Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preseason Elite 11

At the end of each high school football season, the Observer-Reporter releases its All-District Football Team. Included in that group is the O-R Player of the Year, which was Canon-McMillan's Mike Hull in 2008, and the Elite 11.

Thought it might be fun to release a preseason Elite 11 comprised of players from the O-R coverage area. At the end of the year, we'll go back and examine how close this list will be to the one that matters.

(In alphabetical order)
Quentin Briggs, Charleroi
Few freshman made a bigger impact than Briggs, the cousin of former Charleroi great Darrell Harding. He rushed for over 1,000 yards last year despite being the focal point of every defensive opponent.

Christian Brumbaugh, South Fayette

Could be one of the WPIAL's more heavily recruited by the time his senior year arrives. Brumbaugh started last year as a sophomore and regularly ranked among WPIAL passing leaders.

Andrew Erenberg, Peters Township
After a year at Pittsburgh Central Catholic, where he started some as a freshman, Erenberg is back at Peters Township and figures to play a key role at tailback and defensive back. His father, Rich Erenberg, was a running back for the Steelers (1984-86).

Chad Hagan, Canon-McMillan
Hagan returned to the Big Macs as a junior after concentrating on basketball his sophomore year. A big-play specialist, Hagan is being recruited by several Big Ten teams on both sides of the football. Ohio State remains his top choice.

Thomas Harriston, Chartiers-Houston

As a junior, Hairston was one of the area's premier defensive players and hardest tacklers. The senior linebacker grew two inches (6-2) and put on 15 pounds (195) since last year.

Mike Hull, Canon-McMillan
A Penn State recruit, Hull has over 2,500 yards rushing with the Big Macs. Hull will be a four-year starter at fullback and linebacker. He was first-team all-state at linebacker a year ago.

Hans Lubich, Jefferson-Morgan
One of the area's better multi-sport athletes, Lubich – a PIAA high jump medalist – ranked among area scoring and rushing leader throughout the 2008 season and gave the Rockets a go-to player.

Kyle McWreath, Trinity
According to Hillers coach Ed Dalton, McWreath had a better sophomore year at linebacker than Andrew Sweat did. That's high praise. McWreath will start at linebacker and possibly fullback.

ShelDon Miller, Monessen

Miller will be a four-year starter as a defensive back and few opponents dare test him, as evidence by the one interception he had as a sophomore. Miller is being recruited by several MAC schools.

Bryan Thomas, Washington
One of two players on this list related to former Prexies great Travis Thomas, Bryan Thomas ranks as one of the hardest-working football players around. At 6-4, Thomas can play running back or tight end for Wash High and has offers from a couple MAC schools as a defensive player.

Ken Wilkins, Trinity
A Michigan recruit, Wilkins can dominate from the defensive end position as he finished last year with 20-plus tackles for loss. The 6-4, 245-pound cousin of Thomas, was a first-team all-state selection last year.

Honorable mention (don't be surprised to see these guys on the Elite 11 at year's end)
Dom Broglia (Canon-McMillan), Zach Barnes (Washington), Joe Havrilak, Hunter Landok (Trinity), Brad Opar (South Fayette), Trenton Bedillion, Logan McAnany, Derroick Whipkey (McGuffey), Austin Hancock, Brandon Hoffman (Peters Township), Tanner Garry, Corey Garry, Gary Kiefer (Fort Cherry), Bob Bracken (Ringgold), Zach Hooks (Charleroi), DeShan Brown, Tyler Miller (Beth-Center), Dylan Bongiorni (Burgettstown), Terrance Stepoli, Trae Cook (Monessen), Devante Brooks, D.J. Martinak (California).


Anonymous said...

great list. Is that all you have from Trinity or Wash High? There has got to be more @ both schools...

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there have any feedback from Bosnic @ Wash High yet?

Anonymous said...

Is Bracken on here b/c he's the ONLY senior on the Ram's squad?

Anonymous said...

Mike, I believe that you got it covered pretty good. I'm sure there will be kids that worked hard this summer that will pop on the radar. So with that in mind ya did fine.

Anonymous said...

Hagan has cardio-myopathy and has yet to get a cardiologist to approve him playing. He is a longshot to play this year.

Anonymous said...

Bosnic has a heck of alot of talent, whether he can build a team is yet to be seen.

Anonymous said...

regarding the 3 a day sessions - please help feed the boys, (also the elite) after sessions - certain parents are spending a LOT of money and time to feed the boys after AM sessions and some also at dinnertime - please offer food and especially drinks - I know this isn't the format for this request but it's all we have - pass the word - thanks

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you gave the token 'Garry' shout out. Those two aren't elite yet.

Burg. Blue Devil said...

Didn't Hagan already commit to Ohio State?

mike_kovak said...

"I'm sure there will be kids that worked hard this summer that will pop on the radar."

Exactly the point anon.

This is kind of like those preseason watch lists for college football.

We know who a few of the top players are but, as always, there will be a few kids we find out about as the year develops.

Anonymous said...

Who are the "go to" players at Wash High. It has been pretty quiet considering they have a new coach. I haven't heard anything from that camp yet.

Anonymous said...

Dan Miller!! -Trinity
Watch for him

prexie said...


Anonymous said...

Was at the Wash High Trinity KO scrimmage today.....not too impressed with anyone on the wash high side of the ball...the qb was shifty but thats about it...KO's rb is number 3 on the depth chart and ran tough....Trinity's D was nasty

Anonymous said...

what did you think of lashawn bryant?? hes an animal for trinity

Anonymous said...

I Think wash high might beat waynesburg this year. that's about it in that conference.

Anonymous said...

Here is a question for all you PT people (or just the one deranged PT poster). Please give me proof, factual evidence that PT has improved that much since their 2-7 campaign last season. And please stay away from "ehrenburg is awesome" or "we have great speed". Please give some insightful, detailed analysis.

Anonymous said...

I read in the PG that Hagan has not told OSU about his heart condition. I do not see that situation playing out well as Hagan considers it "an injury that I will recover from" but even if it was a pulled hamstring I think OSU has a right to and should know. It is OSU that is investing plenty of money in the kid for 4-5 years, so full disclosure should be the play here.

Also, keep in mind that OSU has been known to pull scholarship offers even from committed prospects in the past. I hope that a "lack of trust" doesn't cost Mr. Hagan.

Anonymous said...
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mike_kovak said...

Scholarships are on a year-to-year basis.

Hagan has gone on the record with the O-R and the PG about how he's dealt with the condition and how he has dealt with Ohio State.

No one else at C-M has publicly commented because until doctors make a final decision, they are not permitted to do so. Repeat – they are not permitted to do so.

Do not speculate on how they've handled it when you have absolutely no idea. Any further posts that do will be removed.

Anonymous said...

Broglia #74 CM blocked Wilkins #31 all game and did a pretty decent job especially given the fact Wilkins only plays defense not offense. Why doesn't Wilkins play offense?

Anonymous said...

keep an eye on one of the better QBs in the WPIAL.....Junior RYAN DUPAIN...having good year for Burgettstown even though the team is in a very strong conference. 2011...RYAN DUPAIN