Saturday, January 3, 2009

Local basketball rankings

Following Friday's 59-53 win at Washington, Peters Township left no doubt it deserves the No. 1 spot in the local boys basketball rankings. The game itself was well-played by both sides and I left with the impression Peters Township and Washington will make significant impacts in the postseason.

Boys rankings
1. Peters Township (AAAA) 9-1
2. Washington (AA) 9-2
3. South Fayette (AA) 7-3
4. Fort Cherry (AA) 8-1
5. Carmichaels (A) 9-2

Girls rankings
1. Peters Township (AAAA) 6-4
2. Fort Cherry (A) 8-1
3. Washington (AA) 6-3
4. Monessen (A) 6-3
5. Trinity (AAAA) 5-4


Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think Carmichaels (boys) could beat Monessen? Have you looked at the two teams' schedule? Please!!!

mike_kovak said...

Rankings aren't always about who can beat who.

They can reflect how well a team is playing at the moment and Monessen is coming off a 50-point loss to Uniontown.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Mike. However, the reason Carmichaels is "playing well" is that they are playing nobody. The wins are over Beth-Center, Geibel, Mapletown, West Greene, Frazier and so on. Nice schedule. Monessen 4-6 and got destroyed by Uniontown. At the same time, the losses are to South Fayette, Jeannette, USC. Bethel and Canon-Mac. Winnig pct of team Monessen lost to 42-21. Greyhounds inconsistent. But are one of your coverage areas best five.

Anonymous said...

Charleroi at 8-2 in a much better team than Carmichaes as well.

The Rippa said...

Charleroi isnt really that good. I guess the area basketball must be down quite a bit.