Monday, December 29, 2008

Local basketball rankings

The No. 1 spot in the boys rankings will be on the line this Friday when Peters Township plays at Washington in a non-section game between two good basketball teams.

Boys rankings
1. Peters Township (AAAA) 6-1
2. Washington (AA) 8-1
3. South Fayette (AA) 4-3
4. Charleroi (AA) 8-1
5. Fort Cherry (AA) 7-1

Girls rankings
1. Peters Township (AAAA) 6-3
2. Fort Cherry (A) 7-1
3. Washington (AA) 6-3
4. Monessen (A) 6-3
5. Trinity (AAAA) 3-4


Anonymous said...

Fort Cherry and Charleroi ahead of Monessen? why? Look at the schedules. Monessen thumped Washington.

Anonymous said...

Monessen lost to CM and Wash beat CM twice. Which is the "greater" loss?

WOWEEE said...

Now that is a joke. Charleroi ranked in the top 5. Just when I thought I saw it all.

Judging from the games I have watched Charleroi play this year that is really pathetic if they are a top 5 team in the area.

Anonymous said...

Can we do the five worst teams???

I know Ringgold would be the worst for sure. Its funny watching them play. They have one solid basketball player on the court. They play so selfishly its unreal. I would blame that on the coach who must still think he is coaching at Brownsville with George Lemon.

Logan if your going to win at the AAAA level you need to put some work into the program. Having no offseason program isnt going to help you win. You cant win at the AAAA level by doing nothing like you did in A and AAA.

Ringgold is the worst shooting basketball team I have ever seen. They dont rebound either. I serioulsy dont think they would win any games in A.

But you know what thats the attitude at Ringgold. They need a coach who is going to put in some work to turn the program around. I know coaches dont get paid any big money, but you dont coach high school sports for the money.

Ringgolds starting five is a joke. These kids just have no basketball skills. They obviously put no time into the game. If your going to be a solid basketball player you need to put sometime into the game.

Ringgold will have a new middle school in no time with all the bricks they shoot.

Mailman said...

I wish Coach Logan was still at Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a parent from rinngold is mad there kid isn`t playing. the joke is on you your kid should work harder or maybe you should help with the program.i`m sure your kid would take them to the next level you still owe for your kids pictures and shoes maybe that can be a start to a winning program tell your kid at dinner he needs to work harder

Anonymous said...

CM-Wash and CM-Monessen are non-secton games. Wash-Monessen a section game. do you really have to ask which is the most important game or greater loss?

Anonymous said...

Peters Township will beat Washington by 20 points.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see a list of the top 5 local teams and see that CM didn't make either the boys or the girls lists. I just don't get it, all that talent to pool from and they can't be competitive in these "major" sports?

I thought Rick Bell was a genious?

Anonymous said...

Rick Bell is over rated.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous who doesn't know how to spell genius, I agree that Rick Bell is highly overrated. He hasn't done much at all here and I really haven't seen many players improve.

I think he got lucky at Peters by having talented players that fit his system. I just don't think that his system translated over to CM, and I don't think he's really made adjustments.

As far as girls go, I know they lost at least two of their studs from last year.

And CM really isn't an athletic factory. I believe we are one of the smaller AAAA schools and I just feel that we don't have the same interest in sports as the USCs and the Peters Townships. These schools can even field solid intramural programs. I just don't see the interest at CM.

Anonymous said...

Ringgold has great people in the lower levels. Their is a young man who has worked wonders in the travel program. He puts in time with the kids, and does not even have a kid of his own. He coached a team last year that won about 20 games or so. And they were all blowouts. If Ringgold was smart they would try to lock him up and pay him, because he has a bright future coaching basketball.

Anonymous said...

forget about what happens when kids are young. any great player gets nabbed by a high profile school in some underground recruiting. it happens in every sport

Crazy Ringgold Posters said...

Just becuase you put time in doesnt mean you are doing anything worth while. His team may have won 20 games in a season but they were playing in the weakest division. I would hop Ringgold being a AAAA school could beat smaller schools B division basketball teams.

Trust me there are no answers right now in the youth program. Most of the coaches are there because no one else wants to do it.

Whoever wrote that post must be on heroin.

Anonymous said...

at least they are there for the kids and as for quad A theres small schools that could beat them. those people putting in there time might not know the best skill drills for the kids to do thats why talent does grow. you don`t start school in third grade unless its you being you have all the answers y ringgold will never win a section game by the way 1-2 in section play were the season only counts. I do believe those 2 loses were to 2 of the top 5 teams in QUAD A

R. Keith Taylor said...
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R. Keith Taylor said...

I am that young man.

CM STUDDA said...

I still dont know how Washington beat Cannon Mac. Washington has a solid team but they shouldnt have beaten CM. I like Rick Bell but I would have to say there was a let down in coaching in that one.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous & CM Studda if you were at the CM/Washington game then you know that Rick Bell did not play 3 starters due to injuries and a suspension. If you went to the game you saw a team losing by 30 in the 4th quarter playing their hearts out and reflective of their coach who NEVER takes 1 second off during any game. Rick Bell has won more than 300 games does not need to be defended but the lessons he teaches go far beyond what is taught on the court. Rick Bell has never claimed to be a genius and CM STUPID if you haven't seen players improve under Rick Bell you are a moron. Prior to Bell's arrival CM did not have a Basketball program they made both the WPIAL & PIAA playoffs(first time EVER) last year. He starts 1 Sr. this year and has only 2 on the team. He will make the playoffs again this year and be much better next year. If you want to complain about an OVER RATED CM coach look no further than their AA quality football coach & AD. There is nobody in AAAA football more over rated than that self proclaimed genius Guy Montecan'tvo. He was loaded with talent and lost to Shaler at home and Butler on the road......he is a disgrace.

CM STUDDA said...

I wasnt at the game. But that explains them losing to Washington so badly. No disrespect to Washington but the games I have seen CM play they look like a solid AAAA team.

Thanks for calling me a moron though I appreciate it. It really added to the intelligence of your post.

Anonymous said...

SO much for you CM making the playoffs this year... Great call on that one..