Monday, December 22, 2008

Banas named all-state

Chartiers-Houston senior Brad Banas, who played quarterback, running back, receiver, punter and linebacker, was named to the Associated Press Pennsylvania Class A all-state team as a first-team linebacker.
For the second consecutive year, Banas was selected to the Black Hills Conference Media All-Star Team as a running back and punter. He was also named to the Observer-Reporter’s Elite 11 the past two years.
As a senior, he rushed for 1,155 yards and scored 15 touchdowns. At quarterback, Banas completed 19 of 44 passes for 421 yards and five touchdowns. He even caught nine passes for 110 yards.
Playing most of the year with a broken thumb, which limited his time at quarterback, Banas made 72 tackles and had two quarterback sacks, two recovered fumbles, two forced fumbles and five pass break-ups.


Anonymous said...

Mike, to help add some credibility to this list could you mention who else from around the state made that team? While Brad is a good player Im not sure he deserves to be first team all state by any stretch of the imagination. When CH played good teams Mr. Banas didnt have his best games.

Big Boy said...

These teams are all politics anyways. Its hard to say who should really be on the team. There are so many great players out there.

Many times a stud player like Banas is going to see 2 or 3 good lineman coming at him when they play a quality team.

Anonymous said...

I am not a great football critic but I know that Brad is a VERY intelligent good kid. I watched him accept an award at his banquet and during his acceptance speach mention none of his own accomplishmnet but those of his teamates. I have heard the tales of these so called great athletes. Unless I miss my guess this will be a kid that uses his athletic gift to give him a good education. So I guess your right this time politics worked. A good kid may have been put to the top of the list.

A CH Parent

Kevin Rice said...

I just love critics, especially anonymous ones.

The Rucker said...

Congrats to the kid. Its always good to hear a good person win these types of awards.

Hopefully he goes far.

Anonymous said...

Great Accomplishment. To Mr. Anonymous, You are an idiot to say he doesn't deserve the honor.

Anonymous said...

Listen, Brad is a great kid...great. We need more kids like him. He is a great student and a great athlete. No disrespect was meant. But this article/poll was not about who the greatest/smartest kids in the state were. This article was about the top 11 or 22 kids in the entire state in Class A in football. I'm sorry...he's just not one of them. First team all Black Hills, absolutley. First team all WPIAL, sure. First team all state? no way. I know im going to be called an a**hole for this comment but if you looked at Steel High, Schulykill Haven, Clairton, Taylor Riverside, Southern Columbia and Farrell (all class A teams) he wouldnt make the top 22 just out of those teams. Sorry. No disrespect meant. Just the truth.

Anonymous said...

I am Brad Banas, and I appreciate this award more than anything but there is no way to tell who is the best when these kids are selected from all over the state. I did my best and I dont know if I deserved this award nor will anyone ever know exactly, but I think Negative Anonymous should stop criticizing and do something that might get them recognized someday.

Thank you,
William Bradley Banas #33