Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taking a look back

LeSean McCoy declaring for the NFL Draft Wednesday got me thinking about the massive number of underclassmen who've already announced their intentions – whether logical or not – to play professionally in 2009.

Among the underclassmen is Ball State quarterback Nate Davis.

He burst onto the college scene this year as Ball State won its first 12 games and finished 12-2. Davis put up some gaudy stats, he also has an interesting tie to Washington County basketball.

Davis was a football and basketball standout at Bellaire (Ohio) High. During his scholastic days, many believed basketball was in Davis' future and I heard plenty about him as Bellaire agreed to participate in the annual Hoopfest, a day-long local basketball extravaganza.

Davis and Bellaire played Sean Lee and Upper St. Clair during the 2003 and 2004 Hoopfests. Lee, before busting heads as a Penn State linebacker, outplayed Davis both times and USC won 88-76 in 2003 and 69-58 in 2004. The latter game was played at Wash High Gymnasium.

After seeing Davis play basketball twice, he made the right decision playing football at the Division I level and it appears he'll be a first-day selection during this year's draft.

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