Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why I never ran track

I wasn't the greatest student at my high school, but I was smart enough to not go out for the track team. And every time a day like Tuesday rolls around, I am sure it was the right choice.

More than a dozen track meets were held in weather - snow, rain, wind and cold - that I wouldn't want my dog to be in for long periods of time. Competing in weather such as yesterday's makes the competition a joke.

The wet weather made the jumping events dangerous, the soaked grounds affected throwing events, and even an all-weather track won't help your time in the runs when wind and snow are blowing in your face. Last week, an athlete competing in bad weather went to the hospital because he missed the landing area on a jump and suffered a concussion. It's surprising there haven't been more injuries.

If the weather doesn't matter, why not make the outdoor season year-round? Sound silly? Well, Tuesday's meets were held under the same type of weather conditions that existed for most of January.

Schools do a disservice to the sport and its athletes when it's allowed to be held under these weather conditions. Softball and baseball don't play games in this type of weather. Track events should not have to, either.

Joe Tuscano


Anonymous said...

I AGREE 100% with the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PrexieFan said...

I agree Joe! Although we did have a baseball game the day before in Burgettstown and the boys were playing in snow squalls, it was 38 degrees and to ask them to perform in that kind of weather in not too fair. How can you pitch, bat or throw when your hands are numb. Oh well I guess we'll never understand why people make the decisions they do...Come on warm weather!!

VCTMbrian said...

The conditions are the same for everyone. Play on.

Anonymous said...

We had an away meet scheduled and I asked my AD to tell them we wouldn't be coming. We could re-schedule or score them next week if they wouldn't cancel. So we stayed warm, worked out in the weightroom and gym, and had a great workout. Track season's about May, not a section meet in the snow in April because an AD or coach is too idiotic to cancel