Friday, April 13, 2012

The Week (or last two weeks) in Twitter

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Joe Silko, @Silk2Smoove
April 13
"Come on Bucs, this is getting embarrassing"

Quad Law, @TheRealQuad_Law
April 13
"everyone take your last breath, drink your last drink, eat your last meal! Clairton jus won a baseball game!!!!🎉🎁🎉🎁"

Jaylin Kelly, @j_kelly21
April 13
"Some little girl asked for my autograph... Im glad someone appreciates me ha"

Josh Wise, @jlwise_whs11
April 13
"Wow first observer then pittsburgh post damn stay cheating me out of awards how ppl make it who I had better numbers than?"

Marques Parks, @marques_j_parks
April 2
"Folks this is what we call a #saltyOSUfan RT @adam8hatton: Baseball Tonight > National Championship"

Stephen McCaw, @BucktownHero
April 11
"No I don't want to lose weight fast or hear bad rumors about me. #spam #fixyourtwitter"

Doug Wilson, @dougie_fresh055
April 12
"I think I've decided where I wanna play college bball next year. Don't ask where,not saying until I tell the coach first."

Joe Phillips, @JCPhillips2012
April 11
"@TheMikeKovak I see some articles about wash high runners, where's the throwers articles? #norespect haha"

(Blogger's note: Track coverage will increase drastically with the invitational season beginning.)

Corey Garry, @coreygarry
April 13
"You couldn't beat dust out of a rug! #Sawisms"

Jason Van Kirk, @VanKirk13
April 11
"As much as I love my letterman jacket I'm ticked that I am wearing it in April. #snow"

Joe Graziani, @JoeGrizz52
April 10
"Chocolate Milk. #loveinaglass"

John Laschinsky, @John12Las
April 12
"just drove past cameron stadium and the #presidents were out there practicing. college football is so close. #cantwait"

Tom Nettles, @TomNettles
April 9
"Late evening putting session. No days off"

Anna Cree, @annnnaaa_
April 2
"3rd team all district for basketball.. I'll care when I make first hahahha"

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