attempt to justify ("just a little") with such a silly accusation that has nothing factual attached to it.

Disgusted said...

Here's a fact: no one outside of the clairton area will ever pull or root for that team, as their classless, immature antics, that obviously get encouraged by their coaches, have made them a disgrace for how high school athletes should behave. A poster child for a coach to point at and say: "I'd rather have no team, than a great team that acts like that." Evidence JUST from last night-

- They blocked the field from FC entering, instead of going to their sideline. Their coaches join in, rather than lead by example.
- They come out to mid-field before coin toss and yell stuff across the field.
- They trashtalk after every positive play, regardless of score or level of opponent.
- They mock opponents after they have beaten them, with their push-up crap, on the HOME team's sideline/side of the field, mere feet away from where that team is trying to have a postgame huddle and talk.

And don't give me crap about their coaches not acting that way; I heard multiple Clairton coaches yelling towards the FC players/staff after the post-game melee, "We went to states, get off the field, you don't belong on it with us!!"
Really? Really? !! What an example. If you defend it or excuse it at all, you're as bad as them. I would NEVER take a young child to a game and let them watch that type of behavior. It's the EXACT opposite of what high school athletics is supposed to represent.

And that "texting coaches and trainers and trashtalking from FC players?" Give me a break. I am surrounded by FC players during the day in my classroom and never heard a word of that talk. It's BS.

Classless, rude, disrespectful of any and all opponents, lawless, and unfortunately blessed with great athleticism. That's Clairton.
And that's why EVERYONE outside of Clairton will be rooting for teams like Rochy, Laurel, Springdale, and others during the playoffs.

The saddest part is that Clairton is too ignorant to recognize or care about that...

Clairton Alum said...

Anonymous @ 5:19

how/why would I make that up? Why would the coaches and one of their wives make that up? If Mike wants to delete it he is more than welcome to do so. The fact is it happened. How did they get coaches/trainers numbers? I dont know. But Ill tell you it was a few assistant coaches and the trainer of the team. Believe it, dont believe it, I dont care but its a fact.

...and for the record if TJ played Clairton, TJ would destroy us. TJ has way too much size and depth. Clairton would hang for a quarter/half and then got worn down...just too small and no where near deep enough.

Like I said...Clairton likes playing the villan and plays better when no one likes them. They use that persona to their advantage and intimidate other teams with it.

I could get into a huge socialogical/psychological explaination about all of this but this isnt the place or time for that.

Obviously I am not going to win friends and influence people on this or any blog by being a bears fan. We have a stigma/persona and, unfortunately, we live up to it. I dont agree/like it but its a fact. But...they win football games.

I'm interested in the response to this question. And this goes for any team/fan/player who is associated with a team that doesnt have much success. Would you trade your program and the way you do things/conduct yourselves for a program like Clairton that has a bad reputation for conduct but wins consistantly year in/year out? Truthful answers please...

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of good to great teams that play within the white lines and let their play do all the talking.

To do push ups after the game doesn't get into anyone's head. It just makes the team doing it look bad.

Karma can play a wonderful role.

Anonymous said...

i played against almost the same clairton team in midget league and we tied them in the regular season and beat them in the championship game. they were nothing but classy both games. so, what caused the change?!

Anonymous said...

Did Clairton do push ups after the Laurel game?


Clairton will self-destruct in the postseason ... as always.

Anonymous said...

you dont think what Clairton did got into anyones head? Where you at the game? did you see the personal fouls and unsportsmanlike penalties that fort cherry got? did you see them fighting with one another after the game? i would say thats exactly what happened.

Anonymous said...

I can tell that most of you have never strapped on a helmet and played in this game that I love..Allow me to clue you in on something, football is played with alot of emotion.. Teams on all levels get "fired up" before and during games. Some teams huddle up and jump up and down, some run through smoke, some touch a rock. Whatever it takes to get ready. Intimidation is also a factor. I would bet that the majority of you Clairton critics routed for the Steelers of the 70's and players like Lambert, Mean Joe, and most recently Joey Porter, who taunted and used intimidation to rattle opponents. FC was rattled. Their players showed no class by turning toward us Clairton Fans yelling obsentities to grown men who were encouraging our own kids. Nobody seen that except the police who threatened to throw us out. Go Figure

Anonymous said...

thats a bunch of crap.. the kids at FC didnt call or text any of the clairton staff. you can believe all the rumors but i know that they didnt

Anonymous said...

Here's an easy way to stop the Clairton antics, Beat em! They talk the talk and walk the walk! I told yall last week to expect the some result as last year and it was. You folks don't understand nor could you imagine the lives that some of these Clairton kids live. I'm not making an excuse for anything done last night just realize that you could never relate.."over zealous" Clairtonian

Anonymous said...

Attitude reflects Leadership. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I 'strapped a helmet' on through the college ranks. I was also there last night and don't have a 'dog in this hunt' to use the old addage. Actually wanted to see a team like Clairton play since I live near (though not in and don't know anyone in) the FC area.

Never did I feel like I had to intimidate a player by doing push ups AFTER a game, especially when shaking an opponents hand. Sure, guys hit harder, or get caught up in the emotions of the game, but after the game? That's flat out bush league.

Nor have I seen players do pushups after the game/handshake area in the years I have played, or seen it done by the 70's Steelers you make reference to. Apparently the education level reputation follows in the same vein as sportsmanship there.

The thing I can't fathom is being a grown man and yelling at another coach about 'how many rings you have'. Really? Are you kidding me? What kind of social piece that would be for a grad student to study about the psychosis of that individual.

