Sunday, February 8, 2009

The playoff field

WPIAL section play is over, meaning the field for the boys and girls playoffs are established. In this blogger's opinion, the WPIAL should be ashamed of itself. There are way too many teams in the playoffs. Why play 20-22 regular season games to eliminate less than the field? Ridiculous. Shameful.

Worst of all, it creates way too many bad basketball games. Of course, a lot of people get to wear new t-shirts.

It's a topic we'll discuss more after I get to the girls playoffs.

For now, here's the boys field:
Class AAAA
Section 1
Latrobe (18-3), Kiski Area (13-8), Hempfield (13-8), Penn-Trafford (9-12)
Section 2
Penn Hills(14-6), McKeesport (13-8), Franklin Regional (14-7), Fox Chapel (13-8)
Section 3
Seneca Valley (14-7), North Hills (15-7), Central Catholic (13-8), North Allegheny (14-7)
Section 4
Peters Township (19-2), Mt. Lebanon (17-4), Upper St. Clair (16-6), Bethel Park (10-12)

Class AAA
Section 1
Hampton (18-4), Highlands (16-6), Valley (13-8), Mars (15-7)
Section 2
New Castle (16-5), Blackhawk (12-8), Ambridge (10-11), Hopewell (11-10)
Section 3
Laurel Highlands (17-5), Greensburg-Salem (18-4), Uniontown (15-5), Indiana (12-8)
Section 4
Chartiers Valley (21-0), Moon (13-9), West Mifflin (12-8), Montour (7-14)
Section 5
Thomas Jefferson (17-4), Trinity (11-10), Belle Vernon (14-7), Elizabeth Forward (8-13)

Class AA
Section 1
Ford City (16-6), West Shamokin (17-4), Burrell (9-11), Springdale (8-13)
Section 2
Mohawk (16-5), New Brighton (15-5), Rochester (13-7), Shenango (8-13)
Section 3
North Catholic (20-1), South Fayette (19-3), Seton-La Salle (12-10), Fort Cherry (14-7)
Section 4
Jeannette (19-3), Greensburg Central Catholic (15-7), Shady Side Academy (12-9), Steel Valley (6-12)
Section 5
Washington (20-2), Monessen (12-8), Burgettstown (15-7), Charleroi (14-7)
Section 6
Beaver Falls (18-4), Quaker Valley (15-5), Aliquippa (13-7), Sto-Rox (10-12), Avonworth (6-13)

Class A
Section 1
Neshannock (15-6), Lincoln Park (13-6), Union (12-8), Monaca (9-9)
Section 2
Carmichaels (17-4), Beth-Center (11-10), Bentworth (10-9), Avella (10-11)
Section 3
Serra Catholic (18-2), Clairton (11-6), St. Joseph (9-13), Geibel (11-10)
Section 4
Sewickley Academy (17-4), OLSH (16-5), Cornell (11-10), Vincentian Academy (11-10)


CV ALUM said...

There are not too many teams in the playoffs. Unlike college high school teams do not get say which conference they will join.

Unless the WPIAL is going to rebalance the conferences every 1-2years based on performance they have to keep the number of teams where its at.

Some sections are loaded where others have very little talent. Some of the 4 place teams would be 1st place teams in other sections.

I say leave it the same. The playoffs are a great experience for these high school athletes.

Also, another point I would like to make. Many top teams have top football programs. They may get off to a slow start because of missing key players. However, a team may get hot at the end of the year and have a chance at making a run.

Congrats on the baby Kovak. I am sure you will disagree with what I have to say, but I think the WPIAL has it set up correctly. The schools dont have to schedule 22 games by the way. The majority only have 14-16 conference games.

The Big East takes everyone in their tournament. I am sure they know what they are doing, since The Big East has been around for a while.

I am sure Mr. Taylor will disagree as well, but his Bethel Park should appreciate what the WPIAL has done. They would have been out as a 4th seed.

Clairton Alum said...

I am tired of hearing about Nick Wilcox and Christian Shea.

James Barton from Bethel Park was the best player on the section. He ust didnt have the supporting cast that Peters and USC had.

I am sure I will get killed on this comment because everyone on here is in love with Wilcox and Shea. They are both great players, but neither of them are as athletic as Barton. Barton can also shoot the lights out too.

Anonymous said...

Clairton Alum

Why didn't you just make the following comment:

I know absolutely nothing about high school basketball.

It would have said the same exact thing as what your idiotic comment said, just saved us all a lot of time.

Pure Dumpster said...

Clairton Alum,

Barton is a great pure basketball player. If I was selecting a kid to play pickup basketball, then he would be my first pick. The difference, however, between Barton and Wilcox and Shea as that the latter two are team players. It doesn't matter who Barton's supporting cast because it would still be all about Barton. Wilcox and Shea both excel at playing both offensively and defensively in the team system.

Anonymous said...

clairton alum you are right on with barton i`ve watched him play since 4th grade.Wilcox and shea have game but barton can play D-1 being from clairton you should know hoop talent 5th and waddell had plenty of talent on those courts keep up the good blogs

Clairton Alum said...

Your right. I am an idiot because I think James Barton is a great player.

He has to play like he does because the supporting cast at Bethel park isnt that strong. He did not play that way last year.

If I was picking my team I would pick James Barton first.

Mr. Taylor what do you think you are always at those games???

merril said...

CV alum... what the heck does the Big East have to do with anything?

And if i am not mistaken, they just made it so everyone makes the tourney, so you're longevity remark is kinda silly too. Are you suggesting every high school basketball team should make the playoffs? Then why have regular season games?

Personally, i think what kills it all is the amount of teams that make the state tourney. High school basketball's postseason is far too long.

The thing about some sections being good and some being bad, well that's sorta life.

