Sunday, November 6, 2011

Conference breakdown

The first round of the WPIAL playoffs proved the conferences believed to be superior are superior.

The won-loss records for conferences.

Class AAAA
Northern Seven 3-1
Greater Southern 2-2
Foothills 2-2
Big East 1-3

Class AAA
Parkway 3-1
Keystone 2-2
Big Eight 2-2
Greater Allegheny 1-3

Class AA
Century 3-1
Midwestern 2-2
Interstate 2-2
Allegheny 1-3

Class A
Black Hills 3-1
Eastern 3-1
Big Seven 2-2
Tri-County South 0-4


Anonymous said...

The black hills had a very good showing and almost...and probably should have...went 4-0. I think they were and are a tougher conference than people gave them credit for. I believe if Carlynton was in any other conference they'd be a playoff team. As for the TCS...well...0-4 about sums it up...again.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more anon. I've been saying it since the beginning how stacked that conference is. Heck the number 2 team in the Eastern beat Beth-Center in OT on a late game comback, and the number 3 team in the black hills walked straight through Beth-Center. Respect to the Black Hills.

Anonymous said...

Keystone an OT away from going 3-1

R. Keith Taylor said...

This is not the place to post this, but I want to congratulate the Ringgold Ram's midget football team for winning the Mid Mon Valley Football Association championship today over Beth-Center by a score of 44-14. This is by no means any indication of future success, but they did it as a 4 seed.

Anonymous said...

Before this becomes a forum for bashing the TCS lets step back for a moment. I also agree that year in and year out the TCS is not as deep as the other single A conferences. With that said if my memory serves me correctly this black hills conference that everyone is all of a sudden placing on a pedastal only had one team (clariton) get through the first round last year. Just for sake of argument the TCS had two. This is a down year in the TCS and there is no way to dispute that but don't turn this into a bashing forum. Congratulations to all teams still playing!

Sarcastic Sword said... did you manage to be on the sideline vs Highlands?