Friday, March 30, 2012

This Week in Twitter

Alex Swauger, @swaugyMarch 29
"Found my first ever gray hair. Dedicating it to @cswag8 cause he's a gray hair connoisseur. #plucked #touchofgray"

Anna Cree, @annnnaaa_
March 28
"Briggs has already called me pointdexter 4 times today and it's only 3rd period >"

Cole Snyder, @mmmm_yessss
March 24
"Getting so close and watching it twice in a row is the worst part. Love all my teammates. Love all peters hockey. love all the fans."

Carolena Gasbarro, @cmgcare42
March 27
"4X8, shot, and high jump today with only two practices in and I only practiced high jump #IMightDie"

Brent Williams, @Bweezy_13
March 30
"I love when my dad always sends me a good luck text on gamedays."

Mark Tagliaferro, @MarkTag
March 30
"Just found an opened bag of Oreos under my bed...I haven't eaten Oreos in over a year"

Justice Rawlins, @22IsBack_Jraw
March 28
"Feeling like a scrub coming to games just to videotape"

Dustin Fuller, @fullerd10
March 28
"Wow I'm studdering all the hurdles after the last turn and still run 39??? Definitely running a 37 or 38!!! #beprepared"

Corey Garry, @coreygarry
March 29
"Swag on deck, if you need it I be overstocked"

In honor of Anchorman 2:
Ron Burgundy, @ItsRonBurgundy
"Good morning San Diego. I'm back!!"

"Here's an interesting fact you didn't know about St. Patrick... He invented the triangle. You're welcome."

"Will Baxter speak French? Possibly Turkish? Stay tuned."

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