Merril Lynch said...


How did you get into Georgia Tech. You're just twisting everything I say. I didnt mean that all teams should make it. My god are you an idiot.

I am glad Merril that your opinion means nothing and the WPIAL is not going to change a thing.

Merril will disagree with whatever I say. I was just drawing a comparison saying that the Big East thinks its favorable to have more teams make it.

Pure Dumpster said...

Personally I think Merril is Mike Kovaks brother. He agrees with Kovak on everything.

Merril when you went to Georgia Tech did they teach you to twist your words.

Ric Flair said...

Clairton alum, you're wrong. Barton actually moved the ball more this year than he did last year. He's a better all around player this year. His problem is he can't defend at all. He plays no D...NONE! It is because of that fact that he is not the best player in the Section. Most explosive, yes, but not the best.

Anonymous said...

whos going to win the WPIAL? Put who you think boys only..


BP Alum said...

I will give you that his D could improve. I still think Barton should be a D-1 point guard. He just can fly up and down the court.

There isnt a kid who can guard him in AAAA this year.

Barton moved the ball last year more buddy. I know I played with him. Nice try though. Go back to the WWF.

The Real said...

AAAA - Mt. Lebo
AAA - Char Valley
AA - Jeanette
A- Lincoln Park

The Iron Sheik said...

So quickness equates to D-1? I agree with you though, he could get a shot at D-1 if a coach is willing to work with a no-defense playing, bad shot selection gunner who wears down as the game goes on. No doubt he can play though. He is very talented.

BP ALUM said...

Being a great athelete never hurt anyones chances of going Division 1.

He needs to shoot as much as he does because he is their only true scorer.

Thats cool though keep talking trash on a high schoo kid. That will get you far in life. I would love to have these conversations in person. I know you wouldnt talk like that to me face to face.

Anonymous said...

Easy wrestling fan...BP Alum is getting mad. We don't want that. He would pound you, even if you are the Iron Sheik. BP Alum is a monster.

BP Alum, I don't know if he was talking trash on Barton as a person. Just his game.

I personally think Barton is nasty. BP really has no other option. They also basically just play playground basketball which makes him look out of control at times. He may not get a D-1 scholarship, but he'll play for free if he goes D-2.

Seton Alum said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BP said...

Ok tough guy. No reason to bash a high school kid who is having success. Its cool though talk trash on kid that scored more this year than you did your whole life including the baskets you made in warm ups.

Pape said...

Barton is the only kid I have seen this year with a true jump shot. Wilcox and Shea are set shooters. Barton really elevates on his jumper.

His D could get better, but I am sure that will improve with the right coaching. He also could add some muscle.

There is no question could play at the D-1 level in my opinion.

Seton Alum said...

BP are you saying I'm bashing Barton? I was 100% serious on my comments based off of what Bill LoNero told me.

Bp said...

No the anon guy was bashing not u.

I just dont see why the comments are made about Barton are so negative when he has had a great career for Bethel Park.

I was never a fan of the ranking of players on sites such as Rivals. It is very difficult to predict how well a high school kid will do in college. Many of the players are over hyped.

I think people would be suprised that many of these players are the same skill level as players not mentioned no the list.

Seton Alum said...

BP, I agree completely. There is no reason to bash Barton. He is highly skilled and while he does have things to work on, who doesnt? The cool thing for him is that it appears he has caught the eye of a New York Knicks Scout (Bill LoNero), so maybe one day he will play in the NBA.

Dumpster said...

I know Barton could play at a Robert Morris or Duquesne. I think people are really missing the boat on this kid.

Don't you people love Ringgold fans said...

I personally think Barton is nasty. BP really has no other option. They also basically just play playground basketball which makes him look out of control at times.

Playground basketball sounds o so familiar since Mark Gaither is the worst coach in the WPIAL, inherited Ringgold after legendary Phil Pergola only to not make the playoffs with one of the best Ringgold teams since the State Title team of 1995...I thank him for how bad Ringgold hoops is right now and sorry Bethel your program is clearly on the downswing with Gaither at the Helm.

CM mom said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Barton has the quicks , handle , can create off the dribble and basketball IQ to play D1 but I wouldn’t think he would see any playing time until his junior and senior year.
Last year, Walsh, 6-4 guard from Moon had the same quicks, basketball IQ but was 4 inches taller, and Walsh hardly ever plays at Xavier. I think Barton would be better suited at a lower level where he could jump in immediately and play. You really don’t see a lot of D1 guards that are as small as he is.

Anonymous said...

Heck if he can play as a Jr or Sr I would say thats still a good career.

I am not saying he should go to Duke. I just think there are some local D-1 programs he could play point guard or shooting guard for.

He is legit.

Merril said...

CV Alum,

Perhaps you shouldn't use examples that you don't mean? Or did you mean them, and then you realized how silly they sounded?
All I did was point out what was ridiculous in your post, sorry if I offended you.
Please ease up on the childish namecalling. I can assure you that I have accomplished far more over the past half century than most "idiots."

the real Clairton Alum said...

I like how someone just pirated my screen name...

Anonymous said...

That Ringgold team that Gaither had was talented. That team just loaded up for one year hoping to win it all. They had NOO chemistry. Kellen Holmes came back from Geibel but he was just a wrench in the gears. Top to bottom the Rams were stacked at every spot. The frequet V Letters user R.Keith was the six man. Eh but they still sucked.

Anonymous said...

Lack of team chemisty can be pointed directly at the coach.

Clairton Alum said...

So i guess your the only one who graduated from Clairton???

Anonymous said...

It's always the coach's fault, huh?

Ballin said...

Ur right it isnt always the coach's fault.

That Ringgold team had a lot of talent. Probably the most talent Ringgold had in a long time, but they had alot of bad attitudes.