Friday, March 23, 2012

This Week in Twitter

Lots of topics this week - Canon-McMillan vs. Peters Township hockey, the start of spring sports season, Tim Tebow traded, Hines Ward retiring and the NCAA Tournament.

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Nick Harrison, @HarrisonN24
March 21
"Thanks to all the fans for supporting us all season. Best fans in high school hockey. We had a great season boys #keepyourheadsup #family"

Jeremy Merich, @JEMmerich007
"First&Last lost of the year. Period."

David Williams, @DWilliams_5
March 22
"When everything's on the line that's when you learn the most about yourself #inspired"

Anna Lombardo, @anna_lombardo
March 22
"Watching a peters township dance group dance for nationals on espn. That's pretty sweet."

Shai McKenzie, @Shai2fly
March 20
"Letter From Rutgers! Not the school i perfer but it's D1 can't sweat it. #Football"

Nick Riotto, @NRiotto
March 22
"Best thing about being home alone: walking around naked knowing those who are reading this tweet are trying to sneak a peek."

Ryan Dupain, @RyanDupain
March 20
"I am speechless. #TheArcticMonkeys and #TheBlackKeys in Cleveland. The Keys brought the place down. Unreal.

Michael Yancich, @Ymike33
March 20
"Wow..Did not see that speed bump coming...think I may have cracked my sunroof window with my head.."

Demetrius Louis, @iBakesuttin_9
March 23
"Damn i need to clean my room"

Joe Graziani, @JoeGrizz52
March 19
"Monday's are so much better when you come in at 10. #BigManSwaGG"

Darius Spinks, @DSpinks23
March 23
"Since plans got ruined for tommrow I might just go get a tatto"

Tweet of the Week
Carolena Gasbarro, @cmgcare42
March 17
"Heard you at halftime momma sorry we didn't get the win #missingyou"

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