Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Updated totals

E-mailed California High School football coach Joe Kuhns today to get an exact total on Donte Valentino's career rushing numbers. Turns out Valentino entered his senior year with 3,073 yards.

After Saturday's 210-yard performance, Valentino now has 3,283 yards, putting him 717 yards from 4,000. Valentino needs 843 yards to break Nathan Peters' school record of 4,125 yards established in 1996. And, if Valentino remains healthy and gets to 4,000, he'll be the first back from the Washington-Greene region to do so since Waynesburg's Lanfer Simpson in 2000.

Simpson, who rushed for 4,010 career yards, is one of the few fullbacks on the WPIAL's all-time rushing list.

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Anonymous said...

Valentino had another 210 yard performance against leechburgh in week 2. He is now only about 500 yards away from 4000. He should blow nathan peters record out the water.