Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick hits

Waynesburg played for the WPIAL baseball championship June 1 and lost during three games during the 2011 season - all by one run. The success wasn't enough to keep some parents from creating friction with head coach Steve Coss.

Coss, who coached the Raiders for three years, recently resigned. For more on the story,

* Peters Township senior Andrew Erenberg has scholarship offers from Kent State and Fordham. Erenberg rushed for more than 1,000 yards with 18 touchdowns as a junior.

* Heard from more than one person affiliated with Clairton that the Bears believe they will play Fort Cherry twice - the second time coming at Heinz Field for the WPIAL championship.

* Not sure how good South Fayette will be following the loss of the majority of its top players from last year, but don't expect the Lions not to compete for the postseason. After watching junior Zach Challingsworth during practice Tuesday, the guess here is he'll be one of the better players in Class AA if not the WPIAL.

* That said, Washington beat South Fayette during a 7-on-7 camp during the offseason. That doesn't mean much right now, but expect the Week 4 meeting between the Prexies and Lions to be highly competitive.

* Mat Matters, a blog dedicated to high school wrestling done by colleague Joe Tuscano, is engaged in a heated debate concerning the transfer of Cody Wiercioch from Charleroi to powerhouse Canon-McMillan.

I'm not a passionate opponent of transfers. As I've stated before, what about the student who leaves one high school for another because of the band? To me, there's not much difference no matter what points others mention.

Still, the recent transfers remind me of a situation that occurred when I first broke into the business at the Beaver County Times.

Like Canon-McMillan wrestling, Blackhawk boys basketball was already an established program when Brandon Fuss-Cheatham transferred from Keystone Oaks and Darren Tielsch from Montour. Each move set off a heated debate, and Blackhawk was often referred to the WPIAL Traveling All-Stars.

Blackhawk's head coach at the time, John Miller, had ties to the AAU basketball. Canon-McMillan wrestling has ties to the popular Quest Wrestling in Canonsburg.

* According to sources, former Monessen and Greensburg Central Catholic athlete Josh Stepoli is in North Carolina, where he is staying with a cousin, A.J. Jackson.

Jackson was a basketball standout out Monessen before he played at East Tennessee State and, later, Robert Morris.


prexie said...

wash high beat south fayette twice in the 7 on 7 comp., but like you said it doesnt mean much.what it does show is the recievers and d backs played well yet they get no mention on players to watch this year . they have 1 kid that runs a 4.4 40yrd another that caught everything thrown to him last year and 4 or more others who can come in without missing a beat. if wise is a player to watch it better be because he throws because he is not a running qb. let me put it this way, if they cant throw this year dont look for them in the playoffs.maybe we can just call these kids the no-names.

Hillers said...

Stop worrying about your name being mentioned.. Coaches dont worry about who was the player to watch preseason it's the player thats being talked about at the end of the season that counts.. If there as good as you say they are, they will get there recognition..

prexie said...

just saying mr hiller, they better throw and defend the throw. south fayette and seton lasalle will throw all day long. why do you think they are the 2 best teams in the conference. clairton again will destroy wash high if they dont spread the offense and take advantage of the single coverage.i know they need to block up front yadayadayada, but avella gained yrds on clairton last year.the kids dont care about their names being mentioned they just want to win.

mike_kovak said...

Avella did gain some yards against Clairton, but I believe it was about 70-80.

Anonymous said...

Parents. Can't be born without 'em but can't play ball without 'em sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. 7 on 7 means nothing because high school football is always won and lost in the trenches.

prexie said...

wow who said anything about parents. i know only about 80 yrds mike, but thats better than minus whatever it was with no 1st downs. until wash high threw in the 3rd qrt against south fayette they went about 7 of 10 qrts without a first down.i dont care if your a parent,student, grandmother whatever nobody wants to see that again not with the talent that they have.

Anonymous said...

what are the people in clairton drinking? did they forget about sto rox, springdale, beth center, monesson, and rochester????

Joey Niklas said...


Where did anyone from Clairton post anything? All I see is posts from Wash High fans.

Anonymous said...

referring to what kovak said earlier

Joey Niklas said...

So you calling out people in Clairton for what Kovak said... Nice

allday23 said...

at so called prexie fan how do you talk about someone at quarterback and claim to be a prexie person he runs that team better than anyone could true hater!