Monday, August 15, 2011

Trinity football players go on strike

The ongoing fued between coaches, players and supporters of Trinity football against certain members of the Trinity Area School Board took a unique turn Monday morning when players staged a strike.

Before the start of football camp, players organized and sat on the playing surface at Hiller Field for 30 minutes. The strike started at 9 a.m. in protest to deep cuts in the athletic budget.

Players organized the protest without the knowledge of Trinity head coach Ed Dalton.

"It came about because two of our top assistants are gone. Chad Daloia got fired, and his brother (Ryan) ended up quitting because he didn't want to do it after his brother got fired," senior Brandon Robertson said. "We're trying to get them back, so we're putting on a little strike before practice. We're just trying to get our coaches back."

Trinity competes in Class AAA, and it annually fields a large roster for football. The Hillers have four coaches on the staff for the upcoming season, and are in the process of implementing a new offense - the triple option.

"We only have three of four coaches so it's pretty hectic," Robertson added.

Will the move work or create more contention?

"A strike was really the only thing we could come to," senior John Laschinsky said. "It symbolizes how our team is coming together, to fight for our family. We're not just a football team. We're a family, and our coach is a big part of that family. That's what we're trying to get across."

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