Thursday, January 31, 2008

Incredibly encouraging

Something kept me from believing in the Canon-McMillan boys basketball team, even after wins against McKeesport, Moon and Peters Township.

Maybe McKeesport, whose only loss is to C-M, just played a bad game or overlooked the Big Macs.

Maybe Canon-McMillan played the game of its life against Moon.

And, I covered the game against Peters Township, it was not a pretty sight.

I kept saying, "We'll see what happens when they play Upper St. Clair. I think it's a mental thing. The only thing Canon-Mac can beat them in is wrestling."

Once again, I am wrong.

The Big Macs made believers out of me with their win over Upper St. Clair Wednesday night. It's the kind of victory, as the playoffs near, that can prove vital to postseason success. Beating the team that's been unbeatable to C-M for years, has to be a massive mental boost.

All that stands in the way of C-M's first section championship in boys basketball since 1973 is a tough game Friday at Peters Township, who'd like nothing better than to keep the Big Macs from claiming the title outright or sharing it with Moon.

Kudos to the Big Macs players, Coach Rick Bell and his staff. Now, I expect C-M to contend for a WPIAL championship.

No pressure though.


Anonymous said...

You are right, CM was lucky enough to catch Mckeepsort on a bad night.
Against Moon, CM luckily played the game of their lives.
Against Peters, CM was lucky enough to hold Peters to 5 first half points.
Against USC, CM was lucky enough to win despite having a starter out with the flu.
CM’s luck strikes again to have won 13 out of their last 14 games.
Just plain old luck.

mike_kovak said...

Wow, you totally did not get my point whatsoever.

I was admitting my skepticism about the C-M boys team because they've never been there before.

Then, I go on to say the Big Macs have now made believers out of me, which is what the win over USC did.

Anonymous said...

A funny thing happened on the way to that section championship, THEY LOST! I've got news for Ricky Bell, this was his year, he's losing all of those seniors and this was his chance to win a section. In a couple of weeks CM hoops will go back to where they belong, rooting for the wrestling team.

Anonymous said...

Oh so now it's Rick Bell's turned to be bashed. Kids are kids. Any team can be upended at any given time. At least Bell gets into the game and shows emotion. These kids thrive on this. It's their time not his. No disrespect to CM wrestling, but News Flash, CM basketball will be playing post season. Pretty bad for a CM fan not to realize that. Hey, just let the coach do his job and the kids play their game. Good luck CM.