Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trinity coaching update II

One day the next head football coach at Trinity High School is slated to be Mike Wall, a former Hillers quarterback who played football at the University of Tulsa and coaches in Texas.

The next, Washington head coach Mike Bosnic is the frontrunner.

On the next day, it's Niel Loebig, the former South Fayette quarterback who played and coached at Duquesne University and is currently coaching in Florida.

Joe Kuhns, Derek Bochna, Ron Skiles and a few others have all been linked to the Trinity coaching search at one point or another. Hillers assistant coach and former Washington High School head coach Bill Britton applied for the opening. Peters Township head coach Rich Piccinini also expressed interest.

Like coaching searches at the college level, Trinity's situation has been a fluid one, but it's also a search that appears to have reached a conclusion.

After weeks of interviews and rumors, multiple sources have confirmed Trinity is set to hire Ryan Coyle as its football coach. All the move needs is official approval from the Trinity School Board.

Coyle worked as an assistant at Mt. Lebanon. Long-time Blue Devils head coach Chris Haering recently left Mt. Lebanon to join Paul Chryst's coaching staff at Pitt. Coyle also was an assistant at Shaler, where he worked for Neil Gordon.

While I don't know much about Coyle at this point, here is what I do know about the coaching search:

  • The job was Bosnic's to lose. There are many aspects of Trinity's job which makes it attractive to locals as well as outsiders. In the end, Bosnic preferred staying at Washington.
  • Loebig and Wall were serious candidates.
  • Loebig once worked as offensive coordinator at Duquesne University, where he holds several passing records. He spent the 2011 season working as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at Lely High School in Naples, Fla.
  • Despite a job as an offensive assistant for Georgetown High in Texas, Wall expressed serious interest in the position. One source said Wall was also offered coaching position after Bosnic removed himself as a candidate. Wall, however, was not offered the job despite his interest and willingness to move his family from Texas to Washington.


Anonymous said...

your "sources" aren't very good...first you had britton a finalist, now you have the job offered to bosnic. britton didn't get a first interview and bosnic didn't get a second. bosnic was never offered the job. he was allowed to re-activate his candidacy after originally pulling his name from consideration after submitting application but before the first interviews.

R. Keith Taylor said...

The Chinese fire drill of coaching searches.

mike_kovak said...

Where did I mention Britton as a finalist? What I did mention was Britton was not interviewed (first update) and that he applied (latest update).