Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

The Varsity Letters wishes all, even those still harboring grudges from football season, a safe and successful 2008.

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Anonymous said...

As for New Years Grudges, one major one comes to mind.

Ringgold QB Jordan Fowler garnered more recognition that any QB in recent Ringgold history, including:
OR-Elite 11
Post Gazette Fab 22
All conference 1st Team
(Coaches Selection)
All Conference 1st Team
(Post Gazette)

Despite of this, Fowler went unrecognized by the coaching staff of Ringgold High School at the end of season banquet held last Sunday.

After being invited by the RHS Football boosters, Fowler received a phone call from a concerned booster asking him NOT to attend, as Ringgold Jeff Petrucci had no intentions on recognizing him if he were to show up. Petrucci was also quoted as saying "any member of the coaching staff who speaks on Fowler's behalf will be fired!"

It can only be assumed that this all stems from the Rams playoff game against Montour where Fowler and Petrucci exchanged words, albeit harsh fowl language, because Fowler was not being played, even when the Rams were down 28-14 in the 3rd quarter.

Fowler had been injured in the final season game against Belle Vernon and missed 3 days of practice that week prior to Montour. Despite this, he endured rigourous PT and back injections during the week and was ready to go come game time, only to not get an opportunity to play in his final game in a Ringgold uniform.

After the game, Fowler dealt with his actions (fowl language) like a man and wrote a heart-felt letter of apology, but this apparently was not enough.

For a kid who had been previously been called "quiet, unassuming and very coachable," by the same coach, one would only think that a formal letter of apology would suffice for any displays of anger. Particularly from an honor roll student / senior Captain with no prior history of discipline problems........

This was apparently NOT the case for Ringgold's Jeff Petrucci.....

It should also be stated that Fowler NEVER formally quit the Ringgold Team. At the Montour game after the above altercation, Petrucci asked a Montour police officer to escort Fowler off the field. Interestingly enough, the police officer in question replied "For what? You player has done nothing wrong."

It has been said that "the person who has never made a mistake has never made anything" and I think there is some significant truth to this statement........perhaps this is the reason why Jeff Petrucci is at Ringgold HS.........