Thursday, January 17, 2008

Petrucci remains at Ringgold

Jeff Petrucci was appointed head of football operations Wednesday night at the Ringgold School Board meeting.

Petrucci, who has drawn criticism from several Ringgold fans on this site, will make $10,648.20. He replaced Steve Campos before the start of the 2007 season and Ringgold finished 4-6 overall, 4-2 in the Keystone Conference and lost to eventual WPIAL finalist Montour in the first round of the WPIAL Class AAA playoffs.


Can'tTakeItAnymore said...
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can'ttakeitanymore said...

There is a teacher at the high school who was "held back" when he was in 2nd grade. Sorry for the english mistake Mike but give me a break, I did go to Ringgold myself.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to sling mud. Maybe the more dignified thing to do is to put the For Sale sign up without all the trash talking, move and hopefully the promise land will be within your reach.

mike_kovak said...

All I can say is 'Wow!'

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I enjoy that people like to express strong opinions here.

That said, I do not believe Ringgold is the laughing stock of the WPIAL. While it is far from the powerhouse of 10-15 years ago, there are many schools whose athletic programs are in worse shape.

As for Lloyd Price, he's done everything we've asked of him to date, so I have no complaints.

Mathematician said...

Correct me if I am wrong here but the last player from Rinngold to move on to a division 1 program was Jamont Kinds in '95 to Syracuse. Before that, Greg Lomax in '94 to Akron. Before that, Rick Smith in '93 to Temple(if Temple counts), before that Brian Miller in'92 to Penn State and so on, Ramont Small to Akron, Anthony Peterson to Notre Dame, etc. What happened after 1995? Chuck Colburn, Scott Venick, Russ Moore, Steve Campos, and now Jeff Petrucci. What an impressive list of coaches who have produced zero D1 recruits. I am a numbers guy and I can tell you that for 13 years our gene pool at Ringgold could not have fallen off the face of the earth. Ringgold's athletic program went to Bethel Park with Paul Zolak. Also, Although I do not agree with everything in the previous post, I too know the teacher who failed but I believe it was first grade not second. Must of kept trying to jam the square peg in the round hole!

MondayMorningQB said...

Hey Mike, I haven't been around in a while but I'm glad I stopped by today. The MMQB has been working hard scouting talent for the upcoming draft in April so I have been quite busy. Quickly, Todd James earned a scholarship to WVU in 1999 but he was a punter/kicker and his parents were far more instrumental at getting him that scholarship than Colburn ever was due to their proactive approach at exposing him during summer camps. With that said, I have to agree with the mathematician in that the lack of athletic scholarships is directly responsible to poor choices at the coaching position. The recruiting process is all about exposure, exposure, and more exposure. The worst thing Ringgold ever did was run Joe Ravasio out of the football program. He may not have won multiple championships or had the best win/loss record but he cared more about those kids than anyone who ever stepped foot on Ringgold grounds. He was very proactive at exposing his kids and trying to get every single player into some sort of college or university. Lomax and Kinds actually played for Colburn but benefited from the carry over effect that Ravasio left on the program. Joe may not have put everyone at a major Division One program but he tried to find a place for everyone and he changed the lives of so many young men who are still reaping the benefits today. Then, Ringgold did the same thing to Phil Pergola, head basketball coach, who did win a state title, who was the only WPIAL coach to have two seperate teams in the state title game over a 10 year span, and who also cared greatly about the kids. So just look at what has happened to those two programs since Joe and Phil left. A steady decline in participation, far fewer wins, and a drastic reduction in athletic scholarships. And Mike, Ringgold IS one of the laughing stocks of the WPIAL because when you have fallen so far that you have a losing record in the Keystone Conference playing the likes of Mt. Pleasant, Albert Gallatin, Laurel Highlands, etc... and again you lose more games than you win, how can that be any bit respectable? I remember the days when Ringgold would beat Upper St. Clair, Mt. Lebanon, and various other Quad A opponents and now they are an embarassment to their storied history! Ringgold figured that by buying a big billboard of Joe Montana and renaming the stadium after him it would restore their tradition... instead they should have brought back Joe Ravsio!

rrfan said...

"Rick Smith in '93 to Temple(if Temple counts)"

Poor Rick, he never gets a break. If his shoulder wasn't torn up in high school he would have went somewhere else. I was at Ringgold then, he was offered by just about everyone as an invited walk-on, to see if it would hold up. He signed with Temple on a full ride. He chose them over some MAC schools and some teams down south because he wanted to play in the Big East.

He started some games as a sophomore then after his third surgery he hung it up and started coaching.

He is the only coach on that Ringgold staff right now that genuinely cares about Ringgold and those kids and isn't just picking up a paycheck or padding his retirement. Go ask any parent of any player on that team and they will tell you the same thing. That coaching staff is made up of a lot of clueless individuals that cannot relate to the kids and just flat out don't know what they are doing, he's not one of them.

Is the teacher that was held back in second grade a relation of his??

I can't believe they are paying Petrucci that much money, obviously the people who made that decision didn't go to any games last year. What a mess. He's getting almost $3,000 per win, or $2,000 per loss (when you add money coaches get paid for off-season work).

If you ask him where kids are going to college from last years senior class he'll probably tell you he doesn't know.

Don't get me started about the 23 year old "yes man" athletic director.

And I agree, running Ravasio and Pergola out of here killed this athletic department. The 6 guys that have come after Ravasio have run this program into the mud and the basketball team is just as bad since Coach Pergola left.

