Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O-R boys basketball rankings

There was considerable movement in Class AAAA as the only team to hold onto its spot from last week was No. 1 North Allegheny. In Class AA, Washington jumped to No. 3 after beating South Fayette while Quaker Valley moved into No. 2 after beating previously ranked Aliquippa.

Class AAAA
1. North Allegheny 3-0
2. Central Catholic 3-0
3. Gateway 2-0
4. Mt. Lebanon 3-1
5. Latrobe 3-1

Class AAA
1. Chartiers Valley 5-0
2. Uniontown 4-0
3. Mars 3-0
4. Hampton 3-1
5. Thomas Jefferson 1-0

Class AA
1. Beaver Falls 4-0
2. Quaker Valley 5-0
3. Washington 5-0
4. South Fayette 2-1
5. North Catholic 3-0

Class A
1. Serra Catholic 5-0
2. Sewickley Academy 3-1
3. Clairton 0-0
4. OLSH 4-2
5. Lincoln Park 2-3


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mike_kovak said...

If the last comment would have been posted anonymously instead of using a ridiculous ID, it would not have been deleted.

Lloyd Price B Free said...

Do you have a list of sleeper teams for any of the classifications outside of your top 5 lists? The Wpial has seen its share of lower seeds win championships lately (think West Allegheny in 06-07 season).

mike_kovak said...

At this early point of the season, there are a lot of "sleeper" teams.

Anonymous said...

Ok no more ridiculous ID's haha. I am suprised that no one from Peters Township has complained that they arent in the top 5. All i hear about is how great these WILCOX kids are. They are solid players but I think people are getting carried away.

Anonymous said...

Seen peters play that team will be playing for the championship in march.They move the ball play good d and shoot the lights out have good size and a bench no i`m not from peters go see for yourself or wait till march

Anonymous said...

Nick Wilcox is one of the best players in the WPIAL this year. Anon above must be another one of many CM posters that take every opportunity to try to discredit any success that Peters has.

Thats ok CM fans, you have wrestling, THATS IT, just wrestling. Outside of that your varsity sports are a joke.

John Holmes said...

Whoa, Canon-Mac has a baseball state title. That's something that Peters does not currently have. So I think Canon-Mac is a little more than just a wrestling program. Also, how are CM and Peters really that different in boys athletics? CM has been better in football. The baseball teams were both excellent. The basketball programs have had roughly the same amount of success in recent years. I just don't see where A) Peters is sooo much better than CM or B) CM is so much better than peters.

I think it is about time we put this notion of which school is "best" to bed and just enjoy the programs for what they are. I'm not saying to end all of the back and forth, but let's save it for when these teams are due to matchup. I am all for adopting a Gag order on CM/Peters bashing until 1 week before they meet in any sport.

Just a note on the rivalry... The last time that Peters played CM in football, basketball, and baseball they LOST. So peters fans, be careful with what you say.

Anonymous said...

If all other CM varsity sports are a joke, than anon's PT teams are the punchline!

Wburg Ball said...

Is anyone else tired of Jordan Jankowski posting anonymously on this blog? I'm sorry that CM beat YOU 8-0 in your last high school game and took the state title away from you. But your prep career is over and it's time to move on. Stop living in the past dude.

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm a CM fan. But someone said CM beat Peters in their last game. Wrong. Peters denied us the Section title. I think this year we will be good, but the Peters kids play hard, and Wilcox is better than anyone CM has. I love the Big Macs, but I realize Peters is very disciplined and very good.

Anonymous said...

I think its time to rename the Canon Crazies to the Canon Cryers. Its going to be a long winter for CM, both the girls and boys hoops teams stink.

Keep celebrating that 1 win you had against Peters baseball, your necks must have been awfully sore from looking up to Peters for so long and finally catching them on a down day.

Its nice to see perennial losers like cm finally have their 1 day in the sun. It give losers everywhere hope, great job cm.

Anonymous said...

We are not losers, but some people, especially basketball fans, refuse to give Peters credit. By the way, I thought we were supposed to be "the most athletic team in my years as a coach"---thus says the great Bell. Why are we playing a 2-3 zone then?

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that statement would haunt the team of the past.
How can anyone lay such a statement as the most athletic team in CM history when
I looked at the box score and see a huge “0” in the second quarter of a game
against Wash High?

Mike, I seen your article Sunday, what were your thought and is Wash HS the real deal?

CM STUDDA said...

Syracuse plays a 2-3 zone even when they had Hakim Warrick and Carmelo Anthony. A zone can be just as effective. NO EXCUSES SUCK IT UP AND PLAY CM.