Monday, December 8, 2008

O-R boys basketball rankings

1. North Allegheny 2-0
2. Hempfield 2-0
3. Mt. Lebanon 2-0
4. McKeesport 1-1
5. Central Catholic 2-0

Class AAA
1. Chartiers Valley 2-0
2. Hampton 2-0
3. Greensburg-Salem 2-0
4. Blackhawk 1-1
5. Hopewell 1-1

Class AA
1. Beaver Falls 2-0
2. Aliquippa 1-0
3. South Fayette 1-0
4. North Catholic 2-0
5. Washington 2-0

Class A
1. Serra Catholic 2-0
2. Clairton 0-0
3. Sewickley Academy 1-1
4. Cornell 2-0
5. Lincoln Park 0-2


Let the Big Dawg Eat... said...


I am not sure if you have seen them play or not but what do you think of West Mifflin in AAA? I was just curious because I thought they were supposed to be a contender.

R. Keith Taylor said...

I watched them play USC. They will field a competitive team this season. They have solid guards, but they are weak in the paint. They should be a playoff team.

R KEITH for President said...

R Keith....

What do you think about Avonsworth?

BVA LEPS said...

R Keith Taylor,

Arent you Ringgold's boys all time leading scorer????

HC Sanderson said...

Has anyone seen/heard of Michah Mason from Highlands? He is a freshman starter for their basketball team, which is made all the more unusual by his physical attributes. Usually when freshman start at the varsity level, it is because they are physically mature enough to handle the rigors of going against "Men." However, this is not the case with Mason. He is about 5'5, weighs around 100lbs, and looks like he is about 11 years old. But, despite his "boyish" looks, he can flat out play basketball. He is an incredible shooter that has a knack for finding room to get off his shots. If he even gets an inch of space, it is highly likely that the ball is going through the net. In a lot of ways, he looks like Steph Curry from Davidson. Now obviously he isn't as good, nor does he project to the NBA, but Mason's style of play and looks (baby face, skrawny body) are in that same mold. I would encourage everyone to get out and see him play at some point. No rush though, he has four years left.

Note: click on my user name for a link to a picture of Mason.

Don Vito said...

I project Mason to be the next T.J. Mcconell (sorry if I spelled the last name wrong). Absoluletly no size or strength, but a great shooter/scorer.

Turtle D for 3 said...

Prediction for tonight:

Canon-Mac: 68
Upper St Clair: 44

Chad Hagan- 12 points (4-12FG, 1-3 3's, 3-4 FT) 8 Rebs, 7 Assists, 6 steals, 1 block, 2 turnovers

Mike Toward- 24 points (8-9FG, 6-7 3's, 2-2 FT) 14 Rebs, 12 Assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks, and 1 Turnover

The Hoop Scoop said...

Well USC was able to fend off a feisty Canon-Mac squad tonight 78-67. But the big news from that section was the HUGE upset by Ringgold over Bethel Park (66-65). With that win, Ringgold may have established itself as a title contender considering just how solid BP is. Peters also won tonight and AAAA section 4 is off to a blazing start.

Toby R. Keith Tractor Taylor, did you attend the Ringgold game tonight? If so, any observations?

Anonymous said...

Ringgold upsetting BP is huge. This shapes up for an interesting fight for the 4th play off seed coming out of this section

Ringgold 1-4 said...

Apparently Ringgold only wins section games because they have lost to BVA, EF, West Allegheny, and Mt. Pleasant. None of those teams are any good.

I have no clue how Ringgold won that one. It must be because Bethel Parks football team was playing for the state championship.

James Barton is sick said...

Bethel Park would have one if they had any coaching. I dont want to get into all the details but the players didnt lose that game the coach did.