Monday, April 11, 2011

How I voted

The Tri-County Athletic Directors Coach of the Year Banquet will be held Sunday, May 1 at 5 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hilton near the Meadows Casino & Racetrack. The banquet, which honors coaches and athletes from South Fayette to Southmoreland to Albert Gallatin to West Greene and Burgettstown, benefits Special Olympics.

Student-athletes that were selected as first-team all-state football players, such as South Fayette's Christian Brumbaugh, or others who made their respective all-state teams, such as Peters Township girls soccer player Shelli Spamer and Trinity basketball standout Josh Valentic will be honored.

So will the coaches.

Coaches of the Year are selected in the following categories: football, boys basketball, girls basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball. Coaches who won WPIAL or played for PIAA championships in Olympic Sports categories will also be honored.

The Observer-Reporter distributes ballots in each categories to schools, and the athletic director then hands them to the coaches, who are asked to vote for their top three.

The O-R sports staff gets a vote in each category as well, and I voted for the five categories other than wrestling, and will disclose my votes now.

Football - 1. Joe Rossi, South Fayette; 2. Matt Humbert, Ringgold; 3. Terry Fetsko, Chartiers-Houston.

Boys basketball - 1. Joe Salvino, Monessen; 2. Rich Bonnaure, South Fayette, 3. Pete Logan, Ringgold.

Girls basketball - 1. Bob Miles, Fort Cherry, 2. Gina Naccarato, Monessen, 3. Nick Mahalko, Charleroi.

Baseball - 1. Joe Maize, Peters Township, 2. Don Hartman, California, 3. Levi Bristor, Trinity.

Softball - 1. Tricia Alderson, Chartiers-Houston, 2. Jack Cramer, Bentworth, 3. Lars Johnson, Waynesburg.


Anonymous said...

We all know who will win this.....

panic said...

Mike - didn't know if this is news-worthy or not, but the followers of Waynesburg football want to let our aggravation heard and figured your blog to be a good place. Three years ago, our school brought in Joe kuhns to coach our varsity football team and we love him. He has started from the ground up and done things the right way and many of us believe this year will be proof of the program going in the right direction. However, Coach Kuhns doesn't play a certain board member's son at quarterback and a witch hunt has begun to oust him, FOR THIS SEASON! It is ALLEGED that Coach allows unwanted behavior like rubbing snuff and profanity. We all know boys do both of these things, but in no way do we believe Coach Kuhns encourages it. Furthermore, to oust a coach at this time of the year all but guarantees a horrible season. Coach has been starting the same players since they were sophomores and this year, they are three year starters with a chance to be successful. I am writing on this blog to encourage anyone out there that knows COach Kuhns or has played for him at Waynesburg, California, Ringgold, Jeff Morgan or Beth Center to please contact Waynesburg School District administration and give your support to a great guy who really cares about the success of his boys.