Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Charleroi's all-time team

WPIAL soccer was in its infancy, and played during the spring, back in 1963. Charleroi was one of the district's original programs.

The 2012 season marks the 50th in Cougars history, and to commemorate one of the WPIAL's oldest programs, the school had compiled a half-century team (a story on the team will appear in the Observer-Reporter at a later date).

The selection committee was comprised of former Charleroi coaches and headed by current coach Tom Villella. Plans to honor the All Half-Century Team are in progress with a selected date of Sept. 8.

Members of the team are:
Mike Borelli, forward, 1965;
Joe Bosley, midfielder, 1994;
Chuck Bruce, goalie, 1988;
Keith Conte, defender, 1982;
Lewis DiBernardi, forward, 1972;
Josh Gray, forward, 1996;
Jack Jacobs, forward, 1967;
Dennis Laskey, midfielder, 1968;
Darrin Lupori, forward, 1988;
Ron Lupori, forward, 1984;
Rob Maglicic, forward, 2000;
Cal Montgomery, forward, 1996;
Luke Paglia, midfielder, 1989;
Robin Rossi, forward, 1972;
Chad Roule, forward, 1994;
Vince Russell, forward, 1991;
Jeff Soles, midfielder, 1994;
George Watkins, goalie, 1991.

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