Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All in the family

Someone posed this question last week, "Who are the best set of twins to play sports in the area?"

Tough question.

Naturally, the Lapkowicz twins - Jared and Jeff - of Carmichaels came to mind. So did Jeremy and Josh Kemp of Fort Cherry. That could be due to the fact that the Lapkowicz and Kemp brothers were part of teams that either won or played for WPIAL championships, so the additional coverage added to the visibility.

Taking the originial question, let's broaden the topic and look at some of the better family combinations. We're looking at brother combos, sister combos, brother/sister, twins, triplets, basically whatever we can come up with, excluding parent/sibling, cousins, etc.

I came up with some. I'd like to hear who I'm missing.

Connor and Taylor Schram, Canon-McMillan
Rashad and Vanessa Davison, Washington
Zach, Nate, Beka and Rachel Bellhy, Fort Cherry
The Gibson family (too many to remember), Canon-McMillan
Chuck and Nikki Gasti, Carmichaels

Jared, Jeff and Joby Lapkowicz, Carmichaels
Chris, Nick and Corey Wilcox, Peters Township
The Dyers, Peters Township
The Conns, Bentworth
Jeremy and Josh Kemp, Fort Cherry

Jaci, Karli and Tanya Timko, Chartiers-Houston
Sarah and Alison Riske, Peters Township
Kimmie and Colby Miller, Chartiers-Houston

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Anonymous said...

Mike did they need to play on the same team at the same time for your list?

mike_kovak said...

No. Those were just a few that popped into my head. I'd like to hear some others.

Anonymous said...

What about the Popeck brothers at Wash High?

Anonymous said...

How about Brendan and Jordan Cypher both had over 1000 points, and both led their teams to the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Nena Vallee WHS Track State Champion 95-96 (also WPIAL champs)
DJ Vallee WHS Football State &(WPIAL) and Track WPIAL Champions

Tam Nixion & Karlon Nixion
Justen & Aaron Gatten
and so many more from WHS!!

BD said...

Chris and Mark Po. Nuff Said !!

Mailman said...

The Fritz Brothers out of Waynesburg.

prexie said...

if you mention kemps lets not forget uncles perry kemp (nfl) and ray kemp who marvin lewis called the best back he has ever seen. both played at fc

Anonymous said...

From Wash High:
Vactor brothers
Stock brothers
Gaul sisters
Mousetis brothers
Nicolella brothers
Petronka brothers
Proudfit siblings

From Chartiers-Houston:
Vulcano brothers
Mary brothers

From Canon-McMillan:
O'Daniel brothers

From Trinity:
Hilk brothers

That's a start

Anonymous said...

I mean despite the drama, I beleieve the elephant in the room is the Stepolis. The Krall twins at Carmichaels were a tandem in football and Basketball. The Conways at California as well.

mike_kovak said...

Thanks for all the great names from Wash High's past.

I've heard of all of these, but I never saw the Prexies play before 1998, so I'd rather hear readers' recollections.

Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Chuck,Chase and Clay Roman - 3 sports

Derek & Jason Jansante - 3 sports

Jon - Joe and Amanda Kennedy - 3 sports

Anonymous said...


Babirad brothers
Conn brothers
DeHosse sisters

Drakely brothers

Anonymous said...

Karlon Nixon & Tam Nixon

Both 4x1 WPIAL Champs

mike_kovak said...

I'm 95 percent certain that Tam Nixon is the only sprinter to beat Lauryn Williams in the 100 dash while Williams was at Rochester.

Anonymous said...

Tam WAS the last person to beat her!

Brian said...

Canon McMillan

How about the Miles/Maier crew?
Jimmy, Zack, Albert, Adam, and Jurdon

Mike and Ashley Hull

Sean, Chris, and Matt Douglas


Dee Dlugonski and her many brothers Nick, Joe, Ty, and Adam (West)