Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peters Township opens all fall positions

In a baffling move, Peters Township has opened all fall sports varsity coaching positions.

Every Peters Township fall sports program qualified for the WPIAL playoffs, from cross country to girls volleyball. Several teams added to the school's already overflowing trophy case. The extraordinary success of Peters Township's sports teams has made it one of the state's top athletic programs.

Girls soccer won WPIAL and PIAA titles. Head coach Pat Vereb transformed the team from one that had sparkling regular season records but little postseason success into an annual title contender.

Boys soccer won its seventh WPIAL title. Head coach Bob Dyer, a former standout player at Peters Township, has had an incredibly successful second stint as head coach. The Indians have won one PIAA title, played in two state championships, won two WPIAL titles and played for three more. In only one year since Dyer returned has PT not played for a WPIAL championship.

Boys golf won the WPIAL for the third time and finished second in the state. Head coach David Kuhn has turned the team from an afterthought to one that sends golfers to Division I teams and is always considered among the best in Western Pennsylvania.

In recent years, girls tennis won two state championships, the last coming in 2009 and a string of WPIAL and PIAA medals under head coach Brandt Bowman. He's also helped several players land at Division I programs and even had the distinction of coaching a rising pro player (Alison Riske) for one year.

Read the Observer-Reporter for updates on this developing story.

McMurray PA 15317



Cross Country Head Coach
Field Hockey Head Coach
Football Head Coach
Golf Boys Head Coach
Golf Girls Head Coach
Soccer Boys Head Coach
Soccer Girls Head Coach
Tennis Girls Head Coach
Volleyball Girls Head Coach

The opening of the head coaching positions automatically opens all 7-12 coaching positions. These positions will be posted in January and filled based upon the head coach’s recommendation, along with the recommendation of the Director of Sport Programs & Activities and Building Principal.



Any interested staff member may submit his/her qualifications for fair consideration to fill the above vacancies. Submission of qualifications must be directed in writing to the Director of Sports Programs & Activities and Building Principal.

December 3, 2010 January 4, 2011


HIGH SCHOOL _____________ BGT/MAINTENACE ____________
MIDDLE SCHOOL___________ DAO_________________________

MCMURRAY _______________ UNION REPRESENTIVE ________


Peters Township is an equal opportunity education institute and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and handicap in its activities, programs, or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504.


KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

To paraphrase Eddie Murphy in Trading Places, there's some strange stuff going on here, Coleman.

Anonymous said...

It has been a written school district policy for years in PTSD that all coaching positions are open every year and are formally reviewed yearly. Of course the incumbent coach only has to throw their name in the hat, not actually apply.

Apparently it was brought to light, last spring; that this policy was being strictly enforced for some sports and not others. Quite a few coaches had to go through the reapplication process in the spring, but they were not high profile like the ones mentioned here.

Previosuly, this policy was selectively applied based upon who administration liked and who they didn't like.

PT now has school district administration that actually believes that school district policy actually applies to all student groups; albeit a strange policy that probably needs rewritten. I give them a little credit for applying the rules equally to all the student sports and not just a select few.

Anonymous said...

Typical Peters Township nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Some might also say that this is one way that gutless school boards get rid of a coach they don't want and don't wish a confrontation. They hide behind these stupid policies that are never enforced unless they want to use it against one or two they want gone. They just say, we open all positions and you are 'free to reapply'. In some school districts that used this 'technique' to get rid of a football coach also, unwittingly lost some very good coaches of other sports that were insulted by being 'opened' and made to ask for their job back.

Anonymous said...

It would take a lot of nerve to enforce a crazy policy like that. PT isn't happy unless they are complaining about something. That will keep the lynch mob running to the school board meetings with pitch forks for a while! All schools have some kind of detailed yearly review process, which usually involves the school board in some manner, but reapplication seems to be a little over the top.

If the good coaches want to go elsewhere and don't want to coach the little PT angels--then that crazy rule gives them an easy way out without having to quit.

Anonymous said...

Anon Dec 4 2:20 is correct.

This happened in the spring but is only now being noticed because it covers the headliners. Don't you remember the headlines regarding PT Softball in the spring? It occurred in other sports as well; not that it is a great rule or anything, but it was recently discovered that some varsity sports were strong armed into following it and others were not.

The rumor is the AD was forced into retirement. Perhaps this is the reason; not enforcing school district rules.

If you notice, the position will be "filled based upon the head coach’s recommendation," and the positions are open internally for existing staff members. So the existing head coachs can recommend themselves? Now that's interesting!

Most certainly KiPA "strange stuff going on here, Coleman"

Thank you for publishing the details!

Anonymous said...

School boards do not select coaches or confront them. It is illegal. They only vote on "yeah" or "nay" on the candidate the Superintendent(s) or Athletic Director present to them. It is typically the Athletic Director, Superintendent(s), along with the school district personnel director that perhaps might have an ulterior motive.

