Friday, January 18, 2008


I turn on the TV. He's there.
I read ESPN the Magazine. He's there.
I visit a recruiting website. He's there.
I read the daily local metros. He's there.

He is Terrelle Pryor, Jeannette High School's amazing two-sport star, a once-in-a-lifetime talent and the most overexposed figure in the history of the WPIAL. Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of hearing about the teenager. Hope I'm not the only one.

Spent Monday night covering the Pitt-Georgetown game and the student section, among others, placed much adoration of the young man, who will play college football at either Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, LSU, Penn State or whatever flavor of the month looks good. BTW, my sources say Michigan.

Fans chanted "We want Pryor" they held up signs. It was a lovefest.

At first, I thought it was funny. Then, I continued to watch Pryor.

His nonchalant reaction is no reason to be upset. According to him, he gets that wherever he goes. But for someone who is publicly complaining about the media coverage he receives, maybe it would be a good idea to at least acknowledge the crowd. Show some courtesy.

Miley Cyrus, the 15-year-old who plays Hannah Montana, is comparable in age, far more famous, and, I'd bet she'd at least wave to the crowd.

Next time Pitt needs to offer tickets to someone who appreciates them. If Pryor wants to watch former AAU teammate DeJuan Blair, he can turn on a TV.

My main point is recruiting coverage is out of hand. These kids are getting huge heads before they play a down of college football. How do we know Pryor won't end up at Cal U? Hey, it happened to McKeesport's Cecil Howard. Then again, how do we know Pryor won't win two Heisman Trophies? Of course, that's happened just once. The road is for more populated with should've, would've, could've guys.

I too am guilty of making recruiting stories a big deal. On many occasions, I've written about or hyped the guys with lots of offers and wondered why?

None of the players I've written about, however, are as good as Pryor, who is the best high school football player I've ever seen in person.

But, at this point, I'm sick of hearing about him. Once high school hoops season is over, here's hoping we don't hear about Pryor until the fall.


Mapod said...

I like you are tired of hearing and reading about Pryor. Yes he is amazing and a great athelete. But one question, why have I never heard or read about is, why did he leave Gateway? Yes I recall reading or hearing that he once attended Gateway. Nothing agaist Pitt but I hope he does not play close to home. Alot of fine atheletes have problem playing that close to home.
The best athelete has to go to Brain Davis, besides being that great, he was a great person and still is.
Now if Pitt likes to give away Basketball ticket, I will take them and even wave to the fans...

Anonymous said...

Check out this link for a tutorial on how to properly run a blog on a newspaper site.

mike_kovak said...

I've read Joe's blog. As always, he does a solid job.

And, as always, I have no desire for my blog to be like his. If all blogs were the same, what point would there be of maintaining them?

Anonymous said...

Joe's blog stinks. Man, is there anyone other than the 20 wrestling freaks in the county that go to it and post? At least Kovak's has some diversity, and up to date postings.
I'd rather watch paint dry than read Tuscano's drivel. He should just have a love-affair-blog devoted to Canon Mac and Wash High...