Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twitter Thursday

Places like Consol Energy Park celebrate Thirsty Thursday. Here at The Varsity Letters, a new feature for the 2011-12 school year will be Twitter Thursday.

What's that? Well, Twitter Thursday will celebrate recent tweets from athletes with local ties.

First, please follow me on Twitter (@TheMikeKovak). Second, the featured tweets will come from people I follow. It could be a football player from the Mon Valley, a baseball player from Greene County or a track athlete from Washington. It could come from a college athlete who once called a local high school home or a local golf coach.

One aspect of Twitter that amazes me is that many high school athletes don't realize what they say on Twitter is public domain. We won't focus on the obscene ones here, but don't be surprised if you're occasionally left wondering what the post meant.

Maceo Saunders, Trinity basketball
From Aug. 3 "haha all i gotta say is that... i got more options than @MicahMason22 has shoes hahaha"

Ralph Cindrich, Avella grad/former Pitt football player/super agent
from Aug. 11 "Bad news: "Maine 'Redneck Olympics' Reportedly Warned to Drop 'Olympics' or Face Lawsuit." Really wanted to get in the spirit of this 1."

Joe Phillips, Washington football
From July 19 "all yall people missing practice make me sick. 41-0 9/3/10 remember"

We'll be back next week with more tweets.


R. Keith Taylor said...

This is just going to make me tweet more lol.

mike_kovak said...

Great ... If we can generate enough interest, we're going to do weekly football pics on Twitter and the Observer-Reporter Sports Facebook page (go an like it if you haven't).

Much thanks to Trinity football coach Ed Dalton for that idea Wednesday evening.

Anonymous said...

Mike are you going to be in Clairton September 2nd for Washington v Clairton?

mike_kovak said...

Probably not, but there's still a few weeks to determine my Week 1 landing spot.