Sunday, January 4, 2009

O-R boys basketball rankings

Class AAAA
1. Upper St. Clair 10-1
2. Central Catholic 7-3
3. Penn Hills 6-3
4. Peters Township 9-1
5. Fox Chapel 9-3

Class AAA
1. Chartiers Valley 9-0
2. Hampton 8-2
3. Moon 7-4
4. Highlands 7-4
5. Indiana 7-3

Class AA
1. Beaver Falls 8-2
2. North Catholic 8-0
3. Quaker Valley 8-2
4. Washington 9-2
5. Greensburg C.C. 8-3

Class A
1. Serra Catholic 9-1
2. OLSH 7-2
3. Lincoln Park 7-4
4. Carmichaels 9-2
5. Sewickley Academy 6-4


Hard Work said...

AAAA basketball is over rated this year. None of these teams would even win the AA title.

R. Keith Taylor said...

St. Clair has beat no one who is decent. Char Valley destroyed them in USC's own tip off tourney. I think that Peters will whip them.

Beaver Falls said...

I think USC and Peters are joke for being AAAA schools. I bet in the state playoffs they lose by 50.

AA is the best league and has been the best league over the last 20 years.

Anonymous said...

peters will beat beaver falls by 50.give me a break you just lost to hopewell.keep watching your small schools and you`ll see 1 or 2 good players a year.Peters was just up your way and smacked younz around like babies you cant play with the big boys i`ve seen the falls run and thats y they compete at AA level there not a bad team just not at the same level

Anonymous said...

Hey Beaver Falls, maybe you should worry about your OVERRATED tigers! Maybe someone should put a muzzle on your leader, Todd Thomas and better yet get one for his loud mouth mother.

What a joke your team is, Todd Thomas GUARANTEES an undefeated season, guess what, you have 2 losses already, the last one was against a horrible Hopewell team.

Peters would smack your overrated team all over the court.

BF Alum said...

Last time I checked no one on Peters Township was going to Pitt on a full ride.

Todd Thomas is more athletic than any athlete Peters Township has ever produced.

Peters Township produces Drs and Lawyers not athletes. Wilcox would be a nice JV player for us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and Todd Thomas will be collecting our garbage within 3 years.

Keep talking, it seems thats all that people from BF are good for, lots of talk and no action.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the BF Alum is almost bragging that PT develops doctors and BF develops athletes is one of the most embarrassing things I have ever read. What a joke. This is so bad that BF Alum shouldn't be allowed to post ever again. You say the PT kids could be on your JV team, thanks, your varsity players can be on the PT kids janitorial staff when they open their businesses in 10 years. Finally, you haven't seen Wilcox play, he's every bit as good as Thomas.

BF ALUM said...

Last time I check Wilcox wasnt going Division 1.

Thomas will be an NFL WR one day. I am sure he will be making more than you working your 100 hour work weeks and never seeing your family.

Thomas is the best athelete in PA. Its not even close.

Anonymous said...

Listen, and try to understand BF alum, Todd Thomas is a D1 football player, period. The chances of him ever even getting onto the field for Pitt in a game are very slim considering that he still is not academically qualified to go to Pitt and he will not be until he completes a year in JC. Its moron's like you talking about how much he will make in the NFL that have empowered kids like Todd to forget about academics on some pipe dream that he will play pro ball. In my eyes, Todd Thomas is a poster child for what is wrong with Beaver Falls, rely on your athletic ability and forget about the rest.

Remember some of the past BF stars that got D1 rides and are now homeless?

Wilcox will play D2 or D3 basketball and excel at it. He will also get a great college education and be very successful in life. Not a bad tradeoff in my eyes.

Which kid will you be more proud of in 10 years?

BF ALUM said...

How about you listen. Todd Thomas could have gone division 1 for hoops if he wanted. You probably were saying the same things about Baldwin last year I bet. Look at him doing his thing out there.

Since you have all the answers why dont you get out of your castle in Peters Township and fix the worlds problems.

I am sure it was alot easier for you being brought up in a rich family where you had all the tools necessary to succeed.

Sports to kids in Beaver Falls is an out. Todd Thomas is a star athlete who people like to criticize because they want what he has athletically.

Did you ever put yourself in someone elses shoes before? What if you grew up in the hood? I bet you wouldnt even make it.

BF ALUM said...

What BF stars are homeless by the way? I am sure you dont drive through Beaver Falls too often. That sounded like a random BS comment to me.

Anonymous said...

Look, both are good athletes in their own right. Wilcox was an all state soccer player don't forget and Thomas is a beast in football. Let's quit arguing about 17 and 18 year old kids. Hopefully Thomas gets his academics right and is eligible. Hopefully Wilcox has a great hoops career in college and does well for himself. Either way, they are two fun players to watch. Let's enjoy them and root for them.

Anonymous said...

Considering the way that Thomas's mom acted toward the head football coach when BF's choked and lost the WPIAL championship game, I seriously doubt that Thomas will ever even make it into Pitt. Even if he does, his horrible "ME" attitude will ensure that he will never have success at Pitt or in life.

Enjoy the rest of hoops season, because when it ends its all downhill for this kid. It's a tragedy, but it all seems so completely avoidable if someone would have simply stepped up and taught this kid right from wrong instead of telling him how great his jumpshot was.

BF ALUM said...

You are right no need to argue. Wilcox is probably a fine young man and he can play the game. I was more joking about saying he could play on the JV team. I just wish these less fortunate areas could get more attention aside from seeing KOVAK'S blog mentioning his Mom freaking out.

Thomas does have alot of work left to do in the class room. Hopefully he straightens out. Obviously, by his mothers actions he hasnt had the best role models. But who knows maybe she was just having a bad day. LOL.

O well good luck to all teams. Just wanted to have a little debate here.

I would like to see a Beaver Falls or Peters Township match up.

mike_kovak said...

I've seen Todd Thomas play football and basketball. He's excellent at both and, as someone who covers Pitt football, Thomas' opportunity to play certainly exists. As for his grades, that's not my business.

I've seen Nick Wilcox play soccer and basketball. He too is excellent at both sports. I believe he could play soccer at the Division I level, like so many other kids from Peters Township. His passion is basketball and I believe he'll end up at the D2 level.

Anonymous said...

thomas is the most overated player ive ever seen play he is lazy and you say that he will be an nfl wide receiver one day then why did he go to pitt instead of a dominating powerhouse like ohio state or penn state wanstedt alwsays recruits players from western pa that always just become busts and blow big asshole when they asked prior if he was considering pitt he just laughed and said who!!