Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Projecting the field (boys)

Here are the teams I see making the WPIAL playoffs:

Class AAAA
(Section 1) Latrobe, Kiski Area, Hempfield, Penn-Trafford, (Section 2) McKeesport, Penn Hills, Fox Chapel, Franklin Regional, (Section 3) North Allegheny, Seneca Valley, North Hills, Shaler, (Section 4) Peters Township, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Bethel Park.

Class AAA
(Section 1) Hampton, Valley, Highlands, Mars, (Section 2) Blackhawk, New Castle, Center, Ambridge, (Section 3) Uniontown, Laurel Highlands, Indiana, Greensburg-Salem, (Section 4) Chartiers Valley, Moon, West Mifflin, Keystone Oaks, (Section 5) Thomas Jefferson, Trinity, Belle Vernon, Yough.

Class AA
(Section 1) Ford City, West Shamokin, Burrell, Springdale, (Section 2) Mohawk, New Brighton, Rochester, Riverside, (Section 3) North Catholic, South Fayette, Seton-La Salle, Carylnton, (Section 4) Jeannette, Shady Side Academy, Greensburg Central Catholic, Steel Valley, (Section 5) Washington, Monessen, Charleroi, Burgettstown, (Section 6) Beaver Falls, Quaker Valley, Aliquippa, Avonworth.

Class A
(Section 1) Neshannock, Lincoln Park, Union, Monaca, (Section 2) Carmichaels, Avella, Beth-Center, Bentworth, (Section 3) Clairton, Serra Catholic, St. Joseph, Leechburg, (Section 4) Sewickley Academy, OLSH, Cornell, Vincentian Academy.


R. Keith Taylor said...

Upper St. Clair lost to Baldwin. I told everyone they were not that good.

Anonymous said...

I was at the PT Ringold game last night and I have to say I was very impressed with the effort of a completely overmatched Ringold squad. Those kids played hard from the opening tip to the final whistle. It is very clear that the talent level is down, but I have a lot of respect for the kids that are battling out there. The Spaziani kid is a nice athlete, unfortunately he is very limited in what he is surrounded with.

Anonymous said...

First off its spelled Ringgold.

When has the talent level been up at Ringgold? They really have struggled for years now.

The Rams play 6 10th graders this year so hopefully they can develop into a nice team in the future.

Anonymous said...

Two of those 10th graders weren't there yesterday. However, it wouldn't have made a huge impact.

Peters Township is the top dawg in the section.

R. Keith Taylor said...

-I am sending Ringgold 2 good groups of kids. The first group are Freshman now. When they are Juniors and Seniors they can be a force. The second group is the group I am coaching now. They are not as strong, but there are a few kids who can jump out of the gym. If the kids stick together and work hard they will be the top dogs in the section.

-Peters better do it this year or they will not do it at all.

Anonymous said...

I see you put Seton-LaSalle and Carlynton ahead of Fort Cherry in AA Sec 3. If they get past Seton- LaSalle Friday they will be a lock for at least the number 4 spot. You don't seem to give much credit to FC.

Anonymous said...

is this rob? that said that

Anonymous said...

You keep thinking that Peters better do it this year, you're way off base on that one. Next year they return 2 3 year starters in Wolcott and Corey Wilcox and a 2 year starter in John Kovak. They lose their best player in Nick Wilcox and a very strong center in Steve Radke, but they will be very good next year as well.

You keep hoping that freshman will get it done and Ringgold, Ringgold is a second tier program at best, there is very little chance they will be a player in the section any time in the forseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Yancey Taylor,

Peters Township back up center looked like he could be a beast. He had some good size. I am not sure of his name.

Also, AAAA basketball is weak so I think as long as you put some players on the court like Peters has there is always a chance they could win it all.

Jokes on AAAA said...

AAAA basketball is a joke these 2 state titles in over a 100 years. You could probably put a WPIAL ALL Star team together and they still wouldnt win the states.

Anonymous said...


