Friday, March 16, 2012

The Week in Twitter

Random tweetsVince Gasbarro, @VgGiovanni
March 16
"I feel like an old man already... In my down time I enjoy sitting in my rocking chair on the porch with a chew in listening to country #wtf"

Charlie Batch (@CharlieBatch16) to Chavas  Rawlins (@SiiiTrey)
March 16
"@SiiiTrey I'm working on my game now. I'm ready to play. I'll spot you 6 going to 10. Lol"
--in response to --
Chavas Rawlins (@SiiiTrey) to Charlie Batch (@CharlieBatch16)
"@CharlieBatch16 lol how about I spot you 6 going to 10 old man!! Lol"

Andrew Sweat, @asweat42
March 16
"Linebacker drills completed on the beach now my fav breakfast at the light house cafe"

Tara Konopka, @tarakonopka
March 12
"#ToMyUnbornChild you better like pickles as much as me bc that will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner #picklejuiceinyourbottletoo

Rachel Tucker, @tucko8
March 11
"Mom knows I went to Hershey yesterday. Haha. #busted 😊😳"

Ryan Dupain, @RyanDupain
March 9
"@coreygarry So happy for you, man. Congrats on a rad season. Looking forward to hearing about you at RMU."

Joe Graziani, @JoeGrizz52
March 15
"I will make it my goal to text and tweet in every class tomorrow. #eniorswag #SMD"

Brian Kretz, @SoftKretzel
March 10
"Just saw a lady tell her infant child who is in a stroller that she is "trippin" and she was gonna "take her ugly ass home." #modernfamily"

Tweets from or about the Fort Cherry girls basketball team
Kelly Slates, @Kslates10
March 14
"Damn straight! Lady Rangers Saturday against north catholic! #LETSGO! #revenge"

Carolena Gasbarro, @cmgcare42
March 14
""A dream doesn't become a reality through magic ; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." ~Colin Powell #AllThingsLadyRangersHave"

Corey Garry, @coreygarry (it's trademarked)
March 14
"Keep your foot on the pedal gals! #FCPride #WhatTheHellisAGuilfoyle #RedGrayAndWhite #FCLRHoops"

Margo Darragh, @MargoDarragh
March 14
"Jessie just blocked a 6'1" girl. No mercy. #straightboss"

NCAA Tournament tweets
Joe Silko, @Silk2Smoove
March 15
"Sitting in this class right now goes against everything I believe in #sunshine #basketball"

Zach Challingsworth, @ZChally10
March 15
"@jlwise_whs11 yeah they were nice, and for sure. The refs gave it to Syracuse. I was sitting in unc section, they were so hype lol"

Tyler Schrader, @Tyler_Schrader
March 14
"Cal's performance against USF, just shows how truly horrible the Pac-12 is"

Doug Wilson, @dougie_fresh055
March 15
"I hope WVU loses by 100"

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