Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming attractions

The Observer-Reporter 2009 preseason football edition will be in newspapers on Tuesday and, for South Hills residents who receive The Almanac, check for it on Wednesday.

Included in this year's edition is a cover story on the Big Ten's local influence, stories on every team in the O-R and Almanac coverage area, 2008 standings and stats, 2009 schedules and rosters as well as trivia, photos, predictions, preseason rankings, Cal U, Washington & Jefferson, Waynesburg University and, finally, the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Anonymous said...

The Almanac's HS. Football section was far superior to the the other major papers in the area Trib & Post-Gazette. (The OR is not a major paper I wouldn't even call it a minor paper)......great job Almanac.

mike_kovak said...

Do you realize the Almanac's football section was the same as the Observer-Reporter's with the exception of the photo on the cover?

Must not pay attention to details. So where does that rank the above poster on the intelligence scale? Let's see, what's below minor?

Your truly,
Minor League Mike