Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ringgold's Rands to Cal

High-level Division II schools like California University often hold off on adding high school players on Signing Day as they wait to see which, if any, players from Division I programs want to transfer.

Cal U decided it couldn't wait on Ringgold senior Neal Rands, a tough, unsung two-way player who signed Wednesday with the Vulcans and head coach John Luckhardt.

Rands, who also wrestles at Ringgold, was a starting middle linebacker and got the occasional carry in the Rams' wide-open offense. His play warranted all-conference consideration in his junior and senior seasons.

According to Ringgold coach Matt Humbert (who played at Cal), standout tailback Derrick Fiore is close to a decision and several other players will likely end up at Division III schools.


Anonymous said...

Cal High's Dakota Conway also signed at Cal U Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Logical choice being his dad is the D-coor there

R. Keith Taylor said...

Its good to see some Ringgold kids getting a shot to play at the next level at a top tier program.