Friday, January 9, 2009

Local basketball rankings

After beating Upper St. Clair by 25 points, can there be any doubt that Peters Township is the area's premier basketball team? Regardless of what happens tonight against Mt. Lebanon, the Indians look like contenders.

Also, watch out for South Fayette. The Lions were 3-3 but have rattled off six straight, including a victory over Aliquippa.

Boys rankings
1. Peters Township (AAAA) 10-1
2. Washington (AA) 10-2
3. South Fayette (AA) 9-3
4. Carmichaels (A) 10-2
5. Monessen (AA) 5-6

Girls rankings
1. Fort Cherry (A) 10-2
2. Washington (AA) 8-3
3. Monessen (A) 9-3
4. Peters Township (AAAA) 6-6
5. Trinity (AAAA) 6-5


R. Keith Taylor said...

I was at the Peters-Lebo game. I will not elaborate too much, but I will say this. Peters is for real and they can play so ball.

Anonymous said...

Enough with Carmichaels!

Mo Town said...

I am still suprised some publications have Washington ranked ahead of Monessen after they crushed Washington...

Maybe they didnt see the box score of that game???

mike_kovak said...

Mo Town,

Not always about head-to-head. Say South Florida beats Pitt. Does that mean SF should be ranked ahead of Pitt in the next rankings? I say no.

It's about quality of wins. Wash High has some quality wins. Monessen is clearly playing well now and if they win at the High, should finish undefeated in section.

If that happens, I promise to rank Monessen ahead of Washington.

Future Valley Star said...


I agree with you somewhat. I think your comparison of using South Florida and Pitt would be saying if California beat Washington.

Monessen is a very good team who schedules a exhibition games against the WPIALs toughest teams.

I know the 50 point loss to Uniontown was bad but they hung with some decent AAAA teams like USC and Bethel Park.

(I have seen Bethel Park and they are alot better than their record shows. They had a few kids out in the state football run.)

I really think it all comes down to Monessen scheduling a tough non conference schedule and they are getting punished by it.

I personally have seen Washington play and think they are a tad over rated. They have some nice players but they do not always play as a team.

Mike your thoughts on this???

mike_kovak said...

I don't agree with you on Washington being overrated. I know Monessen beat them but let's not forget that Washington also beat a very good South Fayette team that handled Monessen in the season opener.

Fortunately, these things all play out.

And, yes, Monessen schedules a very challenging non-section slate. They deserve much credit for it. So does Washington and South Fayette. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if all three teams end up in the state playoffs.