Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WPIAL Class A playoffs preview

Top seeds: 1. Clairton (9-0), 2. Sto-Rox (9-0), 3. Bishop Canevin (9-0), 4. Rochester (8-1)
Defending champion: Clairton
Best first-round game: No. 11 Fort Cherry at No. 6 Beth-Center
Sleeper: Winner of Fort Cherry/Beth-Center game
Players to watch: Sal Faieta (Beth-Center) pictured, Jake Sofran (Beth-Center), Tanner Garry (Fort Cherry), Ryan Babirad (Fort Cherry), Daniel Lis (Chartiers-Houston), Javone Hairston (Chartiers-Houston), Chavas Rawlins (Monessen), Jalen Madison (Monessen), T.D. Conway (California), Skyler Dickinson (California), Jon Girvin (Northgate), Rock Vargo (Frazier), Lenny Williams (Sto-Rox), Deaysean Rippy (Sto-Rox), Mike Giampole (Avonworth), Capri Thompson (Clairton), Tyler Boyd (Clairton), DeAndre Moon (Rochester)
Noteworthy: Strange as it sounds, the Fort Cherry at Beth-Center game would be better served played on turf. Both teams run multiple formations on offense and an artificial surface would suit the skill players. B-C coach Ed Woods said there was no chance of getting a change in venue.
Fort Cherry debuted a single-wing formation against Chartiers-Houston, and it worked to near perfection. The Rangers really found ways to include Koltan Kobrys in the offense.
Beth-Center features an advantageous defense, but the Bulldogs score points in bunches. Their 412 points tops all local teams.
California enters the playoffs with a 7-2 record and four-straight wins. The Trojans have allowed 14 points the past four games and notched back-to-back shutouts of Jefferson-Morgan and Frazier.
Chartiers-Houston and Monessen each enter the playoffs with identical 6-3 records and look to shake off disappointing performances to end the regular season. The Bucs were stymied at home by Fort Cherry, while the Greyhounds lost at Frazier.
Quotable: "There's a lot of similarities with us and Fort Cherry. We know each other pretty well, especially with us being in the Black Hills Conference before," B-C coach Ed Woods said. "Tim (Garry) and I know each other well and this game is great for both schools. We're looking forward to Fort Cherry coming to our place."
Championship: Clairton over Sto-Rox


R. Keith Taylor said...

I don't care much for A football, but I really like the Fort Cherry v Beth Center match up. Kinda local for FC, so it would appear a large crowd will be drawn.

Anonymous said...

You don't care much for A football? Like it is a inferior sport to other classifications?? News flash, Mr. R. Keith Taylor, bring your beloved "AAA" team to Clairton and see if you care then.

Anonymous said...

how is that local thats like an hour drive for fc

prexie said...

there is alot of good talent and great games in A football. like i said before clairton would be the best team in double AA, but there was some scout that didnt see that. i dont know what some of these local scouts are looking for or looking at. fort cherry and beth center will be a good game, and they have alot of talent on both teams. good luck to all local teams.good luck to ringold keith, they have a good team. watching the sprints at the county coaches will be fun this year.

R. Keith Taylor said...

So often I find myself squabbling with the likes of Clairton folk over trivial issues. This being a case where I was not even talking about Clairton. Keep on pounding the likes of Bentworth et al., and not playing a meaningful game until November. When I coached the 7th graders at Ringgold one year, we went 23-0, so when I took them to 8th grade I played them in a different division. We did not go undefeated, but we certainly improved more than the year before. I digress... I don't see "Da Bears" running up to a good AAA team and getting a win, I really don't. I don't like watching single A football, because, honestly, I believe (and don't care what you think anon [emphasis on anon]) A football is not at the AAA or AAAA level. It really comes down to a depth issue. Also, these great Clairton players going places, but not becoming all-time greats. You have to take with a grain of salt the success of Clairton, because you really don't know how good the team is until the WPIAL semi-finals. You seem like a rational person, so lighten up, and enjoy your Clairton Bears in A and I will enjoy my Rinngold Rams in AAA.

Anonymous said...

Keith...Clairton is looking for a scrimmage next season and a week 1 game. Would Ringgold be interested in any of those? A LOT of AA and AAA teams have turned Clairton down over the last few years...

R. Keith Taylor said...

I think you will have to call Ringgold's Athletic director, Ron McMichael.

juelz_06macmvp said...

yea allot teams been turning down clairton for scrimmage but dey been turning down sto for the past two years, after sto da previous 3 pounded em in those scrimmages. cant wait til my sto boys play em down heinz goin to b a huge upset n everyone else mind tho not ours. last time sto playd clairton n a game we won by 21. mark my words sto DEF winning the chip this year...mac mvp!