The sad thing at the end of the day? You can beat teams, but you really don't have their respect, not matter the outcome.

That's a shame, because Clairton could do both with ease.

I'm also still curious about who the Clairton coach is that had the alleged texts from FC players, the FC players that sent them, and a follow up from Mr. Kovac on that type of story.

I'm sure there will be an 0 for 3 on those requests. After all, it's easier to post on a blog and go away, right?


Anonymous said...

Clairton alum-You would make it up because you are biased. That's reason enough.

Maybe someone did actually tell you to justify their actions. That said, you have yet to give the coach (or coaches) that received the texts, nor have you given any detail as to who the alleged players were.

That's far from credible.

mike_kovak said...

Several years ago, I did a Friday football story on how Canon-McMillan and Upper St. Clair players exchanged texts and instant messages during the week of their game.

Not sure if it's that unusual though I've never heard of taunting coaches. Occasionally, there is some friendly ribbing such as when Joe Kuhns coached at California but lived and worked in the Beth-Center school district.

Anonymous said...

O for crying out talk about clairton's football team is 1 thing but talk about their education was jus plain nt saying what they did was right bt its a game and football is clairton and in my opinion clairton as well as fort cherry were both n the wrong but on this blog it seems as if clairton is getting all the blame........n by the way i do not think clairton alum is lying about the text messages because my little brother plays for the bears and he told me the same thing this week as well im nt saying clairton players and coaches are angels bt in this case neither is fort cherry........

Anonymous said...

Yet, I would think both of those examples actually would have A.)at least one credible source to confirm it happened or B.) A name to go along with the story.

I guess in the blogosphere though, you can post pretty much anything and not have any facts to back it up with. Thankfully some have exposed that here.

I would just expect better when it comes to high school kids and this paper.

As for the poster that posted "you folks don't understand nor could you imagine the lives that some of these Clairton kids live", then follows up with "I'm not making an excuse for anything".....

...this just in: You ARE making an excuse. That's part of the reason why the Clairton area is in the state it's in.

Anonymous said...

Listen Alum, I wouldn't believe anything a coach or player or coaches wife had to say that was associated with Clairton. To play like that and represent your community in that way requires poor character. The text story is far fetched. I have never seen any team act like that. Their lack of respect for the game, opponents and themselves is evident. The WPIAL should certainly look into their antics and sanction their thuggery. BUT...
Wow is that team good. They should walk to a PIAA title and their coaching staff does a great job harnessing the negative energy.
Interesting and disgusting at the same time.

Joey Niklas said...


Is your post serious. I mean is it. You stated that "no one outside of Clairton roots for the Bears". Count me in as a Wash County resident that roots for the Bears and will continue to root for the Bears. I think I made it well known that my GF is from Fort Cherry and her brother PLAYS for FC's Jr High team. I don't agree with Clairton's antics before and after the game. It is what it is though. The only way to stop Clairton from doing this on your home field is beating the Bears. Pure and simple.

As for players, coach's texting our coach's during the week I canot confirm or deny this but Clairton Alum wouldn't just make this up. I'll find out about this in a NY Minute. Trust me on that.

Anonymous said...

why is everyone trying to make the rangers out to be boy scouts here?

"Give me a break. I am surrounded by FC players during the day in my classroom and never heard a word of that talk. It's BS." "

"thats a bunch of crap.. the kids at FC didnt call or text any of the clairton staff. you can believe all the rumors but i know that they didnt"

Really? all of these FC players are upstanding? youre around every single player every single day 24 hours a day? from what i saw they didnt look to upstanding to me when they were fighting each other, arguing with the refs, taking cheap shots at the clairton players and other stuff. And FC wasnt completely innocent in the pregame either. they were doing just as much barking as clairton was. dont give me this crap that the big bad clairton bears came in and corrupted these little choir boys at fc.

people, this is football its not ballroom dancing. the clairton bears are a bunch of arrogant, cocky you know what but so what. if you want to shut them up do what a poster above said and beat them.

Clairton Alum said...

After the first game of the season I came on this blog and lambasted my bears for the way they acted after that loss at Laurel. I was disappointed in the way they took stupid unsportsmanlike/personal foul penalties because they were frustrated, I was upset at their fighting with one another (although not physical) after the game and I was mad at the way they conducted themselves in the face of adversity. Please go back and read my post from September 5th. I didnt blame Laurel for my teams actions and congratulated Laurel on a well played, hard hitting game. Now, I realize that Clairton did what they did Friday night...but where is the same disappointment from the Fort Cherry people in their team for what took place at Garry Stadium? You can say what you want about me and my team...but when my team did what Fort Cherry did after a loss I called them out. The only thing I see from the Fort Cherry fans is a willingness to blame the bears for everything and not take any blame themselves. Before you point fingers at us...look in the mirror.

As for "attitude reflects leadership"'re right. So what type of leadership has your own players fighting one another and punching each other after a game? My team isnt innocent...but i dont pretend that they are. Take a look in the mirror, accept responsibility for what your team did and then we can talk about other teams.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's the truth, one of Clairtons coaches made this up to fire up his players, nothing more, nothing less. There's not a chance in hell that a player would ever find an opponents coaches cell number, it would never happen.

Also to all of you Clairton supporters, GROW UP. You want an example of how to win right, look in the community right next to you, TJ. They have been the most dominant program in the state the past 5-10 years, they intimidate during the game by hitting you every play with everything they've got, after the game its handshakes and respect.

All the rest of the garbage that your players and coaches chose to do is classless BS. You have great speed and great athletes, but outside of that you live down to everyones expectations when you do/condone the stupid stuff outside of the white lines.

