Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tiebreakers and Gardner Points

The WPIAL football playoffs is only a month away. Seems like the perfect time to go over the district's playoff system.

1. Only section records are used to determine playoff teams.
2. The top four teams in each section qualify for postseason play.
3. The top two teams in each section receive a first-round game at home.
4. Quarterfinals and semifinals are at neutral sites. The championships are at Heinz Field.
5. The WPIAL football committee determines the brackets.

Playoff ties
1. Head-to-head (section games only) is the first tiebreaker.
2. Ties between three or more teams in section play, head-to-head remains the first tiebreaker.
3. If head-to-head can not break the tie, Gardner Points are used.
4. If Gardner Points fails to break a tie, the WPIAL tiebreaking system (available at is used.
5. If all available methods fail to break a tie, a coin flip will determine playoffs participants.

Gardner Points
1. Only section games are used.
2. Teams receive 100 points for each section win.
3. The winning teams receives 10 points for each of the defeated team's victories. So, last week when Clairton defeated Fort Cherry, Clairton received 120 Gardner Points (100 for the win, 20 for Fort Cherry's two conference wins).
4. Add all Gardner Points for teams tied for a playoff spot within a section. The team with the most points gets the spot.

Got it?


Anonymous said...

how are the seedings decided if the division winners in any class end up all tied or if 3 of the 4 are tied, and so on?

mike_kovak said...

Seedings are determined by the WPIAL football committee regardless of team records.

Anonymous said...

In the Gardner points system. Do you only count the wins the team has at the time you play them. For example, in week 1 you bet a team, you would get 100 points. The team you defeated goes on to win 5 conference games over the next 6 weeks. Do you increase your gardner points by 50 points for subsequest wins?