Anonymous said...

I have graduated from ringgold and find their situation quite laughable as well. Their "yes man" Athletic Director, Loyd Price is an absolute joke. He did not earn the position but rather had some good friends to know on the school board. He is a very unknowledgeable kid who had some friends in the right places. Has anyone taken notice of his hiring of Dan O'rourke for the head baseball position. Dan is Loyd's best friend, they graduated from ringgold together. Last time I checked the baseball teams record was 4 - 11. Great hire Mr. AD. I am unaware of the teacher who was "held back" in elementary school. I do know of a student who was in special education during their high school years and is now a teacher at MEC.

Anonymous said...

I should have known this was a blog about Ringgold blog by all the complaining. Lets take a logical look at what we are talking about here today folks.

First off I highly doubt Jeff Petrucci is ruining anyones life. That job was done by your parenting skills. That if you werent to busy drinking at the local bar.

Paying someone 10k is not going to change the school system. What is that going to buy 20 new computers or 50 new math books. $10,000 is not going to improve a school system.

As far as getting all volunteer coaches that sounds like a bright idea. Then we will have coaches who just got out of prison who have nothing better to do coaching our kids. That was not a very intelligent solution to the problem. Did you really even think that was a good idea??? I hope that was a joke.

Now on to the Athletic Director. LLoyd Price was the best candidate that applied in my opinion. Ringgold is lucky to have someone who works as hard as Lloyd.

The comment about him only getting the job because he knew people is just crazy. What has Lloyd done wrong to deserve any of these comments. I am guessing the school board would never hire you for any positions based off your lack of intelligence. Thank god whoever posted these comments is not the A.D. Ringgond would have felons in charge of the football team.

If you dont think there is politics in Peters then you have another thing coming. Last time I checked the only sport Peters Township was CONSISTENTLY doing well in was soccer.

There are many factors for the numbers being down. The main factor I believe is that parents are just letting their kids sit at home and do nothing. We could bring Chuck Noll to coach the Rams and the numbers wouldnt improve.

The last comment about Dan O'rourke is just as absurd. The guy he replaced had what one winning season. Its not like he replaced Joe Torre here guys.

I think he has done an excellent job motivating the kids and turning the program around. One season does not determine his success or failure. Even if he is friends with Lloyd the school board had to approve his hire. Bottom line is he was the best man for the job end of story. Why wouldnt you want a Ringgold alum coaching who was a former Division 1 baseball player. I know why because your jealous.

Lastly about the teacher who failed 2nd grade. Last time I checked people change and mature quite a bit after 2nd grade.

It is far easier to complain then to do something about it and make it a better situation for everyone. Please dont make comments about Lloyd or Dan and try to embarass them. They are too of the finest young men in our area. If anything we should show them the most support.

If you want to move to Peters Township please go ahead. The people from Ringgold may even help you move there. If your not going to help your only holding us back. I dont think anything would change no matter where you would move, because you would find something to complain about.

Best of luck Dan and Lloyd I think you are doing an amazing job.

Let's go Rams!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of bashing in here. I graduated (somehow) in 1985 and from what I remember the football program along with many other programs was pretty outstanding. Now I read that the coaches get paid 10-15k, is that right? If that is the case then how do you expect to get any better coaches? I don't know the current coach nor do I care what he gets paid (or she) but 10k, come on, you can make more at walmart. And BTW, being held back and failing are two wayyyyyy different things. You fail for performance but you get held back a year mainly due to birthdays, as in my case my B day is late November so I started a year later than most.

Neal Zalagens (Dallas TX)

Anonymous said...

Ok, i read all this stuff online here and it really makes me angry. First off I play Ringgold Football and Coach Petruci is a very good coach. I've played for Steve Campos, and lets just say the only good thing he did was bring Petruci in. Campos never cared about us, in fact he was drinking in a bar before our game before pine-richland. Coach Petruci really pushes us and has made alot of us much better football players, maybe thats why were doing well this season as of now. News flash, WE BEAT PETERS so good luck moving their. Not only that but we were one of the few schools running 3 a days at camp. Maybe our school district isan't so good with the books, i can agree with that statement. Although PSSA scores were excellent last year. About Llyod Price, thats a steal if you ask me, why put a old lazy man in their asking for tons of money when you can have a sufficient and hard working man like him? its a no brainer. For impatient and clueless people hating on ringgold athleticly, in most sports were on the rise to become a powerhouse again. Like Boys soccer, Football, Girls Basketball, and many other sports. Im not proud of my school district, but it sure beats going to Peters, who fails at athletics as a whole. All in all, ringgold picking up One of the best, if not best coach in W.P.I.A.L good job, and Llyod price, an over qualified man if you ask me, big ups to you RAMS. O ya before i forget, Coach Rick is the Man.

Anonymous said...

Mike can u delete the first comment by can take it anymore. They are clearly trying to damage Lloyds career. He never attended such a place and it is uncalled for that to be said. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


What was Ringgold's record in 1985 and who was the coach?


Anonymous said...

I am a ringgold graduate. Some of you are right, coaches dont care. My senior year Rick Smith helped me get recruited more WHILE HE WAS COACHING AT EF. He did far more than any of the coaches at ringgold did. I talk to kids who graduated a year or two years before me and always remind me how we got screwed over. Rick Smith should have been head coach in 2009, but instead the school board refused and let the program get run straight into the ground