Anonymous said...

I have the pre - game film if anyone wants to see it. It sounds as if there was an all out brawl when there were a few words thrown around and our head coach was pushed. Not one Clairton player or coach put a hand on anyone just the FC asst. who did apoligize several times after. The push were done at CH last year and FC this year to my knowledge those were the only times they have been done at least in my 4 years there. Did our stragglers onto the field say some things probably but is it classy for the home team to not warm up on the field but on some practice field? Tom Nola is the nicest coach I have ben around in 19 years of coaching. He took a knee several times in the end and I would not have. How about the asst coach coming over into our side of the pressbox yelling at the Clairton coaches(me and 1 other) and threatening to throw us out of the pressbox? I , know only the thugs from Clairton do these things. How about some woman on the field after the game asking us if our criminals are going to start a fight because her daughter is scared. How about the FC player throwing his helmet like a maniac after the pre game words were exchanged.. We are not saints but I have coaches at 3 high schools and 1 college program and these kids are some of the best I have been around. Do I want the reputation of thugs --no -- but if we come out for the Laurel and they say something to cause a skirmish before the game we woulod be undefeated and thats a fact. Last year a Char Houston asst. coach stod at the 50 and taunted us the whole pregame and he stirred the team up and thats probably something I wouldn't do if I coached against Clairton. When we played Duquese, last year against Farrell the teams were nose to nose in pregame and never a punch just some pre game hype and nothing but respect from both sides after. Remember, the only person to touch someone friday night was a FC asst.

Anonymous said...

" the way i do not think clairton alum is lying about the text messages because my little brother plays for the bears and he told me the same thing this week.."

Wow. Another 'source'.

Anonymous said...

I,ll tell you why it's anti Clairton because it happened before at other schools and in the past at Fort Cherry.When in the world did you ever hear of FC doing this.Like I said before this is'nt even the first time this happened wit Fort Cherry although it was a different coach the last time but the same school.We played in the old OVC with teams like Rochester and Monaca and Western schools that won or had just won WPIAL titles and none of that stuff went on then in later years Duquense when they won their title and they were nothing but class,so you dont have to pull stunts like these.It was an away game for them they came down did their thing then should've gone to the sidelines like we did for them last year and like a thousand teams have done at Fort Cherry but apparently Clairton is different ,above the rules maybe and then what have you learned when the football days are over and it'll be over soon for most of them.I talked to FC's head coach and the kids after actions will be addressed wonder if it's the same down on the river.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is absolving of FC players of anything they did outside of the field.

That said, it pales in comparison, and is not associated with them.

Clairton is guily of both of those issues.

Still waiting for the name of the FC players that texted the coach. Or the coach that got the text messages.

I guess you will get right on that, right?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not an FC 'fan', or live in the area.

I didn't see two players from FC fighting each other. If it happened as it was noted here, I don't approve it, but could see an explanation for it happening if one player is trying to keep another one from going at an opponent. If that was the case. It's apples and oranges.

What I DID see was the push ups after the game, the disregard for your opponent by Clairton, and why they are always labeled to be the type of people they are.

No amount of 'rings' will help that stigma.

Anonymous said...

Clairton Alum-Nothing personal, but it has nothing to do with you. Nobody cares what you posted on what date, or who/what you said, or you you congratulated.

I just think if you are going to be bold enough to claim a story like the one you posted, then you should be bold enough to call out the people involved.

The fact that you don't pretty much speaks for itself.

Joey Niklas said...

I've done enough bashing my home team for their conduct Friday Night. Why aren't Fort Cherry folks bashing their team for their actions? What ever happened to the phrase "it takes 2 to Tango"? Fort Cherry was just as bad as Clairton Friday Night. Take off your Red and White glass's for a second. I took off my Black and Orange glass's.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with clairton mill still going strong bears still winning and there kids not fighting each other i was just at the apple fest. and thats one sad state out there besides the cider they were selling.maybe one day your kids can get to the city ride on big busses change tires instead of shoes clairton is just fine you`ll see next year when you come down for your yearly whipping

Anonymous said...

This idea of the Clairton coaches getting texted is just a variation of the oldest coaching trick in the world..creating some stupid situation like sending cupcakes to an opposing team or leaving notes in the visiting lockerroom for your team to "find" to give your team additional reason to 'hate' the fire them up cause they "disrespect" you. Come on, way you can believe this joke.

Anonymous said...

Mike, The only person in my mind that should be held accountable is the coach. But if people believe that poor sportsmanship happened then the A.D should be notified and he should take the necessary steps. If he doesn't then he is the one that is the building block to there madness.

Sarcastic Sword said...

Random Thoughts:

1. The text message story sounds like a reach...I can understand players from opposing teams texting each other - they would know each other from camps and playing on travel teams together,etc. to have each other's cell numbers but to get access to a coach's phone number from another team - hogwash. Its amazing that adults in the Clairton community would believe it too. Also amazing that a Clairton coach felt he needed to motivate his team with a made up story.

2. Ive dabbled as a coach and have coaches in my family so I can say with confidence that if the Clairton head coach and staff wanted to stop the post-game pushups and other classless antics that Clairton does like having their post-game huddle right next to the opponent, it would be stopped....It would be nice if the Clairton players would be held to a higher standard like TJ but it comes from the top..

3. When you are as talented as Clairton, why do you need the in-game intimidation crap like intentional personal fouls penalties. Its not needed. You would have beaten FC just as bad w/o that stuff because youre that good. Then you wonder incredulously why you receive criticism and why everyone else is glad when you lose the occassional game. If you dont act like thugs and arrogant, cocky, and immature - then you wont be labeled as such.

