Friday, November 20, 2009

Picking the Winners, WPIAL Semifinals

Missed on two WPIAL quarterfinals to up the overall postseason record to 38-10 (.792 win percentage).

Class AAAA
Gateway over North Hills, Woodland Hills over Bethel Park
Class AAA
Thomas Jefferson over West Allegheny, Hopewell over Hampton
Class AA
Aliquippa over Beaver Falls, Keystone Oaks over Greensburg Central Catholic
Class A
Rochester over North Catholic, Clairton over Laurel


Anonymous said...

Mike, several weeks ago I said McKeesport & Gateway were overrated and didn't play anyone. I also said that Woodland Hills & Bethel Park were the 2 best teams in AAAA. McKeesport got crushed by Gateway then lost to North Hills in the first round of the playoffs.......they were exposed as being overated. Last night's game between Woody High & BP showed once again they were the 2 best. Woody High & George Novak will beat Gateway & Terry Smith by at leat 7. The Gators haven't played anyone that hits as hard as Woodland Hills or can match their quickness, plus Novak is a better coach.

To the blogger that told me to go hunting or something and leave the ranking to him.......what happened to YOUR picks......LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Clairton 33
Laurel 0

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

just wondering...when do the all conference teams come out?

Cementhead said...

Conferences come out the third week of January.