Friday, November 18, 2011

Twitter Thursday on Friday afternoon

For Tyler Palko aficionados, Twitter provided some great #PalkoFacts the past week. Palko – the former West Allegheny and Pitt quarterback – will start for Kansas City this weekend against New England.

The following were a few of my favorite "Palko facts" on Twitter the past week.

"Kansas City had their hearts set on moving the #Pens there until they found out Tyler Palko was available."

"After Tyler Palko was born, he drove his mother home from the hospital."

"The Pirates announced a Tyler Palko bobblehead day."

"Joe Flacco didn't transfer to Delaware. That's where he landed when Tyler Palko threw him."

"Tyler Palko taught Attorney Edgar Snyder his pointing motion."

"Palko was playing for Long Beach State."

"BREAKING: Matt Cassell announces he intends to transfer."

"John Harbaugh once made Joe Flacco cry by threatening to sign Tyler Palko."

Now, on to some local tweets.

Andrew Erenberg, Peters Township football/Fordham recruit
Nov. 16
"Can rushel shell play basketball for Pitt too?"

Eric Ellis, Washington football
Nov. 11
"Ready for dem quips #letsbang"

Justice Rawlins, Monessen football
Nov. 17
"Basketball season for most but baseball season for this kid, well I'm gunna try"
Note: Rawlins suffered a season-ending knee injury during football season.

Joe Graziani, Canon-McMillan football
Nov. 15
"Peyton Hillis and Clay Mathews are the biggest white men I have ever seen."

Tanner Garry, Fort Cherry football
Nov. 13
"Next goal, Observer-Reporter player of the year. #ihope"

Trey Wingo, ESPN
Nov. 13
"Gene Steratore, just another hard working nose bleeding bicep building NFL referee"
Steratore is a Washington County resident

Tweet of the Week
Peters Township Soccer
Nov. 15
"Lady Indians must have a sweet tooth 'cause they're going back to Hershey! 1-0 PT! Terrific game, great win!"

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