But it all starts with the adult leadership.....

When Pat Risha coached Clairton (now Superintendent at West Mifflin), this behavior didnt occur. Because he didnt take crap - he didnt let the inmates run the asylum - he did it with class. But class and Clairton rarely are found together in the same sentence. Should it be a surprise that Clairton was kicked out of a midget football league 4-5 years ago because of antics just like this?

Anonymous said...

clairton should of never been thrown out of the midget child played for finley bears and i had a great time in clairton and yes they did push ups after the game when we tied them just because you don`t like what they do suck it up.The bears are who they are ask monesson they roll every year why were they a nice team when vermillo beat them maybe ya`ll aint used to being beat by a horse of a differnt color.

Anonymous said...


This is the best blog yet because nobody has mention CM or refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Sarcastic Sword-Well said.

The youth team that was kicked out of the league? I'm sure it was 'just as much the other team' at fault, they should 'look in the mirror', blah blah blah.

Sarcastic Sword said...

It wasnt just one Clairton youth team - Clairton's entire organization (4 teams from age 5 through age 13) was voted out...The reasons, from what I was told, were due to adults (coaches and parents) making decisions not in the best interest of the league.

Its hard to just blame the players when the role models leading them are showing them its ok to be disrespectful, lack class, and think you're bigger than the game.

Joey Niklas said...

Fort Cherry coach's did text message our trainer. It happened because our trainer lives out in Wash County. It was minor heckling and nothing too serious. The trainer just told the team what was said. Its really no different than me(who knows Fort Cherry people) telling Fort Cherry folks that we're going to roll you guys and your weak. It was minor and I really think no one took it serious and its being blown out of proportion right now.

The truth in a nutshell said...

To answer Clairton Alum's request from earlier about trading a losing team for a successful one and the negativity/attitude that comes with it- do you think Avella would trade their football program for Clairton's? I would almost Guarantee NOT. Those boys at Avella that get stomped every year come out of that HS and program and learn more about sportsmanship, respecting an opponent, teamwork towards a common goal, sacrifice and generally what ALL HS athletes should learn through sports at this level than any Clairton team ever has.

Let's quit acting like the FC team acted as thugs. They got upset and yelled, sure an FC coach might have bumped a Clairton coach, but guess what- if the Clairton coaches would have been ON the sideline WITH their players like they SHOULD have been, no contact would have been made as they'd have been 40 yards away from each other!!!!

Take everything away from the game/drama and debate on here- the personal fouls, the pre-game jawing, the coaches yelling at each other... and just the despicable pushups on the ranger sideline is enough to make any fan or HS athletics throw up in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Officials required speech to head coaches and captains before every game. Been this way the past 5 years. I particularly like the line about "actions meant to demean opposing players, team, officials etc."

"PIAA requires all registered sports' officials to enforce the sportsmanship rules for coaches and contestants. Actions meant to demean opposing players, team, spectators and officials are not in the highest ideals of interscholastic education and will not be tolerated. Let today's contest reflect mutual respect. Coaches please certify to the umpire that your players are legally equipped and uniformed according to NFHS rules. Good luck in today's contest."

Anonymous said...

do you guys remember the CM vs Trinity game. i cant wait to see them play again. theyre just so great

Anonymous said...

Ok, Clariton you guys beat FC!! Clariton fans you guys are just as disrespful as the kids on the field. The fans yelling in and laughing? I gues its just about how your brought up. Parents, kids, coaches, Clariton from the city so they can do and or act the way they want to??? No class at all from the clariton team. And Fc, yes they lost there class also. They swooped down to Clairton standards. Thats sad to know, But good game Clariton a wins a win but when Clairton dosent make it past heinz field or even to heinz field I want to see them push ups that day!!!!! GET BIG your going to need to... But enough about that game its old news it is what it is and what happend happend to bad everyone will get over it. Another thing At the beging of every year people always say the black hills confrence is weak and ect. Well it one thae championship at heinz the last few years, any thoughts on that Mike, Who do you think will take the win at heinz in single A???


Anonymous said...

mike_kovak said...
Clairton Alum,

You're the man. Thanks for breaking down what you saw.

In the pre-game scrap, I didn't see Nola get shoved mostly because I was focusing on the players. If that happened, there's absolutely no excuse. ("I agree with you, having spoken with Nola several times after games, he comes across as a very quiet, reserved man").

Ya a verry quiet man?? So quiet he dosent say or do any thing to the actions of his team is that it mike? Is he scared of the Kids on the team or ther parents?

Clairton Alum said...

Lets get a few things straight:

1. I am not a reporter. I do not work for a news/media agency. I do not have to provide you people with phone numbers, names, sources, etc. Mike Kovac has the option to keep the story in this blog or remove it. He kept it in. I heard the "textgate" story through two or three reliable sources and I shared it on this board. Yes I may have graduated from Clairton High School but I am not a liar/criminal like some of you think all people from that town are.

2. Some of you people are doing the exact thing that you accused me of doing...making stuff up. I have seen multiple posts here say "the truth is the clairton coaches made that up", "oh thats the oldest trick on the book, I know thats what they did", "I know those FC players and I know none of them did it". WHERE ARE YOUR FACTS??? WHERE DO YOU GET OFF SAYING "THE TRUTH IS..." WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA?? The REAL truth is that I know, through my sources, that multiple text messages were sent to the trainer of the Clairton football team and then those messages were forwaded on to the staff at Clairton. I believe, although I am not 100% certain, that our trainer lives somewhere in Washington County and some folks associated with the FC program may have a connection with her (friendship, realation, I am not 100% sure). I do not know what players sent the messages and I do not know what phone number(s) they came from. Thats what I know, thats what I heard from MULTIPLE sources. Other people on this blog associated with Clairton have also said the same thing and no I do not know those people and it wasnt me posting those messages.

