Tuesday, April 21, 2009

High school pitcher pitches four straight no-hitters

Simply astounding.

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (AP) — A Florida high school pitcher tossed his fourth consecutive no-hitter.
Mitchell High senior Patrick Schuster did it Monday night on his home field at the suburban school northwest of Tampa.
The lanky left-hander struck out 17 to help his team beat rival Pasco High 5-0 in front of a full house of several hundred spectators.
“I never thought this would happen,” he said. “I’m just having so much right now.”
Schuster’s streak began April 3. He’s piled up 60 strikeouts in the four games, helping Mitchell to a 19-3 record. He’s 7-0 on the season.
He said he was trying not to think about the streak, but late in the game he asked his outfielders to take a few steps because he didn’t want to give up a bloop hit.
Mitchell coach Scot Wilcox called the performance “vintage Schuster.”
“I’ll tell you what, he’s got command of every single pitch,” Wilcox said. “His curve ball, his slider, his change-up, he was just spotting it nicely. He was keeping their hitters off balance.”
Schuster said the streak has been harder on his mother, Sharon, than it’s been on him.
“I’ve got the confidence, and she’s over there biting her nails and stuff,” he said. “I’m having fun with it and she’s nervous. She’s probably going to make me cry as soon as I see her.”
Schuster, whose fastball tops 90 mph, has signed to play at the University of Florida next year but hasn’t ruled out going straight to professional baseball.
The record for consecutive no-hitters in high school baseball is six.


Anonymous said...

weak sauce

Bigs said...

just like tower a, i'd do yardwork off this kid(this is a joke just saying it before some crazy irrational parent jumps all over this)

Anonymous said...

That's very impressive...

Anonymous said...

He is no Tyler Shrader

Anonymous said...

What's Shrader's ERA????

Anonymous said...

is he in the CM farm system?

Anonymous said...

Listen to who ever things this Tyler Schrader kid is amazing.
- he is a good pitcher and throws decent and brings it about 85..nothing special at all. So lets not kid ourselves here, if he was something that great he would be a highlight and people all would want to see him and he is not and they don't.
-This kid throwing 4 no hitters is pretty impressive no doubt and Tyler Schrader hasn't nor would/will ever come close to even touching that. This pitcher will probably be drafted if not have a pretty good D1 school looking at him. And again Tyler Schrader has nothing like that or we would all know.. right?
- So until this Schrader kid does something that impressive (not including the 15 K's against a team that is basically a jv team which is the word out there)there is no need to give this kid that much credit.

Anonymous said...

hear we go talking about a high school kid. Mike it is my suggestion to nip this in the bud. I'm worried someone will write something they shouldn't.

mike_kovak said...

"there is no need to give this kid that much credit."

There is also no need to discredit what he has accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Schraeder, Frey, and Bukowski are all very good pitchers at this level. Let's see how they develop and what they ultimately become at the next level before we write the book on them.

Trinity needs to get refocused after losing to a very weak West Mifflin team.

CDR said...

all i gotta say is that theres a kid from peters that is an absolute stud. i think his name is big max. tall skinny pitcher with a fastball in the mid 70s, and...well thats about it but hes really good.

Nomad said...

it's gotta be a rush and at the same time a major distraction to throw so many no-hitters in a row