First off your evaluation on talent I would highly second guess. I think its great you put the time in but I think you are making a fool out of yourself writing all over this message board.

Just so you know your quote about "Ringgold only going to win a few games this year on a prior blog." You were right they are only going to win a few but many people read this stupid blogs and they see you writing all kinds of random things.

Just like your comment above about USC not being that good. You want to get into coaching at a varsity level. Now i am sure USC would never hire you unless you were the last coach on earth but you would severly hurt your chances with comments like that on the internet.

I think you are putting your career in jeopardy with alot of your comments. You are the only coach who comments on here left and right.

R. Keith Taylor said...

I am glad that Western Pa. is the only place that has High School basketball. I make these assessments based on what I see. I have no bad blood between any HS program. When a team is good, I will give them their propers. If I feel a team is average or so so I will say that too. I do not feel that I am jeopardizing anything because of this blogging website. I have my feet in many doors already. I just chose to coach 8th grade because thats all I have time for.

I wish Peters a lot of sucess. They have a great coach. He turned things around at Peters.

I retire.

Anonymous said...

Do whatever you want Rodney. I am just saying if the wrong people read this or you piss the wrong person off. That could cost you a job in the future. You probably dont kno what the real world is like yet.

Just because you think you have a foot in the door doesnt mean your getting the job either.

Your the only coach in the WPIAL who posts on here. You have bashed every single school in your section except Bethel Park because you scout for them.

You said Ringgold sucks. You USC wasnt any good. You said the same thing about CM.

Anonymous said...

Rodneys reasoning for USC not being that good. They have one upset loss. So now they arent any good for sure.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know who can jump out of the gym on Rodneys team.

Last time I heard not one of the kids could dunk. So I guess if you can touch the backboard you can jump out of the gym.

Rodney has sent two solid groups through the Ringgold program. So that means they cant shoot, dribble, or pass, but they will wear the right uniform to the games.

Peters Township fans look out. Rodney said your team wont have a chance to win it all next year. He really knows the game well. You guys should probably see if you could bring him into coach your team next year.

In 3 years Ringgold will be a contender because Rodney Taylor is the next George Lopez of 8th grade basketball coaches.

Anonymous said...

Ringgold Basketball,

You guys better practice your shooting and dribbling or next season you might only win 2 games.

David Bassi is graduating and he was 40% of the 45 points per game you guys averaged.

I think maybe they should just drop the program. Its just that bad. Dont even try blaming the coach, because no one else wants to coach at Ringgold, so thats not a good excuse.

Anonymous said...

Ringgold a second tier program. I wouldnt even consider the ringgold basketball team a program. It is more like an intramural team. A bunch of kids who cant shoot and who only play because they have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Leave Rodney be. You must know him pretty well to say the things that you have. It people like Rod who at least care enought to try to make a difference. I agree he may run his mouth a little but at least he is trying. He played for Ringgold and he just wants to see the program develop. He knows more about the game than people would ever dream to know. Rodney is a nice guy and he does not have a hateful bone in his body. I have not seen his team, but if he says they can do it, Id beleive him.

Anonymous said...

so ringgolds program has been down for some years they still won a state championship at the AAAA level. usc no cv no so big deal players don`t want to go out maybe they have other things to do.Rod say what you want you are right for posting your comments if peters was losing AAAA would be strong.For all you bball fans that want to see a quad A banner theres one up in the RINGGOLD gym.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Rodney is putting time into the program, and all I was trying to point out is running your mouth on here isnt a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess its okay Ringgold won a state championship 15 years ago so its ok if they lose for the next 100 years.

Anonymous said...

doesn`t matter they won as far as how long it takes to get back thats something else your school stinks and you can`t live up to it stop crying in the closet and just come out.All schools go through it thats why avella fball top story winning all those games

Anonymous said...

Rodney you need to post more I really enjoy reading wat you write.

I think you need your own blog.

R. Keith Taylor said...

Thanks for the support.