3. I am no longer going to slam my team for their actions Friday night. Like Joey, I have said enough and, at the same time, STILL havent seen anyone from FC apologize or take responsibility for what their team did. This wasnt a one sided affair and I am tired of apologizing for it. I wouldnt normally say something like this but I am tired of the "holier than thou" attitude from you Fort Cherry people...If you want to shut us up, beat us. I hope we see you guys again in the playoffs because I can assure you this time around Clairton wont show mercy and take a knee late in the game with a chance to score.

4. The Clairton Midget team. You want "the truth" about why the clairton midget team was kicked out of the league? They were kicked out because the people in monongahela and elizabeth, quite frankly, were tired of losing to the clairton programs. They based their "decision" to throw out Clairton on a fight that occured OUTSIDE OF THE STADIUM THAT DIDNT INVOLVE EITHER TEAM. The fight was between Clairton and Monessen teenagers THAT WERENT PLAYING IN THE GAME. Yet, they put Clairton on "probation" for the fight and not the monessen program...go figure. The second "reason" for throwing Clairton out was because Elizabeth alledged that Clairton intentionally ran up the score in a game and didnt remove their starters. The truth is Clairton did remove their starters and had their second and third string in against EF and they still scored 68points on them. It should be noted that Donora, Monessen and Brownsville voted to KEEP Clairton in the league but other areas such as monongahela, finleyville, elizabeth and so on werent having it. A lot of this was instigated by the people from EF. Kim Dongilli, who was the president, would not comment on the ejections. So, if you people want to cite stories like this and reference them as evidence of Clairton's shortcomings I suggest you google the story and read as much as you can.

5. Are you SERIOUSLY going to sit here and put Pat Risha and the word "class" in the same sentence? Seriously? Some of you may not want to comment on things involving Clairton without knowing a lot of the facts.

Anonymous said...

Sacastic Sword, I think your right on some things but very wrong on others. I played for Coach Rish and was a coach in the Clairton midget program at the time we were kicked out of the Mon Valley Midget League therefore I would have to disagree. It had nothing to do with anything that happened before,in, or after post-game handshake. The reason we were given was because of a fight that occured between Monesson and Clairton youth who had played against each other the previous year and did not involve any of the players who were current at the time. I truly believe it was due to each team dominating the league during season play and all making it too the championship games of that league. Another example of Clairton kids ,who already deal with tremendous adversity everyday, getting a bad rap. There are good kids and there are knuckleheads in every community. I'm tired of you folks bashing "my kids" and hometown just because we do things different. I truly wish my Bears could play up like Aliquippa so that they would have competition every week and not have to make amends for beating down non competitive teams in these weak Single A conferences. I'll see all my Bears fans during the play-off run since there is no need to travel and hour for mercy rule games.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary anon - this is the worst blog yet because all anyone has talked about is Clairton. Who cares????

Anonymous said...


On your Trinity comments, no comments about the officiating of that game? I think the reffs took every opportunity to get themselves on TV - and at Trinity's expense. not that they weren't at fault for plenty of panalities but many of the holding calls were bogus as was the facemask call.

Anonymous said...

dont you love how the FC people downplay the actions of their team and still dont take responsibility for anything?

"Let's quit acting like the FC team acted as thugs. They got upset and yelled, sure an FC coach might have bumped a Clairton coach, but guess what- if the Clairton coaches would have been ON the sideline WITH their players like they SHOULD have been, no contact would have been made as they'd have been 40 yards away from each other!!!!

They got upset and yelled? you mean they did the same thing pre-game that you people are blaming Clairton for?

one of the FC coaches may have "bumped" the clairton coach? No...he didnt maybe "bump" him he SHOVED him.

Where the mention of the two FC players fighting one another? Where is the mention of the FC coach grabing his player by the throat?

I love how you people downplay your actions. TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY ALREADY.

mike_kovak said...


I'd go with Clairton over Rochester at Heinz Field.

mike_kovak said...

Anon 5:17 p.m.,

The officiating of the Trinity-CV game didn't stand out as much to me as the other factors I previously mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Wow....all this junk about post game push-ups & pre-game texts makes me long for the days of the CM parental civil war. Boy I miss the rotary telephone.

Clairton Alum said...

I will apologize in the respect that I was told it was players, not coaches...but the story was still true. Is it a big deal? not really...but I still personally think its foolish to do. You know you are playing quite arguably the best team in the state in your class and you are going to trash talk them during the week leading up to the game in a fashion that you know is going to get back to the team ("we found weaknesses in your team we are going to exploit", "we are going to dominate you on both sides of the ball")? Like I said before, Clairton didnt need any more motivation to beat Fort Cherry other than just having first place on the line in the conference. If you shake an animal in a cage what do you think that animal is going to do when it is set loose?

Anonymous said...