Why would an entire school board not want a coach? Unless, of course they are receiving tons of complaints. Typically it is parents within a sport, that have little "super stars", that want coaches removed.

Actually, in some school districts it actually written into the teachers contract that coaching positions must be open to existing staff on a yearly basis.

Anonymous said...

What kind of coach would not reapply for a coaching position just out of insult, anger or arrogance? That would not be good example of a team player or someone who actually cares about the students or game they are teaching. If your coaches are insulted because they have to throw their name into the hat every year, for an extra duty position, it is no wonder your school district has some issues. I do not think I would want such a coach working with my kid, talk about character. It is not high paid employment or their main job. Coaches coach because they love it.

Anonymous said...

Change the policy, I would feel like i was stabbed in the back if i lead my team to the state title and My position is opened up 3 weeks later. It's got to hurt Morale.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is now an outrage, it angers the vocal parents. Instead of going to the school district and doing something positive to change it, let the tantrums begin! They will probably be more entertaining than the outbursts at game time.

It appears the current coach can reapply or has he been outright fired? I have been reading conflicting stories.

Based purely upon population, PT is borderline AAAA and they did well with what they had this year. Nick did a fine job but you wouldn't know that by setting in the stands hearing the fans moan about the play calling; like they could do any better to garner a win. The team always really relied on a small handful of players at every game to pull the winning numbers. I am guessing parental pressure from the bench warmers brought on the football change, if he is truly fired.

mike_kovak said...

The football position has been opened externally. That, for lack of a better term, means he was fired.

We'll be doing more on this once I get the opportunity to speak to both sides of the story.

And, yes, they are several schools that "open" positions every year. If that is Peters Township's policy, it is not unusual but it might be odd that they hadn't practiced it on all levels.

Anonymous said...

Of course, coaches coach out of love and that is what makes it more of a slap in the face when they suddenly declare your job open after you put your sweat and tears into the job. I think it if a better example to walk away from jerks.
Also, someone said they could not believe an entire board would be against a coach. What makes you think every board member knows anything about the coaches. Most board members will go along with their cohorts on a vote if they are asked because they might need a favor later on.

Anonymous said...

I think these policies are going to lead coaches away from wanting to coach at Peters Township. If they have to review the positions every year, then say so. Don't open up all the jobs to the public and expect coaches not to be offended that they have to completely reapply for their job after winning the PIAA State title. Just ridiculous. This is why Peters Township has the reputation that they do of being all politics. Keep the coaches that win and are turning their programs around (like PT Football). Boys and Girls soccer teams have consistently been in the WPIAL and State Championships, I think it would be stupid to open these positions and risk losing your PIAA Champion coaches.

Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing perfectly straight. Nick was fired because a very small group of vocal football know-it-alls and one influential person wanted him out. It had nothing to do with playing time or play calling. It's all ego and arrogance on behalf of those behind the move. This group tried to get it done a year ago, but one of Nick's assistant coaches happened to be in the same establishment as the conspirators and heard everything, so their cover was blown. School board members hide behind the sunshine law and say they can't discuss personnel issues, but sometimes they just can't help themselves and say things after a tough loss such as, "Milchovich must be fired." Heard it as plain as day.
I could write a great book about athletics and politics in the PTSD.

Anonymous said...

The district did say so. It is a written policy in the coaching handbook that every coach in the district is supposed to read and sign every single year.
Again, it is not unusual for any public school system to open coaching positions every year. What is interesting, that is has been written policy for a while and apparently not applied to all. Why would that be? Sounds like the PT Superintendents were not doing their jobs all along.

Now, if you say keep the coaches that win, why would they have booted the other coach that also made it to playoffs? PT also claimed at that time in 2007, with the previous coach, that winning means nothing. A news article stated all that matters is character and synergy, not winning.

I agree it would be a slap in the face after a winning season, however why should any student sport be an exception over the others. That is not right and has really set a poor example for students in PT by previously playing favorites with the lack of follow through of their own extra curricular policies.

Thanks Mike. It will interesting to see what comes to light with this. I am very curious as to why some sports were forced to follow this and others were not. It really is typical PT playing favorites and quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

If you think these policies are going to lead coaches away from PT, then it is also going to lead them away from other school districts that have the same procedure. The coaches were told they are reviewed yearly and the positions are opened internally every year; although of course this is externally. They are supposed to read and sign off on the policy every year. PT has always said they do not care about a wining record. They care about character for the kids.

Anonymous said...

"If they have to review the positions every year, then say so." They did. It is on the PTSD website. Go see for yourself under PTHS Athletics. It has been there since, at least, 2009. Usually employees have to sign a waiver of some sort saying they have read the document.

Anonymous said...

