Friday, October 3, 2008

What to watch, Clairton at Chartiers-Houston

The Varsity Letter research department attempted to find the last time it attended a football game between two undefeated teams this late in the season. The results are surprising.

According to the research, when Washington played at Waynesburg in the 2000 regular season finals, it marked the last occurrence.

Tonight, Clairton (3-0, 5-0) and Chartiers-Houston (3-0, 5-0) play for first place in the Class A Black Hills Conference.

The Bears are the WPIAL's highest scoring team. Chartiers-Houston ranks second to Clairton in points scored in the classification. For the Bucs to win, they must avoid a shootout.

This game comes down to how well the Chartiers-Houston defensive line can pressure Clairton quarterback Andrew Currington and how effectively the Bucs' defensive backs cover the Bears' receiver, which includes Division I prospect Kevin Weatherspoon.

If C-H can limit Clairton to one of two big plays and sustain a few, long scoring drives, the game could be a close one.


Clairton Alum said...

Clairton 42

Char-Hou 0

Before i start, does anyone know how the young man (#5) for char-houston that was taken off on a stretcher in the 4th is doing?

Someone has to explain to me what in the world the Chartiers Houston offense was trying to do last night. In the first half, the bucs were more concerned about not giving the ball to Clairton than they were trying to score and do something with it. CH was using all of the playclock on every single play and running a power I right at the center of the defense every single time. It was almost like they were afraid to take a chance. I understand the the ball at them, pick up a couple of first downs, chew up clock, dont let the playmakers on the field. However, what they created was just a really awkward first half that lulled the fans...and apparently the bucs to sleep. Chartiers Houston could not find a rythm in that first half and it was just ugly...when the 2nd half started, Clairton hit two quick strikes and that was all she wrote. Clairton held the 2nd highest scoring class A offense to 0 points, less than 50 yds of offense...and held Banas to I have a couple of questions for those of you who follow CH closer than me: 1. Is that the same offense that is the 2nd highest scoring offense in Class A? 2. How do you look at game film all week and decide that running the ball at the heart of the bear defense is the best course of action to beat them? I understand that two teams have had opening drive success doing that...but once the bears have keyed on that teams havent gained a yard. The bears keyed on it right away and shut them down. Again, i understand playing keep away...i even referenced that in my analysis...but at some point you have to get into some type of rythm and attempt to score...that rhythm just wasnt there.

Also, there was a lot of jawing going on before the game. I hate the fact that the bears insist on doing that week in and week out. That is the only aspect of this team that i dislike. I personally wish they would shut up and just prove how good they are on the field...and they are good.

Anonymous said...

c-h will see them in the layoffs it will be a different story

mike_kovak said...

According to Coach Fetsko, Mykal Dorsey (No. 5) may ahve suffered a concussion last night. Fetsko said he was taken to Canonsburg Hospital but that he was alert.

Anon posted,
"I personally wish they would shut up and just prove how good they are on the field...and they are good."

I agree.

Words were exchanged after the game as well.

Anonymous said...

Clairton has been running their mouths for the last 30 years, they will never shut up. They have a phenomenal program and no one can question their talent and ability, but at the same time no one could ever give them any credit for sportsmanship or character and most definately a complete lack of humility.

Remember, very few of these kids will play football after this year, there are other important lessons to learn in football that kids from Clairton never learn and unfortunately it shows.

Clairton Alum said...

anonymous, no offense, but if that was CH's high powered offense it wont be any different in the playoffs either...sorry to burst your bubble.

A lot of teams talk and jaw at one another...not just while i ABSOLUTLEY dont agree with the bears doing it, lets not just single out and chastise Clairton like they are the only ones. Unfortunately, since Clairton has that reputation, it is always watched for.

also anon...they have, without question, at least 4 D-1 players on that team...including the junior Weatherspoon who already has an offer from Pitt. I understand yours and everyones frustration with the "antics"...again i dont agree with them even though they are a part of football...but dont lose sight of the fact that this is a REALLY good football team who just whipped two of the "best" teams in the black hills and single A.

Anonymous said...

i really think coach fedsko lost that game for c-h.. He stuck banas at tail the whole game and ran the same play. running up the middle every time would give a hint to the bears defence that they were going to do it every time. You have to consider the bears speed and ability because fedsko put evan bender in at QB and he basically threw floaters(if he wasnt handing brad the ball). Clairton is too fast for that because what their going to do is drop back and make it look like a wide out is open and then just use their speed and come up and pick it off. Bender doesnt have much of a cannon so his passes are very slow. C-H should of thought about their game plan before going up against the bears

Anonymous said...

first...there was another time that two undefeated teams met this late in the season during 2000...Chartiers 5-0 vs Canevin 5-0.....second...the team at chartiers this year doesn't have a chance if they play clairton again, or any northern team for that matter....they are outmatched physically, and don't have the mentality needed to beat a team like clairton..but do remember, the 2000 team put a beating on them, and rochester for that matter..its a shame the refs didn't see it that way..

Anonymous said...

Dorsey was taken out of the game. He seems to be doing fine. I'm in the band and we had a pep assembly and he was up in the stands dancing so I think he should be fine. Clairton tough and like someone said on here they need to work on the sportmen ship alot. Yes they are an amazing team and could probley give some AA teams a run for their money. I knew coming into this game we had no chance but I didn't exspect Clairton to be so disrespectful to us. When Dorsey was hurt on the feild Clairtons band was over there playing a tune. If we start a tune and notice someones hurt we stop playing and stay silent. Clairtons band also was rude to our band and any time we would play they would attempt to play over us. It was disrespectful to start a song and stop and hear them in the middle of a song. CH is a strong band and can be heard from far away. They heard us play and notice the tubas standing. The fans were no better. Jarad Packy was injured in the game and taken out for his senior year with a torn ACL. While he was hurt I heard a lot of cheering from Clairtons fans. If any of Clairtons players got hurt our fans would never be so low to be happy that a kid can't play football for his last year.

Anonymous said...

i dont think ch is outmatched pysically claritoon is faster than ch