I played for Fort Cherry years ago and to be honest if Fort Cherry won the game they would have ran there mouths to. I do not agree with the push-ups. But as a player when you see these kind of things people taunting you on your field you get mad. Fort Cherry had many penalties, but honestly I think it was for the fact that they didn't back down from the trash-talking bears. FC#21 got a penalty yes,but the Clairton kid pushed and hit him before he got into it with him. Second person always gets caught. When Clairton stayed on the field during pre-game Fc got in there faces. Clairton is a better team. But you never back down from an opponent, you always try to protect your homefield ,your friends, your coaches, your players. Fc in my oppinion was not intimidated they just got beat by a BETTER team. One year and FC will have a game with Clairton if not beat them. Clairton started a rivalry and if you think for one second that next year these kids becoming seniors and juniors aren't going to be heated for the game your crazy!! I enjoy games like that we can honestly say now FC hates Clairton. Clairton hates FC. When Clairton isn't stacked and Fc gets older it will be great to see. This started a rivalry and when FC wins we will probably see Clairton fight amongst each other and yell and FC fans and players talk trash. Everybody cares about winning and are passionate about the game but when theres not much you can do against a team like Clairton you lose your head. Those kids will take on Clairton next year and we will see alot of madness. The Clairton fans to say the least were ignorant, to yell at players on the field is rediculous, to yell at a 18 year old boy who is losing 45-6 is disgusting.You say that the Cops came after you for cheering? Well when you yelled at them kids and then 58 yelled back and intimidated all of you men you trash talked for a second but you seemed scared when he started jawing right back,and then you stopped. That kid is known to be tough and doesn't take garbage from anyone and would have attempted to take them on in the parking lot. Clairton is all talk but when somebody gets in there face and start contesting them, you see what they really act like. They QUIT

Anonymous said...

okay okay i think we all get that everyone hates clairton so let's just wait until the playoffs when the bears will once again prevail...... same thing just a different year........LET'S GO BEARS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Clairton should play AA. If they had competition I am sure they would not be as conceited as they are.

Anonymous said...

It's taken two days for Clairton Alum to admit he has no facts.

Better late than never.

Anonymous said...

Anon posted to Clairton Alum on 10/3 the following statement exposing him:

"Don't tell can't 'reveal your sources'. Right"

Clairton Alum two days later responds with:

"I do not have to provide you people with phone numbers, names, sources, etc"

Again, not credible in the slightest when you can anticipate the tactics of a biased and nameless blogger.

Sick of Clairton said...

Hey clairton Alum- there's a BIG difference between what FC did and what Clairton did pre-game. Clairton made no attempt to get to their sideline; they blocked the field essentially. FC never even had a chance to get through without the Bears dancing and hooting and hollering thus PROVOKING the skirmish. Uh, the same exact thing they did 12 years ago at FC in the playoffs and got flagged for... that's why there's no need to apologize for their actions.
And who can blame them for their emotions boiling over in the post-game when the Bears and their coaches aren't even across the 50 yard line, STILL taunting, doing pushups and waving their rings...??
Even the most disciplined kid will snap at that crap.

And before we crown Clairton the king of the world- did they win states last year??

Joey Niklas said...

I can admit i'm seeing a rivalry brewing between Clairton and Fort Cherry but there are 2 things that are stopping it from being a reality; 1: Until Fort Cherry can actually stay within 10 points of the Bears its not a rivalry 2: Clairton may not be in the Blackhills the following 2 years, with Cornell dropping down to 1A and OLSH starting a team theres going to be a shift of conferences. And we'll most likely see other teams jump to 2A and others fall to 1A creating more shifts.

Sarcastic Sword said...

Two reasons why the Clairton midget football organization was kicked out of the MVMFL....

1. A couple of starters on one of their teams did not start in their 68-0 win over so when the mercy rule went into effect, these two boys then entered the game to continue the onslaught against EF...Not very sportsman-like is it?

2. EF has a policy that no food or beverages can be brought into the stadium so their organization can make money on their concessions. Clairton's fans/parents did bring their own food and drink and purposely violated this policy which is reasonable - groups like this rely on revenue at the concessions to help fund their operating budget....

You make the call if these incidents were/werent worthy of being removed?

Joey Niklas said...

Alright enough of the Clairton-Fort Cherry talk.

Lets start talking about Char Houston @ Clairton and Fort Cherry @ Avella.

I pity Avella. They're facing one hell of a upset team and program. I'm expecting the Rangers to take out their frustrations on a scrappy Avella team.

The Bucs have to face a top 3 team in Clairton and the Bucs doesn't seem to be as good as previous years. This game has the making of a big time blowout.

Anonymous said...

okay so wait a minute you fort cherry people criticized and downplayed what alum said. you basically called him a liar and said he made it all up. so now the real story comes out that wasnt that far from what alum said to begin with (it was coaches not players) and your response is "well it took you two days to say anything" how about the fact that both him and joey niklas came back with almost the same exact story and did get facts like it was the trainer and what was said in those messages? but im sure now all you people are just going to say that it didnt mean anything and it wasnt a big deal anyway after you guys turned it into a congressional investigation all week. you people are ridiculous. I hope clairton beats you by 50 or 60 in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:09 pm

Your right i belive It will be a rival. Clariton is stacked right now, but they wont be stacked for ever. Good point about the fans also.

Joey Niklas,
Fc not gona take avella lightly because ther avella and Fc going to try and get that Home play off game. Yes clairton will crush the bucs, like you said there not as good as previous years.


Anonymous said...

I apologize for the miss speeling in Clairton.

Anonymous said...

Forget all the class a talk what about the big game for the 4th spot for the aaaa playoff's between Baldwin & CM. Since this is a home game against a mediocre team the biggy macs should win but it will not help them since they play Mt.Lebo & Peter's away and it doesn't matter where they play Bethel because BP will destroy the macs.......looks like 3-6 and no playoffs, maybe CM will play a week 10 game against avella.

Clairton Alum said...

Joey there isnt much to discuss about the Chartiers Houston/Clairton game. Clairton hasnt lost a game at Neil C. Brown Stadium since October 21, 2005. Thats not going to change Friday night.

