Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No-hit streak ends

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) — A Florida high school pitcher came up short in his bid to throw a fifth straight no-hit game.
Mitchell High School ace Patrick Schuster had put together a string of four no-hitters going into Tuesday’s district tournament game.
With a horde of media and large crowd watching at a high school field in Clearwater, the lanky left-hander gave up a double in the third inning to Gaither High’s Drew Dotey, ending the streak.
The national record for consecutive no-hitters by a high school pitcher is six. Schuster captured the state of Florida record when he turned in his fourth straight last week at his home field in New Port Richey, northwest of Tampa.


Anonymous said...

What was the result of the game? Did he only give up 1 hit?

Kevin Jacobsen said...

Actually he ended up allowing five runs on three hits with five strikeouts in five innings. He walked five and hit three batters. Mitchell lost, 9-4.

Anonymous said...

now im not saying this is not incredible but wonder how good of teams he faced during his streak cause this game was the first round of playoffs and he got rocked around pretty well?

Anonymous said...

its florida most teams down there play year round... the teams couldnt have been that bad... if you watched the game, even tho he didnt do that well he still was nasty