Friday, December 17, 2010

High-powered WPIAL offenses

PIAA Class A champion Clairton and Class AA finalist South Fayette - the Lions play West Catholic (District 12) Saturday - are two of the more prolific scoring teams in state and WPIAL history.

Here's a list of the top scoring teams in WPIAL history.

1. 2007 Jeannette (16 games) 860
2. 2010 Clairton (16 games) 746
3. 2007 Serra Catholic (16 games) 702
4. 2009 Clairton (16 games) 634
5. 2010 South Fayette (15 games) 631
6. 2005 McKeesport (16 games) 626
7. 2008 Thomas Jefferson (16 games) 616
8. 1927 Mt. Pleasant (11 games) 615
9. 2008 Clairton (16 games) 612
2007 Pittsburgh Central Catholic (16 games) 612
2001 Washington (15 games) 612
12. 1991 Rochester (15 games) 610
13. 2005 South Park (16 games) 600
14. 2007 Thomas Jefferson (16 games) 590
15. 1998 Rochester (15 games) 573
16. 1998 Shady Side Academy (15 games) 571
17. 1999 South Side Beaver (15 games) 568
18. 2004 Pittsburgh Central Catholic (16 games) 554
19. 2000 Washington (12 games) 553
20. 2003 Pine-Richland (15 games) 546

The 1927 Mt. Pleasant team averaged a whopping 55.91 points per game, a little more than two points more per game than the 2007 Jeannette team (53.75).

Two teams rank among the top 60 in PIAA history with only eight games played.

In 1918, Harrisburg Tech scored 573 points and averaged 71.63 per game. In 1922, Jersey Shore (not the reality show) scored 569 and averaged 71.13.

Barring a shutout against West Catholic, South Fayette should move into fourth on the WPIAL's all-time list.


Joey Niklas said...

First off I want to tip my hat to West Catholic. They have a great football program. South Fayette has nothing to be ashamed of. You was 1 of 2 remaining teams in the state. Thats one heck of an accomplishment Lions Fans. Hold ya head to the sky and be proud of your boys.

With all of this said, Clairton plays in the class that they should. At the end of the day it comes down to WPIAL and PIAA Titles. I think Clairton's speed could've matched up a little better with WC but at the end of the day that team is very very good. Plus Rochester and Riverside definitely pushed Clairton to the brink. With that said, I think that schools like FC, Char Houston, Beth Center, and Monnessen needs to step their games up. I think FC and Char Houston will be better next season and CHHS will be really good in 2012.

Enjoy the offseason fellas. And once again Lions fans, great season.

prexie said...

riverside played clairton the way your supposed too. shotgun qb who can run the ball, misdirection and attack the one on one coverage. i give clairton alot of credit. down 24 to 0 they didnt give up or fight amongst themselves. this shows the younger guys to keep fighting and it makes them even stronger. congrats to south fayette they just ran into a better team.

Anonymous said...

Where's Ringgold? Again, Kovak disses the Rams.

Anonymous said...

Ringgold once scored 1,000 points in one quarter.

Clairton Alum said...

This blog post by Mike gives you an idea of just how dominant that Jeanette team was. Clairton scored 746 points this year and, at times, I didnt think it was humanly possible to score more points than we did. Jeanette beat us by 114. Even if we score 30 more points in the springdale game and rochester game to get close to our average we still only come within 54 points of that mark. That season was truly impressive.