Anonymous said...

FC people dont really care about the text message thing. Its not a big deal. apparantley one of the fc assistants is friends with the trainers in laws. He mentioned that he didn't think clairtons line was as good as last year. that's it! twist it however you want. it's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

FCF, There is just one thing wrong with what u all actuality clairton will always be stacked and i don't even live there and I know for a fact that they just breed strong athletic kids that jus love the game even their little league is amazing im sorry but i don't see clairton having a down season anytime soon...........

Joey Niklas said...


I didn't say Fort Cherry was going to take Avella lightly. I was saying Fort Cherry is an angry program right now and will vent their frustrations on Avella. I think Fort Cherry comes out on all cylinders and mercy rules Avella. I just don't see Fort Cherry coming out flat and this becoming a really close game.

Anonymous said...

Clairton Alum didn't have any of the story right, and still didn't identify who texted or who received them.

Other than that, he got everything right. Like calling the sky maroon.

Karma said...

The only thing Clairton seems to breed is football players full of athletic ability, but WAY short on sportsmanship and respect for their opponents. That's the true topic that's at the heart of this discussion.

Joey Niklas said...

I know Clairton Alum. I just wanted to get this chatter over with and worry about the next game for each team.

Anonymous said...

anon at 3:27:

grow up. despite all of your denials and all of the denials of every other fort cherry person here there were messages sent regardless of whether or not it was a joke. those messages got back to the team and you saw the result. clairtons football team and their fans exposed all of you people for what you really are a bunch of self righteous, blame passing cry babies. you, your fans and your team. cry me a river.

Joey Niklas said...

I saw someone mentioned why doesn't Clairton play up. I'll be honest with you i'd love to see Clairton play against the GCC's, Jeannettes, Beaver Falls of the world. I think it would be fun and Clairton would certainly hold their own. But with that said theres plenty of rumors circling that Aliquippa and Jeannette are going to play in their actual Classification and GCC is dropping back down to A Ball. So why should we jump up when its apparent that some "Big Boys" are coming down to us.

Anonymous said...

What happened to all the talk about Peters. Welcome to AAAA football 2009.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, most of the comments are not exactly FC fans. Some posters here admitted (like myself) not knowing anyone from FC, just what I witnessed. Another was from TJ, and others with their own experiences from the program and community.

I don't blame you guys for wanting to 'move on', but you don't realize this isn't about FC complaining. It's about Clairton and their actions.

That's the sad thing some of you guys don't get. No wonder the team continues to be clueless when it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

Thats just stupid for someone to say Clairton should play up. They are a small class A team now, why move up? I don't think Aliquippa or Jeannette will be moving down anytime soon. They have always said that they would stay in AA as long as they are competitive. As for GCC, as long as they continue to get the best talent in Westmoreland county and surrounding areas they will stay AA as well.

Anonymous said...

Mike,hows BethCenter looking?


mike_kovak said...

Haven't seen the Bulldogs yet though that will likely change in the upcoming weeks.

From what my colleagues have said about B-C, the Bulldogs have their typical toughness, might be a little small up front except for Miller (not unusual for them) and are getting a lot better offensively.

Anonymous said...

Joey Niklas and Clairton Alum,

Was Ken Barna the assistant coach for Clairton that got shoved? Heard that he had a whiplash induced neck injury. Any updates?

Anonymous said...

As a FC person and former player of Jim Garry, I agree Clairton was out of line but so too was Fort Cherry no questions about it. If the play again Clairton will beat them just as bad if not worse, Clairton has athletes that can flat out play. I remembered when I was at the game why I no longer go to many FC home games. Can’t they do something about the announcer, he is terrible, this is not the NFL or College buddy it is Single A football. Who is he and why do they ask him back year after year?

Anonymous said...

What happened to all the talk about Peters. Welcome to AAAA football 2009.

October 7, 2009 12:34 AM

Anon, good point. To those that have wrongfully claimed there is no difference in coaching at the smaller classifications compared to the AAAA here it is. In AAAA you have to prepare for EVERY team in A & AA you just don't have as many quality teams. That is why so many guys fail when they move up to coach at the AAAA level.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to text you before but after I post this I'm going to get into your head and do some push-ups. I hope this doesn't affect future columns or blogs.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that the majority of you Clairton critics routed for the Steelers of the 70's and players like Lambert, Mean Joe, and most recently Joey Porter, who taunted and used intimidation to rattle opponents.

The 70's Steelers intimidated & rattled their opponents by physically beating them up by hitting them harder. Chuck Noll had to much class to allow the garbage that Clairton did to take place. Maybe the Bears quiet coach should speak up and stop this classless punk tradition.

Anonymous said...

when the clairton midgets were kicked out they had good teams but i will tell you they had lost over 50% of the championship games there midgets never won a championship or did there mighty mites only there flag and termites won they were good but they were not the best ask those midgets what happend when valentino ran all over them and when finley beat them in the championship at EF.ive watched the bears and they have been a good program but when you beat them in the big one like rochy,laurel,farrel(execpt last year)wilmington and steel-high those bears go away

Joey Niklas said...

Anon 6:40,

When has a Wash County team been in a "BIG GAME"? Of course Clairton is going to lose a "BIG GAME" from time to time. Clairton has won the past 3 against Rochy, is 1-1 against Laurel(in recent memory) never played Wilmington in the past 10+ years, and lost to Steel High in States. The last state level team out of Wash County was Washington. Charleroi and McGuffey seem to be good teams and I wish them the best of luck. But until a Wash County team gets past the first round of the WPIAL playoffs then talk to me about "BIG GAMES". Every team loses a "BIG GAME" from time to time and Clairton is like any program out there.