I believe that it might be a crappy rule, but I don't care who you are; you can not convince me that some school district rules should apply to one varsity sport and not another. That is just outrageous that some coaches were previously required to reapply for their jobs, regardless of winning, and others were not. Someone there not doing their job! It will be interesting to see who they nominate for a new coach.

Anonymous said...

Do not expect to get an answer 'why' from your school board. PTSD's standard answer is they can not provide an answer, because it is a personnel matter. I can see their point, with all the lawsuits within the past decade, they can't be too careful. Maybe that is why PTSD decided to quit selectively applying the yearly renewal policy for coaches. I would not be surprised at all if another coach called them on it.

Even it is a totally crappy policy, you can not play games with public school district policy, it is written for all, unless specified. I would venture to guess the other good coaches are none too pleased about reapplying either; however, maybe they have had to previously reapply, as the spring season coaches did.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for PTSD but Most of the time, incumbent coaches are provided the luxury of not having to really fill out the same paperwork as a new coach would. It is my understanding that it is usually just a signature on a document expressing interest in the position, utilizing existing information on file. The district also usually asks if any of the current information on file has changed over the past year. That is about it.

Frankly, the process is not ridiculous or unreasonable.

Although I think it might be a mistake for PT to loose Nick, it also sounds like you are just looking to blame someone within the school district that you don't like. Take a closer look at all the parents, they are a very vocal and controlling bunch there. It usually takes a large amount of documentation and complaints before a coach can be removed. Especially in PT, because of the lawsuit issues there. Heck, maybe they are doing Nick a big favor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike.

Even though the school district policy might be a bit whacked, especially since it was not enforced for everyone, what makes you think euphoric peters should not have the same general coaching or application rules as other public school districts?

Western PA loves its high school football, but get a grip Peters. These are peoples' kids; many who are under 18. A school district is a government run entity. They have accountability and liability issues that is not present on a professional sports team. Your kid is not in the NFL.

Mike is right, is not entirely unusual that coaches have to go through a paper signing, dubbed as a "reapplication" every year.

Seriously, do you Peters people honestly think it is just fine for other public school sponsored sports to have to abide by district policy and football does not? One word. Issues.

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like politics. Some coaches expected to follow district policy and others were not.

Anonymous said...

All the coaches were sent extremely complimentary letters and strongly encouraged to reapply. Same thing happened in the spring and apparently, the same thing happens in other districts. Why do some people in peters always feel they should be exceptions?

The majority of the coaches in PT are outstanding and support the kids whole heartedly. They have been practically begged by the district to reapply and the district practically apologized to the coach for requiring reapplication. The coach and booster president sent out a nice letter about it.

What more do you people want? The district followed their own policy and was very nice about it.

Why did the OR obviously fall prey to those people in Peters that constantly claim conspiracy theory? They wrote that the coach was fired when the position was only 'open'; unless things have changed since this weekend?

mike_kovak said...

"Why did the OR obviously fall prey to those people in Peters that constantly claim conspiracy theory? They wrote that the coach was fired when the position was only 'open'; unless things have changed since this weekend?"

We wrote the football coach was fired because several people confirmed to us that he was.

Anonymous said...

Please point out difference between being fired and having the job 'opened'.
Most schools that have one year contracts will simply name the incumbent coach to the job again for next year..they don't tell them to reapply unless they want to get rid of them by letting others apply,too.

Anonymous said...

I think this all a conspiracy in PT so they can hire Dave Wannstedt! You know, he has friends in the community and grew up in the south hills!

Anonymous said...

Fired means the school told him that he can not return to the position at all.
A letter from the school, that went to all coaches encouraging them to reapply, is NOT ousted or fired. People that are fired are told they are not permitted to return to their employment.

If you read the article in the OR, incumbent coaches do not have to physically reapply and were encouraged to stay. All they have to do express their intent upon staying in the coaching position the next year. No application processes. If someone that has never coached in the district applies, they have to go through a formal application process and interview. That is when the AD would have to pick one.

mike_kovak said...

Only those with registered blogger accounts will be permitted to comment on the topic from this point moving forward.

Anonymous said...

I have been a head coach for the past 10 years in a high school that has year to year contracts. The process was as followed; at the end of each season, I was given an evaluation completed by the A.D.The max score was 100 points. It covered everything from coaching, admin, dealing with parents,equipment,etc,etc. There was a grading given 90-100 A 80-90 B etc.You knew where you stood. You could discuss the grade.Based on the grade the A.D.would at the conclusion of the meeting tell you if he recomended you to the board for rehire or not. If you had the support of the A.D there was no new paperwork completed. A meeting was set with the board, and they said yes or no.
It was fair, consistant, and my A.D. had enough respect from the board that the board supported the
If the board wanted a coach out, I am sure the A.D. knew before the evaluation, and the coach was told at the evaluation that the coach did not have the boards support. No backdoor moves. I was blessed to be in a program that did it the right way.