Monday, August 29, 2011

Observer-Reporter WPIAL football rankings

With last year's record

Class AAAA
1. Pittsburgh Central Catholic 11-1
2. North Allegheny 15-1
3. Upper St. Clair 8-3
4. Mt. Lebanon 10-1
5. McKeesport 8-2

Class AAA
1. Montour 12-1
2. Thomas Jefferson 10-2
3. Hopewell 6-5
4. Central Valley 10-4
5. Ringgold 9-1

Class AA
1. Aliquippa 12-1
2. Beaver Falls 10-2
3. South Fayette 15-1
4. Seton-La Salle 9-2
5. Jeannette 7-3

Class A
1. Clairton 16-0
2. Rochester 12-1
3. Springdale 10-2
4. Sto-Rox 7-3
5. Fort Cherry 5-5


Joey Niklas said...

My Class A Rankings:

1 Clairton
2 Springdale
3 Bishop Canevin
4 Sto Rox
5 Fort Cherry

Anonymous said...

HA You put South Fayette in your rankings!! They lost their whole team from last year! You may be the worst Sports reporter ever..Also, everybody is jumping on Fort Cherry..Why? What have they done? After-all, they will never stand a chance to win the conference. I will call it right now and say they will not even come in second place in the Black Hills.

Joey Niklas said...

So much anger over a preseason ranking. Simmer down.

I really don't know much about SF. But FC is going to be real good. Ask certain folk on various coaching staff's and they'll let you in on how good FC can and will be. FC returns a 3 year starter at QB in Tanner Garry-who is D1A looks- and a bruising FB in Corey Garry plus a couple of very good receivers. Sleeping on FC will equal a loss. I still think Clairton is 2-3 TD's better than FC right now, but expect to see FC make a decent run or even a deep run in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

They have come second place for the last 4 years? And the only reason is because they had the wpial champion and state champion or state runner up in their section for 4 years....Serra Clairton Clairton Clairton....So you put any other team there I guarantee they have at least 3 section championships... This year they have a team that has a lot of talent and Clairton fans and players have said they think they are going to play Clairton twice the next at Heinz...

R. Keith Taylor said...

Ringgold will ascend, because all those Parkway teams are going to beat up one another.

Anonymous said...

My rankings in Class A:

1. Clairton
2. Clairton
3. Springdale
4. Sto Rox
5. Fort Cherry

No, having Clairton twice isnt a mistake, and I did that for two reasons. Number 1, the only team in Class A that can beat Clairton is Clairton...the only one that can knock them off is themselves. Number 2, the gap between Clairton and any other team is so great in Class A that there is no one that deserves to be at #2 right behind them. Sorry...just honest.

Sarcastic Sword said...

@Keith...youre right about the Parkway teams beating up on each other....but those parkway games will toughen those teams up to the point where they will probably be better than the Rams come playoff time.....Other then Franklin and G Salem, the Rams will coast in the keystone...and those blowouts will do nothing but make these teenagers think they are better than what they really are....

Anonymous said...

1 Clairton
2 Springdale
3 Monessen
4 Fort Cherry
5 Beth- Center

Watch and learn.

Doone said...

Seton Lasalle is clearly #2 inAA. South Fayette will be fortunate to win 5 games.

Anonymous said...

@ Sword
You have to be one of those fans don't you??? If the kids win by 50 they got it too easy...if they win by 5 they are lucky and either way the coaching staff doesn't know what it is doing right??? Why don't you apply for the job next time it opens? I mean you know more that any of the guys coaching there? Once again it is football season and here you are talking crap on the for you...they don't know you and they don't care about you! Have a nice Fall.

Sarcastic Sword said...

@ anon 9/1 7:21am..

there is a difference between talking crap and being a realist....

what did I say that you considered crap? I said they would coast in keystone other than Franklin Reg and Salem (thats praise isnt it)..I didnt say they would lose to Franklin and Salem - but those two teams are their only two obstacles to repeating as conf champs...

if you know how teenagers process success, you would know that most of them arent mature emotionally to handle success without thinking they are better than they are (not talking crap, explaining human behavior)..

Im sorry Im not a rah-rah fan that does nothing but lavish praise..I call it as I see it - good or bad....Im not anti-Ringgold - I live in district and support the team...I have coached...I know what Im talking about....if you dont like the truth or strong opinions, dont read my posts...

Good Day!

Anonymous said...

@ Sword....

I didn't know I needed a psychology degree to understand hs football...the main thing for the kids is that they are having keep saying you have coached...which leads me to believe you want the job or had the job at one time...I bet with your understanding of the game you didn't think that the Rams would go 9-0 in the conference last year...snd only lose to the eventual WPIAL Champs in a very tight game....CV steamrolled Knoch, TJ and Montour....but I bet you also think that any staff could have done that with those say you are not anti-Ringgold but yet you say that these kids can't handle going 9-0 and then winning a playoff game...should they go 5-4 and then try to take on a one seed after they have lost a couple of games....coaching football is about coaching and winning one week at a time....and making kids better young men while you do it...

Sarcastic Sword said...

@ Anon...

youre making some assumptions my friend - I said I coached - I didnt say what doesnt need to be a football coach to know the mindset of coaching and how you deal with players on/off the field. that is the same in all sports and while I didnt coach football, I played it, I know the game. So no, I have no desire to be a high school football coach..prefer to arm chair QB with fine people like yourself.

anyone who says they predicted Ringgold to have gone 9-0 last year is either a liar or a fool. How could any rationale person come to that conclusion - I expected them to make the playoffs for sure and win more than they lost but its not like the Keystone conference will be mistaken for top teams from top to bottom. There is a reason Ringgold and Franklin were moved in last year - how about one playoff win in the history of the Keystone (Uniontown's upset of BVA in 2009).

sounds like you are pretty close to someone on the current Rams staff as you defend them so vigorously with your comment about would I think any staff could have gone 9-0...let me answer that this way....Humbert deserved to be coached of the year...he did a wonderful a rookie head it a stretch to think that an experienced coach like Bill Cherpak at TJ or Mike Zmijanac at Aliquippa couldnt have guided them to a 9-0 season? Not a stretch at all..Its not like the 2010 or 2011 Rams are devoid of skill and talent. The cupboard isnt bare for Ringgold...They have some players..Be honest - Humbert couldnt have scripted a better scenario for a guy on a 1 yr contract...Veteran OL...skill and speed all over the roster....move to Keystone....while an undefeated season was never predicted by anyone, if the Rams missed the playoffs in 2010, to me it would have been a disappointment based on the factors I just described...Do I think that anyone off the street could have been 9-0 last yr? No, I do not think that. Humbert did well....But dont confuse him with Urban Meyer either...

R. Keith Taylor said...

Will I be dismayed if Ringgold loses, yes, but I keep all my doubts to myself. However, I can't argue with sarc sword with the things he says, because he is just taking a holistic approach to things. I wish Ringgold did play in the Big 8, because while they would win, it wouldn't be 50-7 romps. It feels good to watch your team put a licking on another team, but it feels even better to know your team grinded out a tough win. With this being said, Ringgold has to play the schedule it is given. The WPIAL also put Ringgold and FR in this conference to make it stronger. The top three teams in that conference can play with any team in AAA.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling I know the two idiots in that argument.

Anonymous said...

sto rox
fort cherry