Anon 1:24

From all of my accounts Nola was the coach that was pushed in the Pregame. Barna might've been the coach that got pushed in the post game fiasco though. I'm not too sure about that part though.


Why are you all acting innocent in all of this? Your coach pushed our coach. Your players threw helmets after the pregame fiasco. Your players fought amongst themselfs. Enough of the holier than art though attitude. You was just as guilty as us.

Back to my ramble about Wash County and Big Games. Don't take me as knocking all Wash County schools. I live out here and you do have really good programs. And I enjoy Wash County football. I enjoyed the Burgettstown-Char Houston game and the FC-Bentworth game. There is good football in this area and i'm a Wash County resident and throughout time i'll be a fan of a local team as my future kids will attend a school here. But i'll forever bleed Orange and Black.

Anonymous said...

Former FC player:

The announcer does a good job. People enjoy him and his energy he brings to the game. Stay home if you don't like it!

Anonymous said...

To Joey Niklas or Animas or whatever you're going by this week:
There was no post game fiasco. There was handshakes and apologies from both sides of coaches.

Clairton Alum said...

anon at 3:08 pm thank you.

As for the announcer at FC, I didnt hear a single word he said. Someone needs to look at the sound system on the visiting side. None of the speakers were working.

Tom Nola was the one pushed during pre-game. I have no idea if Ken was pushed or not. Ken does all of the video work for Clairton.

Phanatic said...

PT will not win another game all season. "Star players" and team are highly overrated. Beating 4 weak AAA teams clearly did not prepare them for their AAAA season.

Anonymous said...

Dear Clairton Alum,

The fact that you can say Fort Cherry deserved what they got in week 5 is uneducated. The Rangers showed the key thing in high school sports which is sportsmanship. Clairton needs to show class, because in all my years at high school events i have never seen anything so embarrassing to a school district then what the Bears showed in week 5. The head coach of Clairton needs to start teaching his kids class. And when Clairton was walking down the sidewalk to the field they were screaming profanity words which should also be addressed by the coach to his players. I was there and you could hear it loud and clear, which is extremely inappropriate. Clairton Alum face the facts and realize that the way your team behaved was not how a high school football team should present themselves.

Anonymous said...

Ken Barna is the camerman.

Anonymous said...

Verry true

Cementhead said...

Anon at 4:17 on Oct 7th. Why is it always the coach's fault? You can't make chicken soup out of chicken poop. Coach Milkovich is a good coach and it has nothing to do with what class he is coaching in. He doesn't have enough athletes. Big and Strong cannot make up for the guy who just runs away from everybody.

Anonymous said...

Joey Niklas

so what if a kid threw his helmet the game wasnt even started yet, if your team would not of ben there to set people off the pre game argument would not have happend. So i dont know how your going to blame fc players and fans when clairton was in the way, when clairton started runing there mouth first. After the game nothing would have happend if clairton would not have been doing there little post game push ups. And you say the coach was pushed i didnt see any one push any body (it may have happend) but i didnt see it all i seen was finger pointing and yelling. So quit telling fc players, coaches, and fans to take the blame because all they did was not back down from a good team but a cocky one. Its almost a week later and your still telling fc fans to take the blame well just get over it because it wasnt there fault so why would they take the blame for it. What happend from both teams was uncalled for but I dont think it was fc fault maybe you do I dont know I dont care.

Best of luck to all teams playing Friday.

and how about everyone drops the whole fc clairton game its old news

Clairton Alum said...

"The Rangers showed the key thing in high school sports which is sportsmanship."

What? I'm sorry, I must have missed Fort Cherry's sportsmanship. I was paying too much attention to them throwing their helmets during pre-game and watching their coach shove ours or maybe it was the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties they had...or maybe it was the personal foul penalties they took...or you know it could have been the two Fort Cherry players fighting one another that distracted me from their sportsmanship...oh, you know it actually might have been the Fort Cherry coach grabbing one of his kids by the throat after the game...maybe thats what kept me from seeing their sportsmanship...ha ha ha...give me a break...sportsmanship. I know my bears arent always the best "sportsmen" but at least I dont pretend they are.

...and dont give me "oh if your big bad players wouldnt have instigated things our boys would never have done anything wrong"...please.

Just remember...if you guys plan on making any type of run in the playoffs your road to Heinz will more than likely run through Clairton. Good luck with that...

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason it's not dropped is because Joey and Clairton Alum are trying to rewrite what happened, and tossing in 'scoops' about texts that have yet to be proven.

They should do what their team does, slink back to Clairton with what's left of your reputation.

Joey Niklas said...

This whole arguement of Fort Cherry not being guilty in all of this is laughable. And what purpose would I have to make up stuff. I'VE SAID ALL ALONG THAT CLAIRTON WAS GUILTY. Whatever. You guys win.

Anonymous said...

Kovak, there no hope for Trinity who are you kidding, quite trying to save Daltons job

a-wild said...

Clairton is and has been a rogue program from the youth level to high school for years.

Its the reason they were thrown out of the Mon Valley Youth league.

The main problem isn't the "intimidation" its the antics of the coaches and allowing them cross the line on a regular basis.

Trash talking is one thing, but doing push ups and purposely getting in the way of the other team is quite another.

To answer Clairton Alum, I would rather have a program the wins but does it the right way than have a bunch of thugs playing for me.

The reason is that football is part of life not life itself. These kids from Clairton most often find themselves on the outside looking in when football is done and the real work begins.