Thursday, November 10, 2011

Twitter Thursday

Penn State football has dominated headlines. With all the local connections to the program, Twitter Thursday features tweets concerning the program.

Mike Yancich, Penn State linebacker/Trinity grad
Nov. 8
"In spite of all the recent events, my heart still swells with #pennstatepride. #WeStillAre Penn State."
Nov. 9
"So proud to say that I played for the best/winningest coach in college football history... #WeAre"
Nov. 9
"Watching Joe announce his retirement was pretty emotional..It's tough to see him go out like this.. #WeWillAlwaysBe Penn State."

Nick Riotto, Trinity baseball who recently committed to Penn State baseball
"#pennstate will be penn state in the end, one messed up guy cant ruin a place like #happyvalley"

Ryan Dupain, Burgettstown football
Nov. 8
"I can't find it in me to support Paterno. #IwishIcouldfindsomegoodinthis but there is none. It's absolutely ludicrous and disgusting."

Josh Wise, Washington football
Nov. 9
"Damn shame that penn state is losing the best thing to ever happen to the university! smh thank you joe pa for everything you've done!!!!"

Pat Zedreck, Clarion U basketball/South Fayette grad
Nov. 10
"I dont agree with all the allegations but after 61 years, don't u think the guy has earned at least 1 last home game to say goodbye?"

Doug Wilson, Canon-McMillan basketball
Nov. 10
"Don't feel bad for Joe paterno he's had his life, feel bad for the victims because they may never have one"

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Anonymous said...

These comments on Joe Pa are extremely mis guided. Everything that he did good is erased. He let a monster torcher kids and did nothing. Penn State should get the death penalty.

Joey Niklas said...

I can understand why JoePa was fired. As a Navy vet, I'll used some Navy references to prove why I think it was the right decision.

JoePa was the Captain of the Ship. Therefore he is responsible for what happens on his boat whether or not he passed the info on the his superiors. I totally understand he fulfilled his legal obligation, but this happened on his watch. And letting Sandusky still use the facilities after knowing this information in 2002 is def JoePa's fault.

Another analogy is look at politics. Whether or not its directly the Presidents fault, the President gets the blame. Same thing here. I can see how some call JoePa a scapegoat though.

As for the "death penalty" is concerned, no PSU football does not deserve that harsh of a penalty. Unless there are some uncovered NCAA violations come to light I don't see that happening. The Dept. of Education-on the other hand- may lay down some sanctions on the University for violating the Cleary Act.