Wednesday, October 29, 2008

APB, Where are they now?

The Varsity Letters is issuing an All Points Bulletin for former Peters Township football standout Doug Fife.

An all-conference player during his days at Peters Township, Fife goes down as one of the better high school tight ends from Washington County the past 15 years. During his senior year, the 6-5 pass catcher and favorite target of quarterback Jim Gallagher accepted a scholarship offer from Akron.

According to, Fife spent four years (2004-07) playing at Akron. A thorough Internet search, failed to uncover any statistical information from his collegiate career.

Anyone with information on Fife's whereabouts is urged to contact the Varsity Letters.


Dale Lolley said...

His sister, Beth, works on the ridiculously popular "Last Word in Sports" show on PTCTV hosted by yours truly.
She told me a couple of weeks ago that he is doing well after finishing his career at Akron. But for the life of me, I can't remember what she said. I do know that it was a great job.

Mailman said...

Mailman said...

Doug Fife

mike_kovak said...


The attachment came up garbled when I downloaded. I take it Mr. Fife works for Northwestern Mutual.

Thanks for the effort.

And, for those not in the know, "Last Word in Sports" is considered the finest sports show in Washington County by members of the O-R sports staff.

Mailman said...

Akron, OH, June 2, 2008 – T. Douglas Fife has been appointed Financial
Representative by Northwestern Mutual in Akron, OH. He will be associated with
the Leslie Financial Group in Akron.
As Financial Representative, Fife will join a network of specialists offering a
wide array of products. He will provide expert guidance and innovative solutions for
a variety of financial needs and goals.
Fife is a native of Venetia, PA. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
from the University of Akron in May, where he was a member of the University of
Akron Football Team and the NCAA Student – Athlete Association. He is also a
member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. (NAIFA)
He resides in Akron.
The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI a
FORTUNE company with over $1 trillion of life insurance protection in force, has
been serving the financial needs of its policy owners and clients for 150 years.
Further information on Northwestern Mutual can be found at