Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Awwww yeah

For the past 53 years, Lawrence "Deuce" Skurcenski has been the WPIAL's unofficial "official" statistician. The 1961 North Braddock Scott High School grad has seen, by his own estimation, over 9,264 basketball games and 3,040 football games. He's known by virtually every journalist, coach and hanger-on in the WPIAL. He's also known throughout college basketball circles and used to do football rankings for the Observer-Reporter.

Deuce also is known for a long list of catch phrases.

"Not too shabby."
"Issue him a masonry license."
"Give them smoking jackets."

And, my personal favorite,
"Awwww yeah."

Deuce was also the subject of a documentary which will be making its way to a media screening on Nov. 11 at the Regent Theater in the Regent Square neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

For a quick glimpse at a man who's seen more high school games than you could ever imagine, click here.


VCTMbrian said...

Wow, that's really something. It's great to see someone doing what they truly enjoy.

R. Keith Taylor said...

I hope I am that guy in 50 years. There needs to be more people like him.