Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crimson Crushers

According to the state rankings, there's a decent chance the WPIAL Class A champion could bump into Bishop McCort of Johnstown during the PIAA playoffs.

Here's an quick read about the Crimson Crushers from the


Joey Niklas said...

They have a tough district oppenent in Portage. The positive for us is we wouldn't see McCort or Portage unless it was in Hershey. They are in the Eastern Bracket. The WPIAL's toughest competition will come from D10 in the Western Final. I see Farrell being in the way for our Champ.

Clairton Alum said...

Without a doubt Farrell stands in our way to Hershey...provided Rochester doesnt pick us off first. This group of seniors are 3-0 against the Rams but man have those been some really tough games that could have gone either way. Farrell is a REALLY good football team that matches up very well with Clairton.

Anonymous said...

i am going to make a statement that most of you probably wont agree with. clairton is not a good "football" team. they are super fast and super athletic and they love to hit but when it comes to the "technicals" of football like blocking assignments, routes, actual football smarts and knowledge they are average at best. the reason they win so much is because in class a ball you can have a team like clairton that just has speed and athletic ability and get away with it. why do you think clairton struggles with big 7 teams so much? its because the big 7 teams like rochester, like laurel, like monaca and the others are very good "football" teams. they get it. they are disciplined, they know "football". but again, in class a speed and atheletic ability will carry you through. now dont get me wrong clairton does have some good football players like weatherspoon and howard but the rest of them gets by on their athletic ability. clairtons atheletic ability at this level is just too much to overcome.

Kek said...

Portage is a nice team, but they play in a very weak league in the WestPAC. McCort will beat them like they did last year, with ease.

Joey Niklas said...

Anon 10:50

Clairton not a good football team. Haha. I wonder what that makes the rest of Class A like. Seriously if Clairton is not a good football team that makes the likes of Springdale, Fort Cherry and Avonworth terrible, and everyone else pathetic. We can't have it both ways right.

The reason why Rochy, Laurel give us fits is because they are just as good as us. You talk about our lines sucking what does that make Fort Cherry's line. I saw FC's line dominate early this season and Friday they looked very suspect. Clairton, Rochy and Laurel are really the only contenders. Fort Cherry has alot of potential these next 2 years. So if ya'll really want to knock our success what does that really make your programs.

Anonymous said...

To minimize speed in the game of football at any level is just ludicrous.College coaches scout combines for speed alone.I think any team that has great speed and loves to hit as you say would be what coaches anywhere would want.But the line play was not as dominating as JN has said, most of the night FC was successful at the point of attack but had breakdowns elsewhere.Clairtons line is good real good period.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, Clairton is a real good team. The Bears are not as strong up front as in 2008, but that's a good team.

They "struggle" with Big 7 teams, as most teams do in Class A because those teams, Rochester, Monaca and Laurel are tough and well-coached.

Clairton might not be the most well-coached team, but the Bears are a strong team and have a good [rogram. Yes, they have extreme talent, however, do not just pass the success off on that.

Take it from someone who played against the Bears in the late 1970s and has watched high school football since the early 1970s, Clairton is a real good team.
I don't know if the Bears will win the PIAA or even the WPIAL, but they are a really good team.

Class A is a three-team race in the WPIAL: Rochy, Laurel and the Bears. No one else has a chance.