Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stepoli brothers denied eligibility

(Yeah, this is a little late. Catching up on a few things and fighting Pirates fever.)

The long, publicized saga of Terrence and Josh Stepoli took another turn Tuesday when WPIAL Executive Director Tim O'Malley announced the brothers were denied eligibility by the Board of Control.

The brothers, both of Monessen, transferred back to Monessen March 7, just two days after the Greyhounds defeated Greensburg Central Catholic in the WPIAL Class AA basketball championship. The WPIAL ruled the most recent move was made for, at least in part, athletic intent.

Both were starters on the GCC basketball team until both left the team under odd circumstances, which were explained publicly as concentrating on football. Josh Stepoli, a junior, is a Division I football prospect.

Terrence Stepoli, a senior, transferred from Monessen to GCC in early 2010, not long after a basketball game at Wash High. Josh Stepoli followed a couple weeks later. The WPIAL denied eligibility for basketball for one year from the transfer dates but permitted the brothers to play football but the decision was overturned by the PIAA, as is usually the case.

According to reports, Terrence Stepoli planned on joining the Monessen track team.


Anonymous said...

doesnt matter what the WPIAL says. PIAA will overturn it and all will be fine in Mo-Town!

What a waste of time to even have WPIAL hearings anymore

Anonymous said...

True Dat Homie

Anonymous said...

I dont think PIAA will overturn it this time...

Anonymous said...

What a joke these two and this family are. With his lack of commitment to anything, I dont understand how a serious D-1 coach can look at Josh Stepoli. Yeah he has size and he is a good athlete, but his head isnt there and I dont know if it ever will be.